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Matt hurriedly shoved a change of clothes into his over night bag. 'I'm so stupid! How could I have almost kissed Tai? It would have ruined everything!' Matt ranted silently (he obviously wasn't paying attention to the fact that he would have been the kissee not the kisser). 'At least Tai didn't seem to notice.' (Authoress snorts at Matt's stupidity)

"Are you almost done?" Tai asked wandering into the room.

"Almost, don't get your knickers in a twist." Matt said searching through the instrument clustered room for the pajama bottoms that went with the pajama shirt he held in his hands.

"Knickers? I do not wear knickers. I wear boxers." Tai said placing his hands on his hips.

Matt snorted, "Sure you do."

"If anybody here wears knickers it would be you."

"Sure Tai… Damn!" Matt looked over at Tai from his position by the dresser, "Have you seen my Scooby Doo pajama bottoms?" He asked.

"Yeah, you left them at my house like… a while ago. Kari has claimed them as hers." Tai said with a shrug.

"They're too big for her!"

Tai shook his head a smile playing at the corner of his mouth, "Hardly, you're scrawny remember?"

Matt glowered at the brunette, "Let's just go."


The last thing Matt and Tai expected to see upon entering the Yagami household was Myotismon in a fluffy pink tutu, doing the funky chicken dance… that would have been highly disturbing. They did however see something odd when they entered the house; it probably ranked sixth to last on the 'last-things- I-expect-to-see' list.

Takeru and Daisuke were staring deep into each others eyes… without blinking, and Ken was watching on, boredom evident in his expression. Kari was passed out on the couch, snoring lightly.

Tai and Matt exchanged a confused look before deciding to make their presence known in a very kind and polite way. "What the hell are you three doing in my house?" Tai yelled.

Takeru and Daisuke both screamed in pain as they were forced to blink after nearly an hour of holding their eyes open. Ken jumped slightly and Kari fell off the couch with a squeak. Ken, having experienced no pain on the sudden intrusion, was the first to recover. He glanced up at the two older boys, "Hello." He said politely.

Kari groggily pushed herself to her feet and glared at her brother, "Must you be so loud? I was trying to sleep." She snapped.

Tai folded his arms, "Kari, what are they," he gestured to the boys on the floor, two of which were rubbing their tear deprived eyes, "doing here?"

Kari rolled her ruby eyes, "They are spending the night, and I invited them."

Matt quirked an eyebrow, "Did you now?" he said, "Tai I think it's inappropriate to have a young lady such as your sister spend the night with three boys, I mean what would people say?" Tai growled at Matt's statement, his left eye twitching menacingly.

Takeru, Daisuke, and Ken had the decency to look ashamed of themselves – mostly out of fear – Kari on the other hand put her hands on her hips, "What would they say if they found out you two share a bed when you sleep over each others houses?"

Matt and Tai both flushed with embarrassment, while the younger boys snickered.

"I'm going to bed, could you five try not to destroy the place?" with out waiting for an answer she disappeared up the stairs. Silence descended upon the boys, but it was broken by Daisuke, of course, "I won! In your face Gilligan!" he shouted jumping up to do a victory dance.

"No, I won. You blinked half a second before I did so ha." Takeru said standing up and stretching.

Daisuke opened his mouth to retort, but Ken beat him to it, "Neither of you won. And as I said before, staring contests are stupid, pointless, and do nothing except dry your eyes out."

Daisuke smirked, "You're only saying that because you never win." Ken flushed lightly.

"Whatever. You three should go to bed." Tai said.

"Why? So you can molest poor Takeru in his sleep?" Daisuke asked none too innocently.

Takeru and Tai's faces both went red as ripe tomatos at his words. Matt looked between the two, his brow furrowed and a slight frown gracing his lips. "Why would you say that Dai?" Ken asked also confused.

"Because he's crazy that's why." Tai said quickly. He knew Matt would kill him if he found out about the kiss this morning.

