"A monster child... that is what you are"


"You are no child of ours, you are the offspring of a demon"

"Mama, please... stop"

"It is only fit for you to sit here and rot!" The door to the cold, damp, and dark basement was slammed shut and the small fragile boy pulled his knee's to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, whimpering and shivering.

A boy watched in terror as a beautiful woman was murdered by a man downed in white. The boy tried to stiffle a sob, but failed to do so and the man had spotted him cowering behind the cherry blossom tree.

The man had a lustful look on his smirking face as he stalked towards the beautiful boy. He tried to run, but the man caught up to the boy and stripped him from his elegant pale blue kimono.

"NOOOO!" Hisoka shot up from his bed in a cold sweat. He was trembling uncontrolably and there were tears streaming from his emerald eyes. Finally realizing it was a dream, he caught his breath and looked to the alarm clock which read 1:07 am. Running a hand through his sweat drenched hair, he decided to just get up not wanting to have another flashback turned dream. The wheat haired boy got out of bed and walked towards his bathroom, wanting badly to take a shower.

"'Soka-Chaaaaa- eh? Whats wrong? You look horrible!" Tsuzuki said after being ready to pounce on the said boy but quickly stopped himself seeing the gloomy look on Hioska's face.

"Nothing, Im fine." Hisoka bluffed, brushing past Tsuzuki who was quick to follow.

The amethyst eyed man got in front of his partner and noticed the beads of sweat rolling down his face, the shudder in his breath, the tremble and clench of his delicate hands.

"Hisoka... are you in pain?" Tsuzuki wondered, dropping the nickname 'Soka-Chan' in his seriousness.

The wheat haired boy clenched his teeth and shook his head no. Thats when Tsuzuki noticed it, a faint red outline showing through his black turtleneck. Muraki's cure mark.

After looking to see if anyone was around, Tsuzuki grabbed Hisoka's wrist and pulled him into the storage closet, locking the door behind him. He flicked on the light and turned to Hisoka who now looked like he was about to pass out, leaning against a shelf.

Tsuzuki grabbed Hisoka's arm forcefully and pulled up his sleeve, just as he thought, the curse marks were burning.

"Im alright... Ive just been having some nightmares lately" Hisoka leaned back against the wall and slid down to the floor, his eyes drooping.

Tsuzuki gave his partned a sympathetic look and he kneeled in front of him. "Hey, lets go. I have the perfect idea to get your mind off of it."

Shaking his head, Hisoka closed his eyes. "I'm too tired Tsuzuki, and besides, we have work to do"

Smiling, Tsuzuki placed a hand on Hisoka's cold and damp cheek. "Come on Hisoka! It'll be fun and I can gurantee you'll liven up as soon as we get there.. Plus there's like no paperwork to be done! Pleeeeeease?"

Hisoka rolled his eyes and sighed "Fine, take me where you wanna go, but only for a little while"

Tsuzuki grinned and helped the empath up.

"You took me to Disney Land?" Hisoka asked in shock as they stood in front of 'The Happiest Place on Earth'. Tsuzuki winked and held up two tickets.

"You betcha!" The amethyst eyed man grabbed Hisoka's hand and pulled him to the ticket booth.

After handing in their tickets, Tsuzuki pratically dragged Hisoka inside, pointing to all the rides he wanted to go on. "... and the Monorail! Oh! and the last thing we do just HAS to be the Ferris Wheel!"

"Fine, we can do whatever you want! Just calm down!" Hisoka wrenched his hand from Tsuzuki's grip.

The amethyst eyes man grinned and pointed to a large roller coaster with many spins and sharp turns and Hisoka imeadeatly paled.

After a while, Tsuzuki and Hisoka decided to stop and get somthing to eat. They found a booth in the back of an old day disney themed cafe and sat down.

Tsuzuki caught Hisoka as the boy watched, staring as a little boy and girl hugged Goofy while their parents took pictures. A small smile appeared on Hisoka's face as the girl was picked up and cuddled by her father.

A sad expression flooded Tsuzuki's face as he thought about the childhood Hisoka had. His parents didnt love him and he was kept locked up in a basement until his innocence was brutally torn from the poor boy.

