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Chapter 1

The rain was comming down hard as Yamato Ishida ran down the empty street. 'Should have grabbed an umbrella.' he thought to himself feeling his long sleeve black shirt clinging to his slender frame. Matt rounded the corner too quickly falling flat on his back. He groaned and stood up, 'Damn that hurt.' he shook his head and continued down the street at a much slower pace. Matt pulled his blue jeans up, they were heavy with all the water they had obsorbed. He looked up spotting his destination, a small little place barely noticeable between two larger buildings, The Coffee Bean, a small smile crept its way onto his face as he jogged the rest of the way.

Throwing open the door there was a small 'ding' signaling his entrance. Matt let his eyes fultter close for a moment so he could take in the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Opening his eyes slowly he scanned the small cafe, it was a quaint little place, cozy, there were booths with squishy leather seats, small tables scattered here and there, plush chairs that lined the ceiling length windows, and several people just sitting and enjoying the comfort of the place. Matt smirked as he spotted the person he had been looking for, it wasn't very hard of course, seeing as the large gravity defying bush of brown hair could be easily spotted anywhere. Slowly Matt walked over to the booth his friend sat at, he inwardly cringed at the squelching sound of his black DC shoes. Sliding into the seat across for Taichi Yagami, he notice the water trail he had left behind.

Tai took in the blue eyed blondes waterlogged appearance and burst into fit of laughter. Matt narrowed his eyes menacingly brushing some of the hair out of his eyes, "What?"

"You should really see your self! You look absolutely hilarious!" Tai managed to get out.

"At least I've never been mistaken for a dead bush." Matt said calmly grabbing the edge of his sleeve and wringing it out into Tai's coffee.

Tai stared for a moment not comprehending what his best friend had just done, "That was my coffee." he said lamely.

"Yes it was, and that was rain water going into your coffee."

"But... why would you do such a thing? Ruin a cup of perfectly good and paid for coffee? My coffee... You so have to buy me another one." Tai said crossing his arms over his chest and pouting.

Matt shrugged, "I'm broke."

Tai stared at him incrediously, "But you just got paid for that gig you did the other day!"

Matt shrugged again and began to stir the watery coffee sitting in the middle of the table, "Eunice wanted a necklace... A very expensive necklace."

"You spent your money, the money you worked your ass off for, on that girl!" Tai exclaimed.

Matt refused to look Tai in the eye, he knew what his best friend thought about his current girlfriend. He thought she was a golddigger or whatever... only dating him because he had the potential to become a famous musicain one day.

"Matt." Tai said in a softer voice placing a tan hand on his pale one, "When are you going to realize she is using you?" Matt didn't answer just continued stirring the coffee. Tai sighed, "I'll get us some decent coffee, just stay here." Tai got up and walked to the counter leaving Matt to stare off into space.

Tai sighed as he reached the counter, "Hi do you need something else Tai?" asked the girl behind the counter, most people would lable her gothic, but Tai would lable her Jamie because that was her name, everything about her was black, except for her skin, she clicked her tounge ring against her teeth waiting.

"Uh, yeah Matt just got here so we need to vanilla lattes please." he smiled and she pressed the buttons.

"Your total is 265 yen." she said.

"Ah the joys of discounts." Tai handed her the money, adding a tip to the tip jar, and Jamie went off to make it.

Tai sighed and glanced over his shoulder at Matt, who was blankly staring at the cup in front of him. Tai continued to stare as he remembered the first time they came across this little hole in the wall, a smile creeping onto his face...


A fourteen year old Tai was dragging an alomost fourteen year old Matt down a desserted street. "Tai, um... are you going to beat me up, take my money, and run away leaving me to die a very slow death on the side walk?" Matt asked not liking the street very much.

"Maybe..." Tai looked back at Matt and let out a bark of laughter at the look of shock on the blondes face. "I'm just kidding Matt, chill."

"Where are we going?" Matt asked aprehensively.

"No clue really just felt like walking this way." Tai shrugged kicking a stone with his worn tennis shoe.

Matt rolled his eyes, "I should have known." he moaned. Tai stuck his tounge out, "Real mature Tai."

"I like to think so." it was then that he noticed the little cafe shoved between the two larger buildings. "Hey this place looks cool. Lets go in!" Tai grabbed Matts arm and yanked him inside.

