Lyude looked up into the night sky, his red hair blowing in the breeze. A sigh left his lips.

"Kalas, I--"he began but was silenced by Kalas' lips meeting his own…

"AHHH OH GOD!" Gibari screamed as he fell out of bed. He scrambled up off the floor and looked around at his surroundings. Moonlight was streaming in through the windows, revealing a sparkly looking pink floor, a chocolate dresser and surprise surprise, a chocolate door. Gibari sighed in relief. Oh good. He thought. It was just a very disturbing dream. He looked over at the clock on the bedside table. It read 3:00 AM. Gibari grunted and looked over at the second bed in the hotel room. Now, the inn was very busy this time of year and so by the time Gibari's party came along to rent a few, there were only 2 left. One room had 3 beds, and one room had 2. Unfortunately, Xelha had called dibs for the girls on the 3-bed room and then rushed up to if before anyone could object. The men went to their room, and Kalas and Lyude had declared they would share a bed together because frankly, no one wants to share a bed with Gibari.

This scene would have made any crazed LyudexKalas fangirl squeal with delight, but unknown to many, Gibari is not a fangirl. Kalas was hugging Lyude like a normal person would hug a pillow in their sleep, and Lyude was chewing on Kalas' pyjama shirt collar, his face flushed beat red. Wait, flushed face? Gibari looked over to the bedside table and saw 2 empty bottles of Japanese rice wine, and an unopened bottle of yesterday's wine. How the hell did I overlook that? Gibari thought. He shrugged his shoulders and picked up the bottle of yesterdays wine, and grinned evilly as he proceeded to teach his sleeping comrades a lesson.

"AHHHH! GIBARI, WHAT THE FUCK!" was what woke the girls up in the neighbouring room. They threw on what they needed to in order to make themselves decent and ran to the men's room. No not the bathroom you idiots, the men's hotel room.

"Quit yer whining Kalas. It's your fault anyway, what with the under aged drinking and all." Gibari laughed. Both Kalas and Lyude were drenched in the wine that Gibari had smashed them with moments before. Kalas glared daggers at Gibari.

"I wasn't drinking!" He yelled. Gibari raised an eyebrow. " I gave Lyude some liquor so he'd fall asleep better." Everyone's gaze fell to Lyude, who was writhing on the floor moaning in pain. Gibari looked back at Kalas.

" TWO BOTTLES OF IT!" He shouted, Kalas wincing at the loudness of his voice.

"Oh come on. I was curious as to how Lyude was when he was drunk." Kalas laughed. Savyna's eye twitched as she walked out of the doorway and into the room.

"Kalas, it's not funny. Lyude's going to be sick in the morning and we won't be able to do anything, and we can't afford that." Kalas sweat dropped as realization dawned on him. Everyone but Lyude glared at him.

"Uh…woops?" He said questioningly. Gibari smirked and handed Kalas the broken wine bottle he was holding.

"Well, seeing that this is your fault, I think It's only fair that we go back to sleep, and you tend to Lyude for the rest of the night. Have fun!" Gibari said as he trudged back to his warm bed, and everyone did the same, except Lyude and Kalas.

"Goddamnit." Kalas Muttered as he half led half dragged Lyude into the bathroom.

"I don't get it!" Xelha said as soon as the door the Girls' room was shut. "Why would Kalas want to get Lyude drunk!" She pouted. Mizuti giggled.

"Maybe Kalas want to seduce Lyude, so he cheep out and get Lyude drunk!" Mizuti and Savyna laughed, but Xelha turned bright red and shot the two a death glare. Or rather, as close to a death glare Xelha could muster.

"No! Kalas isn't like that! He isn't gay!" Xelha demanded. Savyna stopped laughing. Mizuti continued to giggle.

"Who are you to judge that Xelha? He just might be. Either way, it really doesn't make a difference." Savyna pointed out. Xelha became even redder if that was possible.

"I'M GOING TO BED!" She screamed as she stormed toward her bed, violently threw back her covers and hid under them. Mizuti coughed awkwardly, then headed to bed herself.

" Uhn, K-kalas? I feel weird." Lyude said as soon as Kalas had successfully dragged him to the bathroom and locked the door. Kalas was busy peeling off Lyude's sticky clothes and had barely realized Lyude had spoken.

