………And she simply smiled, hiding her pain underneath the sweetness………

She was summoned into the dinning hall. She had just turned 19, although the ripe time to inherit her place as the head of Hyuga was 16, Hiashi-sama lengthened it. For some reason though, Hinata was not gleeful at all. The only reason she was becoming heir all the sudden was because, Hiashi was dieing. None could deny it, and the only reason she was becoming heir, not Hanabi, was that Hiashi was too traditional for his own good. She had barley become well in fighting and combat, but she had excelled in medical jutsu even by just a little, but she felt she did not deserve any of this. Even as the head, she would still be that protected little girl that should have always been in the branch family, Neji-niisan, or even Hanabi should be the one in her place, not this sad weakling…a mistake she thought.

She gripped onto her featherlike, white silk kimono as she stood up to address the clan.

She gave a deep sigh and then spoke to her family for what would seem to be the last time to her.

"A-as-" She paused, why did she still stutter! "As many of you know, I must become the clan leader." She paused, staring at the many lifeless white eyes. They were just like her's yet so different. "And I would accept this duty with much honor…" I, can only accomplish freedom for myself, she repeated mentally, cooing herself.

"But…I resign myself from this branch…and I relive myself from the duties that have been laid across my destiny as the heir." She paused once again. "P-please…I don't deserve this, give the role as heir to H-Hanabi…" She looked to her younger sister, whose usually idle eyes became wide in shock, then into smug slits. A sadistic smile playing on the younger one's lips. "Even she, would do a better job and lead our clan into greatness." She sighed inaudible. "Thank you for listening t-to me." She respectable bowed to her father who was at the center of the room, than turned to the others and bowed.

However, before she could even move a foot away from her cushion, a strong hand grabbed her wrist and sent her tumbling back to the tatami. She looked back, fear embedded on her features. She stared back at her father's cold gaze.

"You are not leaving the branch family that easily." Hanabi narrowed her eyes. "The only reason the seal is not on you at this very moment is because we believe in tradition!" He raised his voice. She whimpered under his harsh voice and threatening gaze. "You cannot even speak to me without looking down." He spat at her cheek; giving her the most extreme dishonor a father could give his own offspring. She didn't even dare to wipe it off.

"So be it you insolent child." His stern gaze that could burn anyone's heart locked onto her. "But you will not leave to branch house to be with the lower branch." Neji held back a snide remark. Hiashi looked to Hanabi then back to Hinata. "Out of my sight." He ordered.

She quickly scrambled to her feet and bowed respectable to her father then out the door. Neji stared at her in awe, if only he could show it on his usually stern features.

The only members left were the elder council members, Hanabi, and Neji, before he ordered the two younger one's out.

He turned his stern gaze to the eldest council member.

"Is the Uchiha still here?" He questioned. The elder nodded. "He is, but he is still quiet injured from Uzumaki boy." He paused, grimacing. "But Tsunade thinks he may try to leave once he is healed." Hiashi nodded before ordering them to go with a flick of his hand. He then changed into a different kimono rob and left for the Hokage's tower.

………I like walking in the rain, so no one can see my tears………

Sasuke awoke in a cold sweat and launched out of his bed, only to fall back when he felt a massive head-ach attack his mind. Every time his heart beat, he would feel the pain return. He slowly re-opened his eyes, only to snap them back shut at the brightness of the white room.

When he opened them again he could tell he was in a hospital. He turned his head to the window and saw snow, and then turned his gaze and it was locked with serene blue ones. Across his bed in the other was his comrade and so called 'best friend'.

"Oy! Sasuke-teme, your awake!"

"Yeah I can see that." He rudely remarked.

"I'd hope so." Naruto scowled, then winced grabbing his side, but then grinned again. "Ah!" He shrieked. "Your Chidori does one hell of a job!" He yelled. "Heh, but Resangen stopped ya." He sadistically smiled before grabbing his side again.

It was only then did Sasuke realize the throbbing pain he also had on his chest down to his pelvis.

"Why haven't they healed us, dobe?" He questioned, referring to his injuries. Naruto smiled. "Oh, your's is much worse than mine!" He answered a little too loudly. "It's baa-chan's punishment for you…Well, part of it." Sasuke corked an eyebrow.