Gathering up courage, Tsuzuki reached across the table and grasped Hisoka's hand in his own. The wheat haired boy looked up, startled. "Im sorry.." Tsuzuki whispered.

Hisoka shook his head "Mm-Mm. You dont need to be. Im alright and Im actully having fun" The emerald eyed boy blushed slightly. Hisoka trembled in nervousness as he entwined his and Tsuzuki's fingers together.

They both stared, slightly wide eyes and blushing at eachother until the waitress came and set their food in front of them. "Lets eat!" Tsuzuki beamed.

Hisoka watched Tsuzuki who was playing hide-and-go-seek with a bunch of children in the small playhouse area. The eternally young boy watched shly from a bench as he had his hands folded neatly in his lap.

Tsuzuki looked up and smiled, waving Hisoka over who put up his hand and shook his hand. He watched as Tsuzuki said somthing to the kids and they, including Tsuzuki ran up to Hisoka, Tsuzuki putting an arm around his slim waist.

"SMILE SOKA-CHAN!" They all yelled in unison, and despite his tough outside exterior, Hisoka couldnt help but smile.

It was getting late and Tsuzuki and Hisoka decided to ride on the Ferris Wheel and head back to JuOhCho.

They got on their own booth and felt as the ride took off. It was now dark and Tsuzuki watched as the colorful lights illuminated Hisoka's innocent face. 'He's beautiful' The amethyst eyed man thought as Hisoka stared outside of the booth.

"No Im not..." Hisoka said looking, startling Tsuzuki who had forgotten he had lowered his shields.

"But you are... Thats one more reason Im in love with you..." Tsuzuki confessed, clasping his partners smaller, and more fragile hand in his own.

Hisoka's emerald eyes went wide and a blush crossed his delicate features. "You... you love me?" The eternally young boy was beyond shocked at this point.

"I do... and all Ive wanted to do today was kiss you" Tsuzuki whispered, looking into Hisoka's vivid emerald eyes.

Hisoka looked down to his lap for a moment then looked back to Tsuzuki. His blush deepening on his pale cheeks. "Then... why dont you?"

Tsuzuki hesitated for a moment, but he forcefully grabbed Hisoka by the back of his neck and pulled him in for a heated kiss. It took Hisoka a moment, but he soon kissed his partner back, just as desperatly, wrapping his arms around Tsuzuki's neck. The older man grew bolder at this and pulled Hisoka in his lap so he was straddling him.

The wheat haired boy pulled away breathlessly. "Tsuzuki... we're on a ferris wheel... My place is closer"

Tsuzuki stumbled into Hisoka's apartment, kissing Hisoka lustfully who had his legs wrapped his waist and his arms around Tsuzuki's neck. "My room... right" Hisoka gasped out when they pulled away.

The amethyst eyed man nodded and he carried his smaller partner into his room. They pulled away from their kiss and Tsuzuki lay Hisoka gently down on the boys bed. "We dont have to do this, I know what happened to you" Tsuzuki whispered as he sat next to Hisoka.

Hisoka shook his head. "I want to do this... I need to do this... just... be gentle... please?" Hisoka looked up to Tsuzuki with hurtful eyes and shaky eyes and gripped his sleeve.

Tsuzuki smiled and nodded, carefully and timidly slipping his hand up Hisoka's shirt, pulling it up along the way and revealing a pale and smooth naval. Hisoka shivered a bit before he grabbed the back of Tsuzuki's neck and pulled him into another lustful, open mouthed and tongued kiss.

The older man carefully got on top of Hisoka, not breaking the kiss. Hisoka had already gotton Tsuzuki's tie off and he was now working on unbuttoning his shirt. Tsuzuki managed to break the kiss long enough to slip off his shirt and pull off his partners black turtle neck.

Hisoka flipped them around so Tsuzuki was lying on the bed and straddled his waist. The older man ran his hands over Hisoka's smooth chest until his hands came across his nipples and Hisoka whimpered trying to hold in a moan when Tsuzuki started tweaking them. Tsuzuki broke the kiss and leaned up so he was near the boys ear. "Be as loud as you want So-Ka-Chaaan"

Hisoka shivered involuntarily at the husky sexiness of his partners voice and biting his bottom lip, he ground their arousals together. Tsuzuki was about to lose it, he took his hand and slid it down the front of Hisoka's jeans and thats when everything fell apart.

