'…If I Were The Rainfall…'




Sasuke pushed the box away with one hand while the other was over his mouth. His eyes lay on the box as he closed it back up with what surprised him was a shaking hand of his. The kitchen remained silent besides the inconsistent breaths and sobs from Hinata. His emotions were every where today. From anger towards Hinata (but himself mostly), the guilt that followed, and now, this shock. Even though his face didn't show it correctly or at all for that matter, it didn't change the fact that he was shocked and awestruck, in the bad way. He went from one extreme to another.

"Why is this…here?"

Hinata looked up, her forehead pinkish from having it against the table. "I have…absolutely no idea." She winced as if in pain when she caught sight of the box again.

Sasuke looked from the box to her. "What do you mean? The messenger didn't tell you why?" He murmured. Hinata shook her head. "He did, it is just…that I don't know why he gave it to us."

"What do you mean?" He questioned, trying to remain calm. He could tell she was avoiding his questions.

She stared at him deeply with fatigued eyes. "The heart…Aki's heart…" she paused then turned away from him. "…contains her Bijuu, Gobi of the five tails is within it."

She heard him inhale deeply. He saw the heart, it was moving slowly, rising tediously up and down, as if it was on it's last beats.

He rubbed his temples in thought. "I'm guessing her soul is within it, but how did she manage to do it?" Sasuke said aloud, but not actually asking Hinata.

"The messenger explained it all to me." She looked at him once again. He noticed now how the small lid beneath her eyes was enflamed and red and her lips were somewhat swollen.
"Well. Do you plan on telling me?" He questioned in a deep voice, but not threatening at all.

"R-right." She replied, brushing an eye with her thumb. "Somehow, t-they performed a technique…from what I was told, it was quite gruesome. They had to place a seal on her heart while it was inside her body. Then Aki-s-san had to rip her heart out. SHE had to do it herself in order for it to work properly. But…that is not her soul within it…it is Gobi's soul." Hinata huffed. "Her soul is gone far away."

"But…" Sasuke intervened. "How did they place the seal inside her?"

Hinata's face turned lop sided. "They needed to open her chest."

"So, your telling me basically this was open heart surgery?"

"Without sedatives." Was her grim answer.
Sasuke wanted to ask more questions but it seemed Hinata was done as she walked away from the table and away from the conversation. He basically understood what was done, and what happened, but what he didn't comprehend was why specifically they were given the heart, and who would know a technique like that?

His gaze once again fell on the ominous box before he scooped it up. He got up and then stared outside the window to the pond, and then where he was sitting before with Hinata on the blanket. Guilt once again flooded him.

'I actually do care how she views me.'

His mind answered to him.



He trudged up the stairs on heavy feet and entered his room. He placed the box on his dresser and looked into the mirror at himself. His eyes where ragged from hell knows what and his hair was silky with grease; needed a washing. His eye than looked to the top right and he noticed Hinata laying on the futon on top of the blankets and pillows strewn across the floor, her forearm over her eyes.

He turned from the reflection and actually looked toward her. At the moment he didn't know what possessed him but he strode towards her and laid with her. She peeked at him from under her forearm and made a motion to leave.

He grabbed her arm as she was about to get up. "No." Was all he said. She gave him a questioning look, almost suspicious but she lie back down, her back to him and slightly curled. He seized the moment and wrapped a lazy arm across her waist. He felt her fidget and straighten her back, then place his arm back to his side.

"You don't want to be here with me?" He asked, closing his eyes in defeat.

She didn't turn to him. "Honestly, I wish I were not alive right now." She said in a soft voice almost inaudible to him. She heard Sasuke shuffle. She turned to lie on her back and she saw him sit up, propped on his elbow, he looked down at her and pursed his lips in what seemed like frustration.

"Tell me, what do you want?"

They were close enough she could see him swallow.

"W-what do I want?" She questioned. He only nodded.

She rested a hand above her head on the futon. "I-I…want to be happy with my life." She looked to him with scared eyes, looking for his approval. "Is that all?" He asked as if it was so simple.

She smiled sadly. "I-I want to be the best person that I could be in order to be happy Sasuke-kun, but that is impossible."

She took in a tiny breath and he could see her eyes become slightly moist.

"To be the best, you must be complete with yourself, which I am not, n-not at all." She wiped away a tear that fell down her cheek. "I used to love someone, but I realized that it could never be. T-then, as a sign of my inferiority, I was put into auction to be m-married with a man whom I have no idea about besides stories I have been told."

