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Author's note: Ok, just so you all know…This is just a few clippings from the book the character is writing. Not the actual story itself.

Harry Potter and the Time of the Past

The summer after my first year was when I first delved into the dark arts. I entered the darkness known as Knockturn Alley on my twelfth birthday. The items I got that day, save one, have long since been destroyed. An athame with an emerald snake in its hilt was the only thing that stayed with me from that day. The books, the potions, and even the darkness have long since left me. But that athame has stayed. Forever bound as my most prized possession. Some would call me weird for this. After all, the athame only cost a few galleons. But what people don't understand is that it's not the athame that is important, but what's inside the said athame that is.

Second year was filled with wonder and intrigue. The Chamber of Secrets had been opened, then after only one attack on a pitiful cat, closed right up. No mudbloods, or even humans were attacked. But that wasn't what intrigued me. It was the fact that the Chamber of Secrets was real that did. The only problem was figuring out where it was located. Due to a rather ingenious ploy during my 5th year, I finally found out just where the chamber was.

During the time of panic while the Chamber was open, most thought Draco Malfoy was the heir of Slytherin. I guess one could see the thought in that. After all, his family had been in Slytherin for generations. But he hadn't the knowledge, or the skill, to be the heir. In truth, other then a large fortune, the only thing the blond haired wizard had was my gratitude when he died. But I'm getting ahead of myself with that.

Theodore, my ever-so-wealthy best friend, gave me another tome about the ancient Dark Lord Camarzitas. He had given me a book about the powerful wizard for a Christmas present our first year. The man who lived over two thousand years ago immediately enthralled me. I've always wondered if Theo had any idea the books that he gave me would add fuel to the already burning fire in my soul. Modeling a name after the dark lord, I took the name of Marzitas while in Theo's company. For a while, he was the only one who called me that. But a few years later, the whole world knew that name. What they didn't know however, was my real name.

Second year was also when I began to stretch my horizons. I brought up the idea of becoming animagus' to Theo: an idea, which with my knowledge and research, Theo saw to fruition. I, however, never did morph into an animal.

During my trips to the Hogwarts Library I always saw one girl. She was a Gryffindor by the name of Hermione Granger. She hadn't many friends, but her mind was second only to mine. I met my intellectual match in the muggleborn witch. This spark of respect would later force me, quite literally, into writing this.