"Tai! You said the same thing about the girls locker room yesterday! If this turns out to be..." Matt trailed off as he looked around. "Cool." he muttered.

"Told ya so." Tai walked over to a booth and sat down...

End Flashback

Tai's smile was small but visible, the booth Matt was sitting in now was the same exact booth they had first sat in, the booth they always sat in. "Here you go Tai." Jamie said snapping Tai out of his reviere.

"Thanks Jamie." Tai said gratefully accepting the coffee cups. He turned to go back to the table but stopped. Matt needs to eat, he looks way to thin. Sighing Tai set down the mugs, "Jamie I need two muffins. One blueberry and one chocolate chip."

"No problem hun." he went to pull out his wallet as she came back with th plate. "Don't worry about it." Tai looked up uncomprehendingly. "The muffins are on the house."

"B-but I don't want you to get in trouble." Tai said weakly.

"Don't sweat it. Matt looks like hell, it's the least I can do."

"Thanks Jamie." Tai grabbed the cups and the plate and carefully made his way back to Matt.

Matt stared at the watery cup of coffee, completely zoned out. He barely registered a new cup being set in front of him, followed by a plate of muffins until Tai spoke. "Here you go, eat up."

Matt looked up into Tai's chocolate brown eyes that plainly showed he was concerned for the blondes health. "Tai... this is the eight time you've paid for me..." he whispered.

Tai shrugged, "Don't worry about it."

Running a hand through his sopping wet locks Matt sighed, "But I have to worry about it!" He said exasperatedly, "Tai I have been bumming cash off you for nearly two months! It's becoming a bad habit!" Matt seemed on the brink of hysteria.

Tai waved it of, "Matt you are my best friend. You're cold, and hungry. So me being the wonderful guy I am bought you hot coffee and your favorite type of muffin. Now just be grateful and eat it." he then proceded to devour his own chocolate ship muffin.

"I'll pay you back, I promise. I just..." he trailed off.

Tai sipped his latte thoughtfully, "You want to pay me back? Then do us both a favor and dump Eunice. I'll be happy, you'll be happy... You'll have money. It all works out."

Matt looked at the table, absently picking at his blueberry muffin. "I can't." he whispered.

Tai stared intently at his best friend, "Why?" he demanded.

"Because I just can't ok!" Matt nearly yelled slamming his fist on the table for emphasis.

"Yama look at me." Tai ordered softly. Matt didn't respond, just went back to picking at his muffin. Tai gently reached over and grabbed Matts chin forcing him to look into his eyes. "She has you whipped. She says jump, you say how high. She says money, you say how much. You deserve better, you deserve love Yama."

Matts cobalt blue eyes began to water, "I don't believe in love." he whispered pulling away from Tai. "Love is something in stories and movies. In life you have to settle for who will take you and at the moment that person in Eunice."

Tai stared incredulosly at his friend, "How can you say that? Love has to be real. Sora - our best friend - is the bearer of the crest of love!"

Matt let out a frustrated groan, "That was the digital world Tai! Our world is different! People are different!"

"I think you're just afraid to let someone in that way." Tai said seriously, his chocolate eyes burning into Matt. "So you stick with what is in a strange way safe." He stood up and glanced at his wach, "It's getting late we should head home." he said quietly. Nodding Matt followed suit, the booth squelching as he moved to stand. Tai snorted, "Way to kill a moment."

"Shut up Tai."

Tai woke up to the shrill sound of his alarm clock the next day, grumbling he got out of his feather soft bed and proceded to get ready for school. He had been awake for hours after coming back from his coffee with Matt. There had to be something he could do to rid his friend of the burden who called herself Eunice! The solution had eluded him until his bushy head hit the pillow - all Matt needed was a distraction. Not just any distraction of course but a romatic distraction. And Tai had the perfect plan... well the plan wasn't actually formed yet, but it would be perfect once he talked with Sora.

Tai stmbled into the kitchen to find his sister, Hikari, munching on a piece of toast. "Hey Tai." she said swallowing her food.

"Hey Kar. Did you save me any?"

Kari rolled her eyes, "There's a couple pieces on the counter."

"Thank you." he shoved all four pieces into his mouth at once, crumbs flew in every direction as he tried to chew.

"That is so gross Tai." Kari said with a gimace.