"AAAAGH!" Hisoka screamed bloody murder and Tsuzuki quickly drew his hand back, watching in horror as Hisoka's curse marks reappeared on the boys upper torso. Tsuzuki quickly got out from under Hisoka so the boy was on the bed, writhing and clenching his fists in pain.

Screams of pain could be heard throughout JuOhCho coming from the infirmary. People were coming out from their offices and crowding the infirmary to see what was going on.

Inside Tsuzuki was watching in terror as his partner, who was sustained to the cot, arching his back and screaming was being given an anasthetic by Watari. Once done, Tsuzuki was allowed to go to the now calming boy and hold his hand.

Grabbing a tissue, Tsuzuki whiped the small trail of blood coming from the still whimpering Hisoka's nose. Watari walked up behind Tsuzuki "He should fall asleep soon, thats a strong anasthetic. But that just numbs the pain for five hours at the most... Hopefully that will give us enough time to track down Muraki who is undoubtedly the cause of this... We just need to figure out what triggered the curse.. do you have any ideas?"

Tsuzuki blushed and looked down to Hisoka who had loosened his grip on Tsuzuki's hand with falling asleep. "Uhhh... yeah"

"Well, what is it?" Watari folded his arms and waited for an answer. "Any clues will get this done sooner and it will be alot less painful for Bon if we get this done quickly"

The darker haired man looked down blushing furiously. "Well uh you see... we went to his place and things got a little...heated... and I kinda touched him... there"

Wataru smiled and nodded, giving him a knowing look. "Tsuzuki you dog you... Well, this either tells us that 'that' is either a side effect of Muraki's old curse, or he doesnt want you and him doing... 'that' together."

Tsuzuki pulled his hand gently from Hisoka's grip and stood, making sure Hisoka was comfortable before turning to Watari. "We dont have much time. Lets track down that bastard"

Four and a half hours later Watari, Tatsumi, the Gushoshin brothers, nor Tsuzuki had found anything on Muraki's whereabouts. Watari spun his chair around to Tsuzuki, who was on a laptop behind him. "Tsuzuki, you should go check on Bon, see how he's doing." Watari suggested.

Tsuzuki nodded, getting up and stretching. "Alright, I'll see if he's awake and stay with him for a while. Call if you need me"

Walking into the infirmary, Tsuzuki dropped the cup of cold milk he had gotton for Hisoka at what he saw...

The cot Hisoka was in was empty.

Tsuzuki looked all around in a panic. "Hisoka? HISOKA!"

It had been 5 days since the day at the infirmary. There had been no sign of Hisoka nor Muraki whom they had suspected took him. Tsuzuki had looked everywhere for the boy, but had no luck. Currently they were all in the meeting room at JuOhCho, all looking dead tired and miserable contemplating on their next move.

"I think we should just wait it out and see what Muraki does, and even if he didnt take him, Hisoka's bound to show up sometime, right?" Tatsumi suggested.

"But what if he doesnt? What if Hisoka doesnt show up? We cant just leave him with the man that raped and killed him!" Tsuzuki shot back, a fearful expression on his face.

Chief Konoe folded his hands in front of him. "Tsuzuki-san, you have to understand that we have to go back to work. It has been 5 days without a sign of Kurosaki-kun, 5 days which we have neglected work that needs to be done."

Tsuzuki stood up and slammed his hands on the table. "So what! We cant just abandon him! He's probably really scared right now! We cant leave him when he needs us the most! Please!... please"

Everyone looked down regretfully and Tsuzuki knew he had lost his battle and fell to his knee's in sobs.

"My beautiful porcelain doll... So fragile.."

A pale hand ran over Hisoka's smooth and frightened features. But the boy stood strong.

"Get your damn hands off me bastard! I'll kill you! I swear I will!" Hisoka yelled at the taunting man.

"Oh? And however do you plan to break away from me long enough to kill me? If you're expecting for Tsuzuki-san to come your rescue, think again. You wont be seeing him for awhile boy. And even then you wont be able to do anything about it."

Hisoka looked up "What do you mean by that?"

Muraki smiled "Oh you'll see, but I cant gurantee you'll like it."

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