Awkwardness can be romantic too.

"Well, you're all set Bon. Just take it easy now" Watari said, a few weeks later to Hisoka as he finished taking off the boys bandages.

Hisoka stretched out his arm. "Thank you Watari-san!" He smiled.

"No problem" Watari stood up and threw out the bandages. "Tsuzuki is waiting for you outside, he wants to take you out for lunch, he said." Watari winked.

The green eyed boy blushed and looked down. "... L-like a date?.. But I don't have anything to wear!"

"I would think it would be a date" Watari waved his hand. "And don't worry about the clothing problem! Come with me!" The blond man explained, he headed out of the room and Hisoka timidly followed.


It's been two weeks... It's a good thing that Hisoka has adjusted better. We havn't been to the living world since I found him.. I don't want to have any trouble... I don't know why he healed like he was alive yet, Watari's still looking into it. After about five days of staying at Hisoka's apartment with him I went back to work. Tatsumi didn't give me field work, so I was allowed to take Hisoka with me.

I'm gonna take Hisoka out for lunch... I just hope it won't be awkward...

"Tsuzuki..." I heard Hisoka's feminine like voice call my name and I looked up. He was walking by himself, his arms behind his back, sakura petals falling softly on his wheat colored hair. He was wearing plain jeans, a light blue button up shirt and a mid thigh high tan jacket (A/N Ya know like the ones Hijiri and Hisoka wore in the 2nd arc? They looked sooooo cute! I squeeled for a while). Wow, Hisoka had been wearing pajama's for so long I forgot how beautiful he could look wearing normal clothes. Though I'm not saying he didn't look adorable wearing that cute little bunny pajama set... Ahh, I remember that night... First he blushed, then he flicked my forehead, then after MUCH persuasion, he put them on... Melt!

"Watari-san told me that you-" I cut him with a nod and smile.

"Yeah, I wanted to take you out for lunch... If that's okay?" I blushed slightly. Hey look! Hisoka's blushing too! Yay!... Well, he always does that, but it's always so cute!

Hisoka nodded, "Yeah, I'd like to go out for lunch..."


We sat down in a booth at the back, Tsuzuki ordered lots of things and I kind of lost track after the 3rd thing. I ordered a sandwhich and a cup of tea. "How come this place is so similar to the living world?" I wondered, I had been wondering that for a while now. Just a question to break the silence.

"Ya know, I've never really thought about it... Maybe to ease the thought of being dead?" He shrugged.

I still can feel peoples emotions... Like right now, Tsuzuki's nervous... I haven't told anyone... But I think they have an idea that I can. It's wierd. "Um. Tsuzuki? Before I lost my memories, did I... Could I... Could I read peoples emotions?" I asked finally.

"Ahhh, so you've come to realize what it is... I was hoping you would ask me... And yes, you're an empath. Meaning, that you can feel peoples emotions as if they were your own, and trace their presence." Tsuzuki said.

"How come sometimes I can't read yours or the others emotions?" I had been noticing that lately, usually when everyone looked flustered.

Tsuzuki took a bite of his pie, chewed, and swallowed. "Shields. We put them up so you can't figure out what we feel"

I nodded. We spent the rest of lunch in an awkward silence... Occasionally complimenting the food. That's about it.

After we had finished up, Tsuzuki suggested we take a walk in the park and stretch out my legs to which I happily complied.

We walked through the park in a now, comfortable silence. I liked it... I looked around, there was quite a few people there... Mostly couples, they were holding hands and smiling.. I looked shyly up to Tsuzuki... Did we ever do that? It was probably nice...

I think Tsuzuki must have sensed my sadness, because he timidly grabbed my smaller hand in his larger and warmer hand, and held it tenderly. Blushing, I looked down to my feet.


I could tell Hisoka was depressed by the way he watched the couples, so I held his hand.. That should make him feel better right? It felt right... our hands entwined... I just wish... maybe he could be himself...

I saw an ice cream stand, oh man... It looked soooooo yummy! I could reeeeeally use some plum ice cream right now! Heh heh, Hisoka looked up to me and quirked an eyebrow at the drool forming at my mouth.

"We just ate Tsuzuki..." He pointed out, looking at me wierd.

"So!" I dragged him over to the stand and ordered myself a large plum ice cream. Hisoka wouldn't get anything the meanie!


I threw myself onto the couch in my supposed apartment. Tsuzuki chuckled at my exhaustion. "Tired?" He asked as he placed down the keys into a bowl.

"Mmmph mmph nngh" I mumbled into a random pillow, already dozing off.

Tsuzuki laughed again. "Well, you can't sleep there... Come on, get up... You'll catch a cold if you do." He poked at my head.

"-Zuki... poke e ne ore ti I kill u" (Tsuzuki... you poke me one more time I will kill you.) I growled. Hey! It was getting annoying.

He sighed and I felt him come near me. He lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bedroom. I wrapped my arms around his neck when we got inside. Noooo! I don't wanna be put down! Well, I should've said that outloud, because he put me down on the bed anyways. When he did though, he had to lean down and our faces were really close.

I gulped and leaned in closer. Our lips almost touching. He looked nervous.

The phone rang...


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