Once upon a fanfic…

Yaim and Yogi were making out liek really hot gay bois under a sakura in a park coz it was the sarkua festival and they was on a picnic. Ryu was outta the horspital now that it was 2 dayz latorz and he was all healed from being hit with a car, and was there with Bakura makin' out as well, which was really hawt.

Suddenly Tea jumped onto the picnic and started yelling. "ZOMG! ATEMY IS A WAMPIRE!"

Yaemi suddenly shot foward to kill Anzu but Mea stopped him from doing it by letting one of her boobs pop out and scaring away the gay bois, lol.

"Izat tru kio?" Yugy arsked, looking up ats his lov0r with his eyes big and sad like a puppies is before it dies like my puppy did!..aha. lawl didn't mean to write that lol, on with lol, story, lol.sobsobsobsobsob.

"Yer, it is tru! Buts I onry killed badz peeps!" Atemiu said gramaticaly as he suddenly rund away from his boyfiend sad bedause now his hiklari would hate him.

"We are vampirez two!' Bakira said before habbing Yrou and also ranning away.

'Yuhikari suddenly curst into tearz cos now Ami was gone and his other gayboi friends wuz gon adn he woz alls alone.

"Yo look sad! Wots rong!?!" Said an extremely attractive gurl who looks just like the author asked him.

"My friends abaonded m3!" he whaled.

"O noes! Well I will bet hem up cos they are obvirously assh0les." She said, dramatically, and she culd cos she was stronger that vampire.s

"Heyz! U shld jnz R band...zor"' She said. "Hey extremely attractive boyfriend of mine, cmer" yelled her.

"Anything for you extremely attractive gf."

So Yiug joined the band and changd his name name to 'Yutem Yamo" and joined "Yami's Hikari Sennen" and relesad theyre 1st song "BIG BIG LOVE miis u tem." Abd it was a big success but he never slept wif any1 cos he realy loved Yzmi.

Wun day Shiro who wuz Manty's bf and in teh abnd aswel sayd to Yuhem "Yutim, u gotta paologies to ur bf and have teh sex with him, u iz depressing me."

"UR write! I must go be wif teh hot farrow bouy I wuv!" he lol'd "Y didn't I c it befor?"

"cos u is not author lolololololol." Manty said.

Menwhile, Ami who was king of teh wampires, was crying cos he still hadn't find his hiari after all dis time so he was welly sad. "I wanna kill myself!" he said, whiles turning up his favourite song, think bout how it remound him of his super-kaiwi byfriend.

I've found a reason for meeeeee

To change who I used to seeeeeee

A reason to bleed, black and blueeeeee

And the reason is I love emu!

It wuz buy his fav abnd "Yaim's Hikari MellSennen" (lol!!!! He duzn't noe it's Yuig!) sutenly his door jarred opun and Yuigs was standing here wearing black belts and leather and short black hair cos he changed who he looked so Etamu couldn't fund him.

:Get out!" Aymi screamed, vocering his bleeding armz cos he'd been cutting.

"No Etmu. I has run wrong enuff!" Yamy sniffed. He remebermed that sound. It was his bf! ZOMG!

"I wuv u Yogi!"

"Less than three Yaim" sad the hikai who was hot and turnd on coz temu wasn't weaing a shirt.

They had the sex and lived bad-fic ever after.