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Harry Potter and the Time of the Past

It's funny how stories could get misconstrued over the years. People think they know my history. They gathered information from the papers, or even my friends, but they have no idea what really happened. They would never be able to fathom how I got here.

Here I am, twenty-five years later writing the true story of my legacy. This is how it all went down. It's a story about hate, love, loss, but most of all; Greatness.

My aunt abandoned me at St. Jerome's orphanage in London. It was ancient; dating back to the 1600's. Being run by an old man named Sebastian Duncan, the place seemed like the perfect orphanage. Or however perfect an orphanage could be. That, however, couldn't be farther from the truth.

Sebastian beat and took advantage of all the kids in his grasp. The place stunk with fear. Only one child, out of the many that's passed through the walls, has escaped Duncan's beatings. The boy, who escaped Duncan, was none other then me.

I remember the night he came in my room. I levitated the desk and knocked him down with it. Calling me a freak, the guy ran out of the room, leaving only his pride and a trail of urine.

It wasn't long after that, when I found out I was a wizard. Rubeus Hagrid came and gave me a letter. For a man his size, it was awkward to see him crying. I paid no attention to him, and to this day still don't know why he was crying.

The elation I felt finally knowing what I was. I always knew I was special. Ever since I was six I had the ability to speak with snakes. I found out later on it wasn't a common ability. Even now, I only know of two people in the world who know how.

My next great excitement came when I bought my first wand. The musk of the shop still lingers in my nostrils. The memory forever ingrained into my head.

"This wand," Ollivander said walking over to the window, and grabbing the ebony wand on the purple pillow. "Was made over 300 years ago by my Grandfather. Thirteen and a half inches, ebony, and Phoenix feather. It is a very powerful wand, son. Take it and give it a whirl."

The power I felt from that wand was startling. It gave me a rush that none other did. I thought it was too sweet to last, but the feeling grew as I matured. As my magic grew, the feeling intensified. If I would have taken the Holly and Phoenix feather wand that I tested before the ebony wand, I might not be the person I am today.

Before learning of my wizarding heritage, I was intrigued by the world of literature. So, of course, I was enthralled in the ancient tomes the magic world had to offer. During the summer before my first year at Hogwarts, I read the course books from 1st year to 3rd. I had an ace up my sleeve going into school. That ace would keep me ahead of everyone in my year; an ace that made me, as some said, the 8th wonder of the world.

I met my first friend, and right hand man, Theodore Nott during my first year at Hogwarts. A brilliant wizard in his own right, I greatly respected him from the get go. Theo knew in the back of his mind that I would be forever greater then him, so he dedicated himself in being a good enough wizard for me to socialize with. For a while, he was the only other Slytherin I didn't look down upon.

By the end of the year I had the respect from all the teachers of Hogwarts. I was top in the classes, and knew more then most 5th years. My power attracted the power hungry. My knowledge attracted the bookworms. My social skills attracted friends, even those who hated Slytherins. And my good looks attracted girls. I was on the fast track to success. The only problem was, no one knew what path I was taking.