Tai just shruged, drank the rest of Kari's orange juice, said, "Gotta go, have fun at school today." and walked out of the door.

Tai met up with Sora Takenouchi at the apartment building lift. She closed her hazel eyes and yawned as he approached. "I need your help." he said to the tired red head.

"You need mental help." she said pressing the down button.

Ignoring the comment he plowed on, "Matt needs to get away from the she devil he calls a girlfriend, but he won't do it willingly. So I was thinking..."

"You were thinking you would have some pretty girl distract him while you go after the she devil with a pichfork." Sora finished for him.

"Exactly, now where to find a pretty girl..." he trailed off as he began to eye here up not so discretely.

Noticing his eye up, Sora furiously shook her head, her red hair swaying on her shoulders, "No don't even look at me that way! I refuse to get involved in one of your half baked schemes! Especially one that could potentially hurt one of our best friends!" 'Or you...' she thought. Being the observant best friend of Taichi Yagami, she had observed many things, most of which were so horrible that she physically shuddered just thinking about them. But one thing she had gained from her observations was that Tai, unbeknownst to even himself, was slowly but surely falling for Yamato Ishida.

"Oh come on Sor! It won't hurt him! I swear it'll be good for him!" Tai quickly got onto his knees, clasped his hands together and began to pathetically begg.

The lift dinged! as they reached the bottom floor, Tai didn't notice due to being very busy groveling and kissing a highly disturbed Sora's feet. "Tai let go!" she hissed, "People are watching!" Tai looked up from his position to see and elderly couple oggling the obsurdity of the scene before them.

Sheepishly Tai got to his feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry." he mummbled. "I have a terrible fear of lifts. Afraid I'll get stuck in one of the blasted things one day." He lied before dragging Sora out of past the couple and hurrying towards school.

"Anyways." he said after a moment, "Why won't you go out with Matt?"

'Becauses you'll end up jealous.' "Because he's my friend and... we're too... I don't know friendy to go out!" Sora exclaimed gesturing wildly. Tai's face fell. The red head sighed as she thought, "I know! Why don't you go out with him!"

Tai stumbled, turning a violent shade of red, "Wha- what?" he turned towards her to confirm what he had just heard.

"I said. Why. Don't. You. Go. Out. With. Him." she said slowly.

"Bu-But... He's a guy! And I'm a guy! And there is guyness going on! Not to mention the fact that I am straight and he is straight and... We're best friends!"

Sora quirked a eyebrow at him, "Did you take a breath during that?" Tai startled Sora, not by just glaring, but the fact that he added a growl to his glare. Holding up her hands defensively she said, "Chill Tai I was joking." 'Not.'

Tai stopped growling, "Then who am I supposed to use if I can't use you for my very evil genius like plan?" he groaned.

"Find someone who is his type." 'Meaning, a six foot five inch, bushy haired, soccer fanatic, who has a dick!' he mind screamed.

"His type..." Tai muttered.

"Who's type?" Tai jumped and let out a not so manly squeek.

Tai turned to face Matt, "My... cousin... Bob... he needs a girlfriend." Tai lied weakly.

Matt quirked an eyebrow, "Bob?" he questioned, "I wasn't aware you had a cousin named Bob. Is he comming into town or something?"

Tai paled, "No I just talk to him on the internet..." he trailed off.

"Tai you really suck at lying so might as well come clean." Matt crossed his arms over his chest waitng.

'Damn it Tai think of agood lie this time!' his mind screamed, "Ok..." he said finally, "Don't tell Joe, but I was thinking of setting him up on a date with someone, I just need to find his type." Matt nodded excepting this answer. 'Oh yeah! he bought it! Go me, go me!' Tai congradulated himself silently.

Sora deciding go along with Tai's lie suggested, "Well Mimi has a crush on him... We could always set them up on a date."

Tai looked at Sora for a moment, "Great idea Sor! You work on that."

"But I thought you wanted to set him up?" Matt stated ast they resumed walking.

Tai faltered for a moment, "Well Sora is much better at those types of things than I am, aren't you?" he said giving her a look that clearly said, 'Say yes or you will suffer my rath!' Rolling her eyes Sora just nodded, and Tai smirked.

"Whatever." Matt shrugged.

They walked th rest of the way to school, not in silence, because that is nearly impossible when around Tai, but the 'type' issue was forgoten... By Matt at least.

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