Takeru whacked Daisuke on the back of the head and hissed an urgent, "Shut up!" before sending his brother a nervous smile, he also knew about Matt's brotherly wrath – but also how much it would probably hurt him to know that his little brother kissed the bushy haired brunette before he did.

"What? It's probably true, I mean he was all over you this morning Keru."

"What happened this morning?" Ken asked in confusion.

"Tai saw it fit to attack Takeru with his lips this morning." Daisuke said with a hint of annoyance.

Ken being the genius and not the pervert of the group blinked, "He tried to eat him?"

Matt being… well the Matt of the group dropped his overnight bag on the floor and rounded on Tai. "You did what?" he said a deadly whisper.

Tai held up his hands in defense, "I was asleep! I didn't know what I was doing!" slowly backing away from the enraged blonde

Daisuke smiled evilly, "If I were you Matt, I'd beat him to death with a sparkler!"

Matt stopped his advance on Tai and turned to look at the burgundy haired boy who was suddenly holding five boxes of sparklers.

"Uh… where did you get those?" Ken asked eyeing the pocket less pajamas that Daisuke was wearing.

"You probably don't want to know." The shorter boy answered.

"Give me a box Dai." Matt said with an evil glint in his eyes. The younger boy nodded and threw the deranged blonde a box. Tai meeped in fear.

"Matt he was asleep!" Takeru tried, "Why would you give him weapons!" he directed at Daisuke.

Ken snatched two boxes from Daisuke and threw one to the cowering Tai, Takeru also took one, there was a pause, where everyone contemplated what to do. Then all at once the five of them raced to the kitchen, and somehow amidst all the confusion, they managed to light the sparklers, thus beginning The Great Sparkler War!

There were screams of pain, maniacal laughter, crashes, pleas for mercy, the sound of a whip cracking ("Where did that come from Ken?"), and finally the sound of a crackling fire… and the smell of burning fabric

"My couch!" Tai yelled.

Takeru and Ken had Daisuke pinned to the couch his sparkler had fallen from his hand and onto the cushion. Everyone stared at the rapidly growing fire, sparklers forgotten burning slowly in their hands.

"What in the world is going on down here!" Kari yelled coming down the stairs. Tai gestured wordlessly to the burning cushion.

"PUT IT OUT!" She screamed in fear.

"Throw Daisuke on it!" Tai yelled.

"Throw Tai on it!" Daisuke yelled.

"Throw water on it!" Kari yelled.

Ken jumped up and grabbed a half empty soda can, that had miraculously escaped the ruckus, from the coffee table and tossed its contents at the flame which went out with a snuffing sound.

Kari glowered at the boys in front of her. "Clean this place up now." was all she said and they all scrambled to do her bidding. Kari may be sweet and innocent but when she got angry you better watch out.

Within half an hour the place was spotless, cleaner than it had been before The Great Sparkler War. Kari slowly inspected the entirety of the down stairs and when she was satisfied with its state she nodded and gestured for them all to sit down in the living room.

"Now, because of your stupidity, I am forced o impose upon you a means of torture." She told them.

"But you already made us go shopping! What else could you do?" Daisuke asked.

Takeru gulped, "No! Kari, please! Anything but that!" he begged.

Tai's eyes went wide with horror, "Kari don't! I can't stand to go through that again!"

"What are they talking about?" Ken asked Daisuke who shrugged.

Matt looked at them, his blue eyes showing no signs of fear, only exasperation, "A chick flick." He said.

Tai screamed and Kari plugged in the movie, A Walk to Remember.


Monday during lunch Tai, Matt, and Sora were sitting at their usual table in the quad. The boys were describing the insanity of the sleep over to her when River popped in. "Hey guys." She said with a yawn as she plonked down into the seat next to Matt.

Matt and Sora both greeted her with friendly smiles and hellos, but Tai just shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Sora furrowed her brow, "Something wrong Tai."

He shook his head, and Matt leaned forward, "Tai you –"

"Sora come with me to get more fries!" the brunette said urgently.

