After purchasing all required magnus from the shop in Balancoire (seeing as croissant head chased them out of Parnasse) the group headed in the general direction of Melodia's mansion. Lyude was moping along in the rear of the group when he bumped into Kalas, who had stopped to look at Polly, the ever-happy Pollywhale. Kalas turned to him and smiled.

"Heh, pollywhales are so gay." He laughed, then leaned in close to whisper "Kinda like us, huh?" Lyude's face when bright red.

"H-hey, quit teasing." He muttered. Xelha looked over her shoulder to make sure everyone was following.

"Hey! What are you two doing? We have to go, NOW." She yelled at them, embarrassing both men. Mizuti whispered something to Savyna, and the two of them started laughing quietly. Xelha frowned. "What was that Mizuti? I didn't quite catch that." Xelha placed her hands on her hips and tapped her foot impatiently. Mizuti looked over to Xelha, then to Savyna, and then back to Xelha again.

"The great Mizuti say…euh…Mizuti say…" Mizuti tried to think of a lie to tell Xelha.

"Well, what did you say?" Xelha demanded.

"Mizuti say IT IS NOW TIME BEING TO LEAVE! YOU ALL WALK LIKE BABIES DROWNING IN CAPELLA!" Mizuti lied quickly and ran off in the direction of the manor. The gang gave her a questioning look before chasing after her.

The group came running into the manor, all out of breath except Mizuti. No one knew where she got her energy. Rumour was that she was really a robot. Like Gyro, who doesn't exist in Baten Kaitos, but Baten Kaitos Origins. Melodia had stepped out of her room to see what all the commotion was about.

" Oh! I see you are all here. Are you ready to go to Alfard?" Lyude's spirit visibly died at the name of the flame empire. Kalas nodded.

"Yeah, we're ready." Everyone nodded in agreement. Melodia smiled.

"I'll take you to my ship, please follow me." She started down the stairs and led them out the door.

"Oh my god! Your ship is beautiful!" Gibari shouted when he saw the Benotash. "Just look at all the pretty colours!" He started to drool. Xelha laughed nervously at Melodia and Savyna smacked herself in the head. Melodia just smiled that…slightly creepy smile of hers.

"Why thank you Gibari! The entrance is this way." The party all entered the Benotash. Gibari started to run around as soon as he pushed his way inside, determined to see every inch of the ship before they arrived at Alfard. Melodia giggled.

"The trip will take roughly two hours. Feel free to make yourselves at home. I'll be in my chambers. I'll tell you when we are to arrive." She waved and headed up the stairs into her room on the Benotash. The group looked around at each other, then scattered off in different directions of the ship. Savyna and Mizuti stayed in the main room, finding some chairs to sit in, Gibari was running around exploring like a child in a toy store, Kalas and Lyude ran off before anyone could see where they were going and Xelha stayed in the main room as well, only she found a nice corner to sulk in all by herself. Savyna waited till most of the other had left the room, then leaned in close to Mizuti so Xelha would have a hard time hearing them.

"So, Kalas and Lyude ran off rather quickly, do you think they'll fool around a bit?" She asked. Mizuti put her chin in her hand thoughtfully.

"Hmm…it be possible. They may have 'fooled around' in Coccolith already." There was a serious silence for about three seconds before they both started laughing. Xelha glared at them, then pretended not to listen in. The two girls quieted themselves. Savyna coughed.

"Enough fun. This could be trouble. Kalas doesn't seem the kind of guy to go easy on people. He may just be fooling around. Lyude and the other hand, seem to be easily manipulated. Do you think we should intervene?" Mizuti pondered for a while.

"I think this be their business. They should work out relationship alone. If they want advice, we give them advice. Good advice. Superb advice!" Mizuti said with confidence. Savyna chuckled. Mizuti didn't understand. "Hmm? What be funny?" Savyna continued laughing.

"Nothing, you just sound so confident. I'm sure you know what to do." She said. Mizuti nodded. Xelha decided their conversation was quite boring and fell asleep in the corner, Meemai squeaking away happily.

Kalas had dragged Lyude off as soon as he could, and led him into the lower parts of the ship. They soon found themselves alone in the storage room.

"Kalas, what are we doing here?" Lyude asked, blushing slightly. Kalas closed the door behind them, then dragged a nearby chest in front of it. Kalas stepped up behind Lyude and slipped his arms around his waist. Lyude blushed even redder.

