"Eh, hurry up already." Inuyasha grumbled, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited in front of the well.

"If you're in such a rush, then help me." Kagome shot back, grunting as she lugged the massive pack.

"Fine, fine. Feh. Weak humans." Inuyasha grabbed the pack, lifting it with his hands with a great deal less effort.

Kagome opened her mouth to utter a sharp reply-

"Damn it! That hurt, Shinji! You didn't have to push me!"

"What the Hell?" Inuyasha leapt back, startled, holding his hand protectively in front of Kagome, the other to Tessaiga.

A dark haired boy clambered out of the well, looking dirty and worn from exertion. His clothes were a strange sort of jumpsuit that looked as though they were taken out of a tacky sci-fi anime.

"Who the Hell are you?" Inuyasha growled.

The stranger glanced at Inuyasha, eyes widening in horrified recognition. "Oh shit. Oh shit." The boy stammered, panicking. "You wouldn't happen to be Inuyasha and Kagome, would you? From the legend of the Shikon no Tama and Naraku?"

"What legend? Who the hell are you!" Inuyasha snarled.

"... oh hell," the boy murmured to himself in wonderment, "I ended up five hundred years in the past."

"The Hell are you talking about?" the hanyou asked, his voice low and confused.

"Um... my name's Sasuke Higurashi." The boy said shakily, smiling weakly. "I'm from the modern era... and uh... I'm a descendant of yours, I suppose."

Kagome decided now was a good time to faint.