"Okay…" Sora stood up and glanced at River who shrugged.

Tai grabbed Sora's arm and forcefully dragged her away. "What the hell Tai?" she asked once they had entered the cafeteria.

Tai sighed, "I don't feel comfortable around River at the moment." He said.


Tai glanced through the windows to where River was throwing French fries into Matt's open mouth. "Because she makes him happy in a way I can't." he said sadly.

Sora followed his gaze, "What are you…" she stopped in mid sentence as realization dawned upon her… he thought the two of them were still dating.


Later that day River was dragged into the bathroom by Sora, who proceeded to check every stall for possible spies or gossipers. "What's so important that you had to drag me out of my art class with a fake pass?" River asked.

"I think I know why Tai hasn't tried to make a move on Matt… well he tried but it didn't work…" she trailed off for a second then shook her head and hands to clear her mind and get back on track, "Anyways, the reason he hasn't really tried anything is because of you."

River blinked, "So it's all my fault that they're not together?" she said slowly.

"Yes… No… Kinda, you see Tai thinks that you're still dating Matt. And he won't interfere with Matt's happiness." Sora explained.

River nodded, "So what? I have to publicly break up with Matt?"

The redhead considered that option, "Maybe… you should have a little chat with Tai, to clear this whole thing up."

"Like on Saturday, " River continued for her, "At twoish."

"At the little hamburger place that just opened up."

"Perfect." They said in unison.


Tai hated Tuesdays. On Tuesdays he sat behind Matt in several classes, and those classes were important, But Tai would always find himself drifting into a day dream as he stared at Matt's golden locks. Several times he's had to force himself not to reach up and stroke them. Tai didn't hear the bell ring signaling the end of class, and barely registered that someone was talking to him.

"So on Saturday I'll swing by your place and we'll do lunch. Sound good?"

"Yeah." Tai said absently.

"Great… You do realize that in order to get to your next class you kinda have to get up."

Tai felt a blush creep into his tan cheeks as he hurriedly scrambled to leave.


Saturday was Tai's favorite day of the week, especially when he didn't have a game, because that meant that he could sleep in. And that's what he was doing… until a rather annoying banging sound erupted from his bedroom door.

"Tai! Wake up! It's nearly two thirty! I've been waiting here for like five minutes!" River's muffled yell told him who it was.

Grumpily Tai rolled out of bed and stalked over to the door throwing it open to reveal another very grumpy person. "What are you doing here River?" Tai asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Getting you. We're supposed to do lunch remember?"

"No, I don't. Where are Matt and Sora?" he asked looking around behind her. Surely she wouldn't come here alone, he frowned they hadn't hung out alone since she and Matt started dating.

River rolled her blue eyes at him, "I threw their mutilated bodies into a ditch on the side of the road on my way here." She said sarcastically.

Tai's eyes went round as saucers, "What!" he yelled.

River giggled, "Tai! I was kidding! Now get dressed so we can go."

"We? As in you and me? Alone?" Tai was having trouble comprehending this early in the… afternoon.

"Yes." She said exasperatedly.

"Oh… Okay then…" slowly Tai shut the bedroom door and made his way over to the closet, then stopped, "River how the hell did you get into my house!"

"Not everyone in your family sleeps the day away!" She yelled back.


The two friends walked in awkward silence as they made their way to the newly opened burger place. River had no clue what she was supposed to say to Tai to make him understand that she and Matt were no longer an item. So she settled on blunt honesty… well bumbling honesty.

A smiling waitress showed them to a booth. River waited until she left to speak. "Tai, um, I didn't just ask you to eat with me. I, well I need to clear something up between us."

Tai looked down at his menu suddenly starving, "Mmmhmm." He said absently.

River shifted uncomfortably in her chair, "It's about me and Matt."

Tai's grip tightened on his menu, his eyes became watery, and he had to mentally scold himself for reacting like an emotional twat at such an innocent statement, "Mmmhmm." He said again.