"She mentioned to me about some sort of mission." Naruto answered his comrade silent question. "And your not leaving this time." Naruto smirked.

'Che, that's really smart, bring me back and then send me on a mission. Are they trying to make this easy for me?'

Suddenly the door slammed wide open and in walked in a pissed looking Tsunade and Sakura.

"Ah! Sakura you missed me already?" He smirked at her blush.

"Not now Naruto!" She yelled, slowly walking over to Sasuke.

"Sasuke." She acknowledged, nodding slightly, a sad look on her face. He lifted his eyebrow.

'What? No screaming and crying of joy, maybe it's too cold for that…Hn, either way, this may turn out good.'

"Sasuke, show me your wounds." Tsunade ordered. Sasuke simply complied and removed the blanket to reveal the many bandages covering his abdomen.

She had her hand hovering over the bandages and summoned green charka to her hand. The pain disappeared quickly.

"Che, I didn't need your help." He replied as she removed her hand once she was done.

"Ungrateful brat, the only reason I healed you was because I need you soon." She hissed. "I want you at my tower tomarrow morning Uchiha, it's concerning your punishment." She said before leaving the room.

"Hey you forgot to heal me baa-chan!" Naruto called for her, before Sakura healed him.

"Hee, not as good as her's but I'll take it." He said smugly before she smacked him against the head.

He quickly got off the bed and wrapped an arm around Sakura, heading towards the door.

"When did this happen?" Sasuke commented. Naruto smirked.

"While you're insane ass was gone." Naruto answered before Sakura pinched him.

"It's nice your back." Sakura finally said, giving a sincere smile and leading a limping Naruto away.

'Not for long.' He thought

"What ever." Was his reply.

That night was one of the worst ones he has ever had in his life.

………The night hides all my sins, just like how my scowl hides my pain………

"Hokage-sama, when will the Uchiha come?" Hiashi asked sternly with the least respect he could put in without being disrespectful. Her golden eyebrow twitched.

"He should be coming any moment. Would you and Hinata-chan like to take a seat?" She questioned. Hinata was about to open her mouth to answer before her father jumped in.

"No we do not." Hiashi answered putting a firm arm on Hinata.

"I know you don't but would Hinata-chan like to sit?" She asked sweetly, turning to her.

"H-Hai." She spoke barley higher than a whisper. Her father relunctically released her as she slowly seated herself.

At that moment, a scowling Sasuke walked pass Neji by the door.



Before Sasuke put his hand on the knob, Neji grabbed hold of it.

"Do Not hurt her." He demanded before Sasuke scoffed and entered.

'What the hell's his problem?'

"About time Uchiha. Please take a seat."

He eyed the speaking Tsunade, before turning his gaze to the Hyuga leader. Completely ignoring Hinata as he took the seat next to her very disrespectfully.

"W-welcome back, S-Sasuke-san." Hinata whispered to him politely. He glared at her.

"Shut-up, what's so welcoming about it anyways?" He harshly whispered back.

She quickly turned away, her head hanging low. He sounded just like her father that moment.

'I thought so… stupid girl, can't even look me in the eye.' He sourly thought.

"You are both probably wondering why I summoned you here." She paused, staring at the indifferent Uchiha and timid Hyuga. "Well, I am quiet aware that yesterday you turned 19 Hinata-chan, and that your were to be made heir." She glared at Hiashi. "But you declined." Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

Stupid-baka turned down her clan. So, what does this have to do with him?

"Well, because of this, Hiashi demands that you are to be wed." Hinata looked up immediately, vise versa for Sasuke; he looked at his lap without a care, lost in thoughts.

"Wed, to Sasuke." She forced out.



"You heard me Uchiha, Hinata, you two are to be wed."

"Like hell I'm marrying her!" He screeched, standing up. Hinata slowly looked down to her lap before saying something.

"What was that?" Tsunade asked kindly, lifting off her chair slowly so she could hear.


"What did you say child!" Hiashi raised his voice.