"Huh, what? Oh right. You're drunk. Here, take these. They'll get rid of the sickness, but they won't make you sober." Kalas stopped what he was doing and helped Lyude swallow some purple pills. Kalas had the foresight to pick some of them up the previous evening. The reason Kalas even knew about the pills in the first place was because he's a closet raver. Lyude easily swallowed the pills. "There, see? Do you feel better?" Kalas said cheerily. Lyude nodded. Kalas continued to undress him as much as he dared, then took off his own sticky clothes. "Stupid Gibari," He muttered as he dragged Lyude into the shower, "I wish he hit us with something less sticky and gross…Lyude what are you doing?" The two party members were sitting in the shower; letting the warm Kalas had just turned on run over them. Lyude had fallen asleep against Kalas' bare chest. Kalas smiled. Cute He thought, then reached for Lyude's shampoo. He worked it into a lather and rubbed it into Lyude's hair. After rinsing out the shampoo out of both his hair and Lyude's, he put in the conditioner. Lyude was still asleep, and Kalas was starting to get annoyed with his dead weight up against him.

"Lyude." He said, shaking him lightly. Lyude didn't budge. "Lyude!" He said again, shaking him rougher this time. Still nothing. Kalas sighed…then grinned evilly. He turned off the hot water and blasted up the cold. The warm water quickly turned icy and Lyude gasped. His back arched and he clung onto Kalas tightly, gasping and breathing heavily, shaking from the cold and the shock. Kalas' plan to wake up Lyude was flawless, but he forgot he was under the water too. Stupid Kalas. As the water turned icy he gasped and tried to scramble out from under it, but slipped and landed on his back. Lyude was still clinging on to him, gasping and trying to pull himself closer to Kalas, which really wasn't possible, seeing as he was lying on top of him. Kalas blushed furiously as he tried to sit back up, but couldn't.

"L-lyude!" Kalas said, trying to get the red head's attention. Lyude continued his laboured breathing, getting the cold water full blast onto his back. Kalas tried to sit up again, and this time succeeded. The cold water was now running onto him, and he began to gasp and shake again. He turned the water off. The boy's breathing began to regulate, and Kalas began to laugh.

"Oh man! I bet you're awake now, huh?" he chuckled. Lyude was still clinging on to him for dear life. Kalas was suddenly aware of their closeness and blushed, looking away awkwardly. "Uh, Lyude? You can let go of me any day now." He said. Lyude looked up, then pushed away a bit too quickly, a blush covering his face.

"S-sorry!" He stammered. Kalas looked over to him. And suddenly regretted it. There in front of him was Lyude pressing himself against the shower wall, face flushed, body dripping and wearing nothing but his boxers.

Oh my god Kalas! He's sooo cute! Kalas' spirit guardian's voice rang through his head. Kalas frowned. SHUT UP! He thought. The spirit laughed. Now remember when it was determined the Gibari wasn't a Kalas x Lyude fangirl? Well unfortunately for Kalas, his guardian spirit was.

Come on Kalas, I see you blushing. You want him. Kalas blushed.

"No I don't!" Kalas yelled out loud. Lyude gave him a questioning look.

"What's wrong Kalas?" Lyude asked. Kalas avoided his gaze and looked over to the side.

"Nothing, Faye's just being-"

"I'm not being anything. Kalas was just flustered becau-"

"I'm not flustered about anything!" Kalas interrupted, steadily becoming agitated with the fangirl.

"Oh Kalas," she said, "If you don't tell him than I will." Kalas blushed even more so than before.

"There's nothing to tell!" He yelled. Lyude gave him an odd look.

"Kalas, are you two okay?" He asked. Kalas' blush grew darker.

"Umm, we're fine." He said.

Come on Kalas, now would be the perfect time to make your move! Faye begged Kalas. He inwardly glared at her.

I don't like him like that, and even if I did he's still drunk. I can't take advantage of someone. Faye beamed.

Awww, that's so cute! Except you're wrong, he's sober now. Kalas looked over at Lyude, who was still giving him that questioning too. Kalas leaned forward.

"Hey Lyude," he asked, " Are you sober now?" Lyude smiled.

"Yes, I think so." His smile quickly faded. "What were you thinking? What was your purpose for getting me drunk?" He hid his face in his hands. How did he convince me to drink all that? He thought. Kalas struggled to find a way out of this.

"Uh, you see, I wanted to- uh, well I, um, you said-"

Quit babbling like an idiot! You're ruining your chances! Faye said to him.

I don't want any chances! Kalas shot back. Lyude leaned more comfortably against the wall.

"No, never mind, I'm sure you had your reasons." Lyude said as he began to stand up.

"No, Lyude wait!" Kalas said as he grabbed Lyude's wrist and pulled him towards him. Lyude lost his balance and fell onto Kalas. Kalas sighed.