River watched his profile go rigid and suddenly wished that Sora would tell him instead of her. "Matt lied to you." River mentally slapped herself – that didn't sound right.

Tai looked up at her his usually smiling mouth set into a frown, "What?"

"Matt said we're dating, but he lied. We're not. You see he was afraid that if you found out then you would, I mean that, um…" she trailed off but wished she hadn't as Tai's face swiftly took on a look of hurt, "He didn't want to hurt you... I mean he –"

"He knows doesn't he?" Tai stated miserably. "He thinks I'm a worthless fag?"

River's eyes went wide, "No, Tai let me finish –"

"River it's fine, I can handle the truth."

"No, you're not listening! He didn't want to –"

Tai threw down his menu abruptly, "Thanks for telling me River." he stood up and headed out of the diner, ignoring her desperate calls of his name. As soon as he stepped out of the door he took off running, blinded by tears.


Sora sat behind the counter of the flower shop, Saturdays were slow, but then again so were all the other days of the week. The bell tinkled as someone rushed in, "SORA!" the redhead jumped as River hurled herself over the counter. "We have a problem."

"What do you mean?" Sora glanced around, "Aren't you supposed to be at lunch with Tai?"

"I was! But I did something bad!" River looked frantic.

Sora grabbed the smaller girls' shoulders and looked into her blue eyes, "What did you do?"

River explained the whole fiasco with wild hand gestures and a stupid voice that was supposed to imitate Tai. Sora would have found it funny, if it hadn't been so serious.

When she finished River took a deep breath, "What do we do now?" she asked timidly.

Sora bit her bottom lip in thought, "We may be able to make this work…"


Matt idly strummed on his guitar; he was working a new song, an unrequited love song…

'KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!' Matt stopped, either someone was trying to break down his door or someone was knocking on it. Carefully he set his guitar on his bed and made his way to the front door. It literally shuttered as it was struck again.

Perplexed Matt looked through the little peep hole and saw a distraught looking River. He flung the door open and she rushed in, throwing her arms around his waste, "I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed, burying her head in his chest, "I screwed everything up because I can't word things properly!" her words were muffled and hard to understand.

"What'd you do Riv?" Matt asked gently pushing her shoulders so he could see her panic-stricken face.

"I was talking to Tai… I said everything wrong Matt! He thinks you hate him!" River exclaimed pulling completely away from him, and began pacing up and down the room.

Matt watched her, his mind trying to catch up with her words, and when it did it hit him like a ton of bricks. Matt whiled around quickly putting his shoes on and jogging out of the open door.

"Where are you going?" River shouted after him.

"To talk to Tai."


"I know where he is."

River smirked and leaned against the door frame, 'Maybe I should become an actress.'


Matt ran down the abandoned street, the sun was setting and he could only hope that he was right about where Tai was. A small little place barely noticeable between two larger buildings came into view, The Coffee Bean.

The bell jingled above his head signaling his entrance, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee rushed over him, but he didn't stop to relish in it – he needed to talk to Tai. The place was empty at first glance, nobody sat at the tables, and no one was behind the counter. Matt's heart dropped, and with a dejected sigh he walked over to the booth he and Tai had sat at so many times before – which is when he saw him.

Tai was laying across the seat of their booth, long legs awkwardly scrunched up so as to hide them from view. Matt sat down on the opposite side, physically there was only a table and a cold cup of coffee between them, but emotionally there might as well been a country or two.

"Go away Matt." Tai said.

"Tai we need to talk." Matt said hesitantly.

The brunette snorted and unfolding his legs sat up, "There's nothing to talk about."

"Look I don't know what River said to you but… she said you hated me."

"I don't hate you Matt." Tai said quickly, "I just wish you weren't such a jerk." Tai stood up and headed toward the exit.

Matt hesitated for a moment before going after him, "What's your problem?" the blonde said grabbing Tai's arm.

Tai clenched his hands into fists, he wanted to hit Matt like when they were younger, but he couldn't because being the cause of Matt's pain would kill him. "I don't have a problem." he ground out through gritted teeth.