Her face by now was red and her eyes swollen and hollow. "I was sent away from my friends and my home." She covered her eyes once again with her forearm. "Now, I-I have the heart of a woman who didn't see me for my weaknesses, but for w-who I am." She then breathed heavily trying to keep sobs down.

"She saw that I was not a mistake, and being with her and her clan made me feel like I was actually worth while." Hinata then felt a warm hand on her arm move it away from her eyes. He leaned close to her and looked deeply at her, his eyes shaking her.

"If you feel that way, why are you still here?" He questioned. "Why haven't you just simply left me? It's not like I would track you down." His hair was now tickling the top of her nose. She gave him a tense look.

"I don't want you to be killed for treason." Was her honest answer. He then sat up straight and sighed.

"Why do you care?"

"You are my husband." She breathed out.

"So what!! If your so unhappy with this all, leave it all and leave from me! I don't need you here, and i could easily evade all the nin here!" He yelled. He then groaned upon seeing her once again hurt face, but fortunately no new tears shed.

She shut her eyes once again. "Because I don't quit things anymore."

After that, they remained silent once again, but that silence was interrupted by the thumping of the boxed heart. He sat there watching Hinata.

"Who was it?" He finally questioned. It was nagging him. He had to know who the person was for some reason. He wasn't planning on asking, doubting she would tell him, but he still felt he should ask.

"What do you mean who was it?" She asked timidly.

"The one person you loved?" He heard her take in a breath in a shock. She didn't answer.

"I thought you weren't a quitter?" He asked. "If your not then don't quit this conversation." He said smugly, feeling his heart pace a tiny bit.

Hinata bit her lip then let it loose. She has never told any one, but he was the one who wanted to know. But she did feel something pang at her when she parted her lips to answer him. "It w-w-was…" She opened her eyes now to look at him sadly. "…Naruto."

His eyes widened. He then looked to the floor, his bangs curtaining his face.

"Why?" He sucked in air, surprised he asked that without thinking. He then heard Hinata sit up finally. She also looked to the floor.

"I….I really don't know why…but my love is g-gone now. It was crushed out of me a while ago." She answered, cradling her head in a hand. She heard him inhale and exhale lightly and turned to see that he had his hand on his chin. He was laughing.

"That's something we have in common."

Hinata finally got up to her feet, cautiously looking at the heart box before getting to the door.

"Where are you going?" He questioned, getting up himself, smoothing out his slacks.

"To find Neji-ni-san."




'…You Are My Cloud…'




Sasuke left the house a short while after Hinata had. He was now on his way to the Hokage with the heart in tow. When he arrived, he wasn't shocked that the guards let him in without a second glance. She must have been waiting to him.
When he got to her office, her chair was faced towards the window, onlooking the evening sun. He cleared his throat loudly.

She turned her chair. "Oh, Sasuke, the guards informed me they saw you coming up."

"Can we minimize this stupid chit-chat?" He asked aggravated. She sighed and shuffled some papers around, not paying him too much mind.

"Fine, what do ya' want?"

He placed the box harshly on her desk in front of her hands. "What the hell is this?"

She looked at him in some annoyance before placing her hand on the box, slowly examining it, then noticing the Zeno insignia on it. She felt it's slow and tiny pulse before carefully opening it. Her eyes widened.

"This came sooner than expected." She said to herself.

"What do you mean?" He asked harshly.

She exhaled loudly. "Zeno-sama had a tailed demon in her and she rather die than have the Akatsuki have a hold on it." She then looked to him in determination. "You and Hina guard this with your life."

"But what do you mean it came sooner than you thought?"

She knotted her eyebrows. "She must have sensed them coming. We expected she would do this eventually so--"

He slammed his palms onto her desk, sending papers array.

"IF YOU KNEW SHE WOULD EVENTUALLY KILL HERSELF, WHY DID YOU SEND ME TO THE SNOW!?" He yelled as loud as his vocal cords would let him.

"Because! We wanted you to complete your mission and kill her, making it easier on ourselves!"


"Because, her father really wanted her married away to someone of lineage." Sasuke paused in shock. "She made sure you came back." She added.

His eyes grew to slits and then continued. "WHAT made you think I would come back!? I don't care for her!"

He saw the Hokage smile. "But you did."

Sasuke slumped from her desk and made for the door.

"What made you so confident I would come back?" He asked harshly but not yelling. Tsunade grinned. "It was a gamble."

He then proceeded for the door and slammed it.

"Sasuke, you forgot Gobi." She said amused. He burst through the door and quickly made for the box before speeding back and slamming the door again.



'…I Don't See You Above Me But I Know You Are There…'




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