"N-n-no." She said a bit louder. "I am n-not dull. You are s-simply m-m-marrying me off to S-Sasuke-san so you can…can, get rid of m-me." She answered. Hiashi gave a sadistic smirk.

"Finally had a correct thought you weakling?" He replied harshly. Tsunade glared at him, then to Sasuke.

"Sasuke, what do you say?" He corked an eyebrow.

"What do I say? I say 'Hell no." He coolly got up to take his leave.

"Stop." Tsunade glared at him sympathetically. "If you leave my office, an un-married man, then your execution will be final."


"Hiashi and I have struck a deal, you marry Hinata-chan, and you keep your life, you won't be killed for your treason."

…Just silence and the only noise were Hinata's muffled coughs. Hiashi smirked, or something close to it.

He knew Hinata was to kind to let Sasuke be killed, and she would not decline.

"Damnit." Was all he said before sitting back down. Tsunade simply smirked before taking out a paper. "Sign this in blood." He bit his thumb and ran it along the paper where the Hokage had written his name.

"You too sweetie." She said before sliding the paper to Hinata. She didn't even have to bite her thumb; all she did was place it in her mouth as though she was sucking it.

When she took it out, it had blood all over the top. She pressed her thumb down quickly on the paper.

No one said anything at this, only Hiashi.

"Are you sick 'again?' " He asked her emphasizing again.

She simply nodded.

"Well, Uchiha will have to deal with it now." Was all he said before leaving, slamming the door.

Sasuke looked to her.

'She doesn't look sick to me…che, senile old basterd.'

"The ceremony will be two days from now." She glanced at Hinata. She couldn't help but feel sorry for her "Make the best out of that time Hinata-chan. And I am very sorry your father had me do this."

Hinata simply made the best smile she could.

"I-it is not your fault Hokage-sama. I am the f-failure, not y-you." She said holding back the tears threatening to fall and the bloody vile that was trying to seep thru.

'Got that right.' Sasuke bitterly thought.

"A-And, I am v-v-very sorry to you, S-Sasuke-san, for r-ruining your return to Konoha." She said, suddenly on her hands and knees bowingher headextremelylow to the floor and close to his feet, so close he could feel her shoulder length hair on his open toes.

He suddenly felt something stab at his chest painfully, but he shrugged it off.

"Please get up Hinata-chan, do not bow anymore." Tsunade finally spoke up.

"G-gomen." Was her only answer before she left bowing slightly to the Hokage, coughing up a storm.

Sasuke watched her run out at the corner of his eyes before getting up himself, throwing his hands into his pockets and making his leave.

"Don't hurt her, Sasuke." He heard her mumble. "She's broken enough." He was going to stay quiet at this solemn moment but his ego peeked up.

"Is she some kind of toy that can be broken? I'd hope not." He retorted before slamming the door also.

As he walked out, he saw trails of small blood splatters leading to the towers exit.

At the door he saw Hinata leaning on Neji's shoulder while she was coughing, Neji then lead her out, back into the snow.

My blood on your hands and all I want is your forgiveness for soiling them

He opened his door to his home and breathed in the deep sent of the abounded building that he called home.

He slowly made his way to his room and sprawled out on his futon. He dipped into the layers of blankets and tried his best to stay warm.

And just for a second, he actually felt lonely. Lonely that he was the soul person who he got his heat from. Lonely at the fact that when those blazing eyes of his brother appeared in his dreams, and he would wake up a scared mess and in a cold sweat, he had no one just to grab onto for support.

Che, he stopped caring a second later.

Or so, he tricked himself to believe.

………Swear I knew it along and I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well………

A/N: What do you guys think? This is my very first Naruto Fiction and I am trying to keep it as original as I can. But it's kinda hard considering the fact that Sasuke and Hinata are an almost IMPOSSIBLE couple unless their forced to marry. Oh, and did I spell Tsunade right? I read the manga's and watched the anime, but it sucks cause the American 1 is so slow and edited. In addition, I can't afford the dubbed DVD's. So yeah, America sucks most of the time. Oh and I don't know ANY Japanese besides the terms I read in Fan fiction and books, so did I use baa-chan the correct way? I was trying to say "Granny-Tsunade." Like how Naruto does in the anime.

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