"I'll find out what it is eventually." Matt said still holding onto Tai's arm, "So either you tell me and we fix it, or we do it the hard way."

Tai whirled around, and for a moment Matt thought he was about to be clobbered, but instead in one swift movement, Tai grabbed the back of the blondes head and crushed their lips together; desperately trying to communicate everything that he felt without words. "That's my problem." Tai whispered when he pulled away.

Matt clutched Tai's arm, which was still holding his head, to keep himself standing. His knee's felt like jelly, his head was spinning, and his lips now tasted of coffee with a lot of sugar – just the way Tai liked it. "Tai –"

"I'm sorry Yama." Tai muttered as he dropped his hand causing Matt to stumble.

"For what?" Matt asked still in a daze from the kiss.

"I guess I should have told you, not like that but…" Tai trailed off rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

Matt quirked an eyebrow, slowly regaining control of himself, "But in words?" he finished. Tai nodded sheepishly, "So why don't you? I'm still standing here."

Tai flushed and looked into the crystal blue eyes that haunted his dreams lately. With a groan Tai slid back into the booth. "Fine." Matt did the same. Taking a deep breath he plunged. "Yama, I think – well actually I know that… I love you. And I know that that is a very strong term and that it shouldn't be used lightly but… it's true. I love you Yama."

Tai fidgeted with his hands as he waited for Matt's response – and when it came it wasn't the one he was expecting.

"I told you one that I didn't believe in love. Not the kind of love you're talking about." Matt said slowly.

Tai winced, "I know."

Matt was silent for a moment watching Tai's hands as they restlessly moved about. Gingerly he reached over and entwined his pale fingers with the tan ones that froze at the contact. "But I think my heart feels differently than before."

Tai stared at their hands his breath caught in his throat, "And?" he croaked.

"And I… I love you too Tai."

Tai looked away from their entangled hands, his chocolate eyes scanning Matt for any signs of a lie – but there were none.

Matt watched as a crooked smile appeared on Tai's lips, and felt the corners of his own mouth turn up as well. "So Matt you wanna go out sometime?"

"We're already out." Matt said.

"Well if we're out then you won't mind if I do this." Tai said leaning across the table to claim Matt's lips with his own.

"Definitely not…" Matt muttered between kisses.


"Awwww. That was adorable." River said leaning against Sora as they watched the guys through the window.

"Yeah it was." Sora agreed with shinny eyes.

"Well it's over now so let's go. I can't stand anymore cute fluffiness – it's going to rot my brain out." River said dragging the redhead away from the window. "Why don't we go watch Saw? Or Saw Two? Or both? That will kill the fluffiness so I don't become one of those mushy fan fiction, yaoi authors on the internet."

"Way to kill a moment River." Sora said rolling her eyes.

River glanced over her shoulder and stuck her tongue out at her, "I didn't kill their moment. I mean geeze their still going at it back there."

Sora smiled at the shorter girl, "You know River, we're pretty good at this."

"What's this?"

"Matchmaking." Sora said simply.

River smiled, "Yeah I guess we are."

"We should do it again sometime."

River stopped and turned to face her quirking a black eyebrow upwards, "Do you have some people in mind?"

"As a matter of fact, " Sora hooked her arm with Rivers and continued walking, "I have these friends…"


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Yamato leaned against the tree behind him in obvious pain; a light sheen of sweat coated his forehead and his breathing was ragged.

Yamato was the reason for this war, he was what his parents were fighting against – what they despised, he was the reason Hikari was had been kidnapped; overall he was the enemy, but at that moment he was exactly what Taichi wanted.

The brunette took a cautious step forward, then another, until he was standing directly in front of the wounded blonde. Timidly he placed his hands on the bark behind Yamato's head. The blonde looked up at him with hazy blue eyes.

Hardening his resolve, Taichi dipped down and captured the rebel leaders' lips. It was a kiss of desire, need, and lust.


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