"Lyude, listen. I have no reasonable explanation as to what I did, and I'm sorry. It was stupid." Lyude looked Kalas in the eyes and his breath hitched. Faye giggled inwardly, not wanting to spoil this moment, and also wanting to see if all the Lyude talk finally confused Kalas into feeling things for him. Lyude blushed as Kalas held him a little closer. Kalas blushed as soon as he realized what he was doing, and how giddy Faye must be. He suddenly felt the need to pull away and put distance between him and Lyude. Faye sensed this and began to whine.

Oh Kalas! I know you two like each other! Kiss him already! Or are you too much of a wuss to express yourself? Kalas twitched. If there was one thing he couldn't take it was being called a wuss. If there was another thing he couldn't stand, it was being tricked into doing something he wasn't too sure about. Like kissing a guy. Lyude noticed the awkward silence and coughed a little to bring back Kalas' attention. Kalas looked up at him with a start. Lyude blushed and looked away.

"K-kalas, what are you doing?" He asked. Kalas was about to answer, but was interrupted by Faye.

"Kalas was just thinking of the perfect way to tell you-"

"I'm not-"

"-how he feels about you." Faye finished, becoming agitated that she wasn't getting to see some Kalas x Lyude action because Kalas had to go and screw it up for her. Lyude's face flushed even redder.

"H-how he feels?" He said sheepishly. Kalas smacked himself in the head.

Great. He thought. Now you've gone and done it. Faye just stuck her tongue out at him, even if he couldn't see her do so.

"Uh, well, I think you're a really good friend and all…but, uh." Kalas tried to talk his way out of this.

"But he's beginning to fall in love with you!" Faye finished.

"What the hell, no I'm not!" Kalas yelled. Lyude's face went white.

"Uh, Kalas I'm flattered…but uh, I think I'd be more comfortable if we stayed friends for a little longer, or at least get to know each other better before jumping into a relationship." Kalas went as red as a beat.

"N-no! I don't feel that way about you! Faye's just bent on making us an item for some reason!" Lyude looked up.

"Faye, it that true?" He asked. Faye giggled.

"Whoops, busted." She said. Kalas gave a sigh of relief, and Lyude crossed his arms, a little annoyed.

"There, you see?" Kalas explained. "I'm not gay, Faye's just a fangirl." Faye pouted.

"Aww you guys figured me out, now I'll never get to set you two up!" She was silent for a little, then let out a gasp as she thought of something. "Well, seeing as you two will never get together while I'm around, can you do me a favour?" She asked.

Lyude thought and Kalas shrugged.

"Maybe. Depends." Kalas said. Faye Hmmed.

"Well, I was wondering if you two might, you know, just kiss this once? A very passionate one, with lots of tongue?" Lyude turned white again, and Kalas choked on air.

"Well, n-no!" Kalas stammered. Faye pouted again.

"Oh please! Pretty please? It would just be this once! I wouldn't tell anyone!" She whined. Kalas glared.

"No!" he declared. Lyude looked a little taken aback. Faye noticed.

"Why, don't you like Lyude?" She asked. Kalas blushed.

"Well sure I do, just not in the way you think!" He said defensively. Faye sighed.

" Oh well, I guess I'm just going to have to continue bugging you about it. Out loud. So everyone can hear." She said, letting that sink it. Kalas and Lyude turned white. Kalas knew Faye would do it. She never went against her word. He gulped.

"W-well I, I…uh, s-su-okay." He stammered. Lyude went bright red. Faye squealed.

"Ooh yay! Don't forget, passionate with lots of tongue!" Kalas blushed.

"Yeah I won't" He mumbled as he drew closer to Lyude. Lyude closed his eyes as he felt the gentle touch of Kalas' lips against his own. Kalas softly made the kiss deeper, closing his eyes as well. He licked Lyude's bottom lip, Lyude gasping at the motion, thus allowing Kalas to slip his tongue into his mouth. Lyude lost all sense of thought and clutched at Kalas, melting into the kiss. Kalas seemed to be enjoying himself too, as he slid his hands up Lyude's back. Lyude moaned as Kalas ground their hips together. Kalas smirked into the kiss, realizing how much he liked the seductive sound of Lyude's moan, and wanted to hear more. He ground their hips rougher this time, and Lyude moaned louder this time. Then Kalas realized what it was he was doing exactly, and pushed away quickly, blushing furiously. Faye was speechless.

"Oh…my…god" she finally managed to spit out. "That was so hot." Both Kalas and Lyude blushed even deeper shades of red.

You liked it, didn't you? Faye asked Kalas so Lyude couldn't hear. Kalas didn't answer, but instead stood up.

"I-we should go to bed." He said and walked out of the bathroom to put their clothes in the washing machine. Lyude stared after him dumbfounded. Faye giggled.

I'll take that as a yes. She said, and Kalas tried to ignore her.