Won: Whee! Amnesic Ash! Gary suffers. I laugh. Stupid boys. But how I love them, so.

Ash: Oh, yeah, you love us.

Gary: That's why you locked us in this huge cage, right?

Won: Yes. That way no one can hurt you.

Ash: Except you.

Won: Exactly!...Hey. That wasn't nice. You don't get treats.

Ash: Damn!

Gary: I'll share.

Won: I'll pull the curtain over you guys so you can make babies, now.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Really. Except the plot and my handy laptop.

Lost in Yourself

A "Wonnyins" Production

"Awww... why do I have to go out and get the fire wood?"

"Ash, quit whining. You'd think we were asking you to kiss someone you hate."

"Ew. That's even worse..."

Misty rolled her blue eyes. "Duh, so stop stalling. Do you want to eat or not?"

Ash frowned. "I hate you."

"Yes, yes, I know, now move it."

The fourteen year old grumbled, turned away and trudged off into the forest surrounding their camp. "They just want to be alone." he muttered. Which was true enough; Misty, fifteen, and Brock, now seventeen, were getting pretty involved with each other. Misty hardly gave the younger of her friends any thought, now. Not that Ash particularly cared; he just wasn't into the whole boyfriend-girlfriend deal. Not yet. But sometimes Misty would tease him about it and he'd swear on his mother's life he'd find a girl in less then a week. It never happened, and none of them seemed to care.

It didn't help when someone close to him asked him about his quote-unquote "preferences", as that stirred up Misty just as bad. She had taken to, just recently, asking poor Ash if he was queer, which, as far as he knew, he wasn't. Still, the fact that he showed no interest in having a girl in his life bothered him to the point that he really questioned being straight.

Ash stuffed his hands into his pockets. What bothered him the most was that Misty had someone, and that made Brock have someone. But looking at everyone else, like Tracy, Snap, even Richie, who all had a special somebody, made life as a going-into-the-teen-years stage of life just a little difficult. He sighed; more in frustration then anything. The truth was, everyone pushing him away to be with somebody special was making him feel lonely.

He found himself at a cave. It startled him how far he'd gone. When you're troubled, that tends to happen. The black haired boy tried to get his feet moving again, but something pulled him to the darkness. 'Curiosity killed the Meowth, Ash...' he tried telling himself. But he stood, rooted in the spot. 'One little look wouldn't hurt,' he reasoned, walking inside, 'and besides, Misty should suffer a little; she needs to.'

It was dank; a musty smell hung in the air, and when Ash felt for a wall, slime coated his finger-tips. Those kind of things would make anyone turn back, but Ash wasn't anybody. He remembered growing up wanting to know everything, and over the years, he'd gained more bravery then a war-veteran. So, when a deep, rumbling noise came from the back of the pitch black cavern, Ash only froze for a split-second. The noise didn't come again, so, shrugging, the brown-eyed boy crept foreword again.

Suddenly, something, a VERY large something, flew past him, barely missing his left hand by a hair. Another clipped his shoulder, and still another whacked him in his knee, throwing him off balance. He bit his lip and refrained from letting loose a string of shameful words. As Ash rubbed the sore spot, more boulders, as that's what they were, were hurled from the depths of the cave. A particularly large one hit him square in the chest as he got up to run for it. The force of the blow sent him sailing to the mouth of the cave, saving him the trouble of running. After that hit, the assault ceased. Lucky; Ash couldn't move anyway.

It hurt to draw breath, so he suspected that a few of his ribs were broken, maybe even shattered. Closer examination of his knee revealed that walking was only going to damage it even worse. Ash was in poor shape. He couldn't hold back an angry "Fuck" as he struggled to inch away from the entrance of the cave.

Once he was far enough away, he rested. As soon as he mustered up the strength and the air, he opened his mouth and yelled for help. There wasn't an answer. No answer, but someone did hear. Something, to be precise. And that something was annoyed. It picked up the heaviest of the boulders beside it and heaved it at the sound. The yelling ceased. The Gravler went back to sleep, feeling peaceful in the quiet gloom of the cave. It's aim was perfect, and it couldn't help but feel proud.

Someone else heard Ash's cries, too. Gary Oak happened to be on a research trip for his studies. He had been watching a flock of what seemed to Pidgyotto, but turned out to be, disappointingly, some Sparrow. He was just packing up his equipment when he heard "Help! Somebody help!" That gave him enough reason to follow it until: "Hey can anyone hear m- Yah!" The silence that followed only made him pick up speed.

Normally, Gary studied at a Poke Tech high school around the Mt. Moon area. Lately, though, the staff there had decided that since not all Pokemon lived in one particular spot, it was probably best to get out and study them in their natural habitat, hence why the rust-colored haired teen was out here in the middle of the forest.

Watching Pokemon all day was a boring task, so Gary was actually thankful to hear the cries for help. His smile faded when he came to a clearing.

Large, nasty looking boulders strewn the ground around the mouth of a cave. Gary happened to know that a few Graveler lived around the area, and that they were extremely territorial. He shook his head. Some poor idiot had stumbled in a cave and probably hurt himself. "Idiots these days." Gary sighed quietly.

The green-eyed boy heard a groan nearby. Tip-toeing, he snuck past the mouth of the cave and over to the biggest boulder. His jaw dropped.

A boy with black hair was lying on his side. A small trickle of blood ran from his right temple. His breathing was labored, and he was bruised badly. What really caught Gary off-guard, however, was an object lying next to the boy. He walked over, gasping when he made out what it was.

Lying in the dirt, with a splatter of blood on one side, was Ash's league cap.