The "I hate fanfiction" Fiction.

Please note this is not a serious attempt at writing, it's an attempt at serious bad writing.

I will now attempt to write a bad story, because I'm so sick of reading them > I hope you find this as funny as a really really badfic is.

Yuugi sat uncomfortably on his bed. He was uncomfortable because he had this massive virginal boner for a guy who was standing in the door with no shirt on.

"Komban wa Ygi whose my Hiklari. I'm hot." The hot guy called Nameless Pharaoh Yami Atem sexah, said, smirking because his hikaris hair was all messy from sleep and looked cute cos he'd just woken up and didn't notice the boner even though it was massive.

"I love you." Yuugi brushed.

"That's cool, cos I'm hot and not a virgin phearoh, and love you also." He said, as he walked over to Yuge and began to kiss him lots and lots. It was really sexy and hot and Yugi saw stars because it was such an incredible thing and he almost fainted.

"Hey d'ere I'm here now, eating jor food." Yelled Joey Katsyuaa from the kitchen.

Yugg blushed again, and pushed the hot pharoh who was nameless but called Atm and yami, away from him, because he was embarrassed and afraid of getting caught.

"Let's not do this now." He said.

"Okay, I love you so I will not do that." Yam replied. "Let's go down stairs." He said as he held out a hand.

Yuugi felt so lucky cos he was holding pharaoh's hand and Atemu loved him lots. Things in his life were just perfect. He knew if he endured all the rape and fondling he received from his parents and bullies as a child, things would turn out for the better.

As they were walking tho, Yami but his hand on Yuuugi's but, and something snapped in his head. He scream and punched yami, saying he didn't want to be molesterd again.

He ran to the kitchen as Atemu sat crying on the stairs wondering what he had done wrong.

"Hey Yuge' j00 looks upset." Said Joey who was eating Grandpa's hash stash.

"I hit Yami cos I was afraid he was going to molest me!" Yugii subbed.

Kastuya just lol'd and clapped him on the back saying that "'temtem would never do that cos he loves you."

Yuugi gasped, he hadn't told anyone yet that Yami said that. "Howd you know?"

Joey grinned with food poking out of his nose. "His shoe was transparent this morning."


Yuugi then ran to Yami to apologise, and the quickly had the sex while Kiaba molestered Jonochee on the steps of the church.