"Tch. What a pain in the ass." Kenpachi muttered, under his breath, scrawling out his signature on yet another form.

"My apologies, Captain Zaraki." Aizen said graciously, a placid smile adorning his features. "This is the last of the paperwork necessary to transfer Renji Abarai to your division."

"Why the Hell are you sending him to me? You want this guy to die?" Kenpachi growled, irritable. Normally, he picked who was assigned to his division, as many of the captain's had the option of doing. Being forced to take in someone from another division, especially Aizen's division, did not sit well with him.

"Ah... Renji is... wild. He is quite capable in combat, I assure you. I merely thought that your division would suit his nature better than my own." Aizen replied, in that damnably calm voice that infuriated Kenpachi.

"Well, we'll see, won't we?" the Captain of the Eleventh Division responded tartly. He expected that to be the end of the conversation, and thus was mildly surprised when Aizen remained where he stood, still smiling.

"You know, Captain Zaraki, you and I are not so different." Aizen's voice was still pleasant and musical- it grated on Kenpachi's nerves. "I myself have always admired those with power."

Kenpachi grunted, unsure of where the other captain was trying to say.

"Tell me, Captain... you are quite powerful. Have you ever wanted to push those limits farther, beyond what anyone had ever dared to dream before you?" Aizen asked, and there was a strange light in his eyes- a light that Kenpachi decided he disliked immensely.

"What the Hell are you talkin' about?" Zaraki demanded, his eye meeting Aizen's gaze. "You tryin' to tell me I need bankai too?"

"No, no, nothing like that at all." Aizen said, his laughter light and musical, even as that strange, shadowed light remained in his eyes. "I merely wanted to know where you stood on the pursuit of power."

"I've got all the power I need." Kenpachi growled, his voice gravelly. "If I meet someone tougher than me, than I guess I'd get stronger so I could beat him."

Aizen's eyebrow arched and the light seemed to shine darker, colder. Despite his low detection ability, Zaraki felt the chilly reiatsu that the Captain of the Fifth Division was emanating quite clearly.

It felt... empty.


"There are numerous paths to power, Captain Zaraki." Aizen smiled thinly, as dangerous as a razor's edge. "I could show you some of the more... unusual pathways to true greatness." There was a slimy, sinful feeling in those words, but Aizen seemed to relish every syllable.

"Not interested." Kenpachi said coldly, and the light in Aizen's eyes vanished abruptly. "I don't need anyone's help, especially not yours."

Aizen's face, just for a moment, looked murderous and cold, and Kenpachi felt his own reiatsu rising in anticipation of a fight. But just as quickly as the look came, it vanished and the smiling, placid Aizen that was so well liked returned.

"I see. Well, Captain Zaraki, good day to you then." And with that, Aizen departed from the doors of the eleventh division.

Aizen never came back, but Zaraki Kenpachi never forgot that look in his eyes, nor the empty feeling Aizen's reiatsu had pulsed with, just for a moment.