"You know…we have two hours to kill. Do you want to…?" Kalas trailed off as he let his hands slip into the front of Lyude's pants. Lyude flushed and leaned back into Kalas' arms.

"O-only if you want to." He stuttered. Kalas leaned over and kissed his neck.

"Only if you're ready. I don't want to make you do something you'd regret." Lyude paused for a moment. Kalas paused too; afraid he'd done something wrong. Lyude placed his hands over to of Kalas', lacing their fingers together.

"I think I am." He whispered. Kalas smiled and flipped Lyude over so he was facing him and gave him a burning kiss. Lyude kissed back hungrily. After they broke apart, a large grin made it's way onto Kalas' face.

"Tell me Lyude. Do you think you're dominant or submissive in this relationship?" He asked evilly. Lyude flushed crimson red and began to fidget with Kalas' winglet. I guess Kalas already knew the answer to that question.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing! We don't need any distractions so get out of here!" The captain snapped as Gibari took the wheel from him.

"Oh wow! I bet you could transport shitloads of fish on this thi-UWAH!" the captain had just ripped Gibari off the wheel and gave him the boot. Gibari soon saw the door close, and then got up and left, muttering something about people not appreciating the value of fishing. He dragged his feet down the hallway, not really paying attention to his surroundings when BAM! His face met the door.

"Oh my goodness I'm so sorry!" Melodia exclaimed as she helped Gibari off the floor. Gibari shook his head.

"It's all right Milady, I wasn't watching where I was going." Melodia laughed.

"I was about to inform the others that we should be there in five minutes. Will you tell them for me?" Gibari nodded.

"Certainly Milady!" He exclaimed with glee, and ran off to do just that.

"Savyna and Mizuti were still talking when Gibari burst into the room.

"Oi! We should arrive in about five minutes!" He shouted. Xelha was startled awake.

"Huh, whazzat? We there?" She asked groggily.

"Just about." Savyna said. She looked over to Mizuti. "We should go find Kalas and Lyude." She whispered. "I'm sure they'd rather we walked in on them than Gibari or Xelha." Mizuti laughed.

"You be right! I agree! We should find them. Us!" She exclaimed as she jumped off the couch. "We go this way!"

I took them very little time to find the lovers seeing as Mizuti was an excellent detective. They arrived at the storage room door in no time flat.

"They be in here! Listen!" Mizuti whispered. Savyna placed her hear against the door. Nothing, then she heard a soft, moan escape Lyude. She flushed in embarrassment, then Knocked on the door.

"Hey you two. We should be docking in Alfard in about five minutes, so get dressed fast!" She said, and then scampered off with Mizuti. Lyude and Kalas both stopped what they were doing (you know what it was.) to indeed get themselves together. Two minutes later they shuffled out of the room, rather dishevelled and flushed.

"Umm, do you think they know?" Lyude asked. Kalas sighed.

"Yeah, but I don't think they'll tell." They walked in silence for about three seconds before an evil grin broke onto Kalas' face. "So, was that your first time?" He asked devilishly. Lyude flushed all over again.

"Y-yes. It was." He replied with as much confidence as he could muster. "W-what about you?" He asked sheepishly. Kalas grinned.

"Once before, with a boy from Balancoire. It was just a one-night stand. Why, are you jealous?" He asked. Lyude shook his head.

"No. It was your decision, and I respect that." He said. Kalas smiled.

"Thank you." He said as he leaned in for one more kiss before they joined the others in the main room. Lyude bit Kalas' lip, reluctant to pull away. Kalas dug in more passionately, but was interrupted buy a loud. "AHEM." The boys broke apart immediately and faced a smirking Savyna, Mizuti close beside her.

"Sorry to bother your touching moment, but we're here. I suggest you stop messing around when so close to the others. You want to keep this a secret right?" She said smugly, Mizuti giggling. Kalas scratched the back of his head, and Lyude flushed red with embarrassment.

"Oh my god! I swear I didn't tell them Kalas!" Faye said, the fear evident in her voice. Lyude sweatdropped and Kalas smacked himself in the head.

"You idiot! I'd know if you told her, you're my guardian spirit! I can hear what you think!" He said, a little annoyed. Faye was silent for a bit.

"…Shut up." She replied. Everyone laughed, then made their way back to the main room where Gibari, Xelha and Melodia were all waiting for them.