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The Trials of the Pendant 3: The Attack of Deoxys


A meteor flies through the vast regions of space. It holds a mysterious pokemon, one that did terrible things on another planet. It was feared throughout the universe. However, a recent battle had nearly destroyed it. It was now nothing more than a liquid glob, yet it was quite deadly. For it was now a virus. It was contained and sent through the vast regions of space. Hoping to never emerge again.

It soon crash-landed on earth. The virus spread throughout the earth, killing millions in its wake. Fortunately, two scientists contained it. It was now inside an air tight glass jar. They were going to do experiments on it to try and find a cure.

However, one day, the team of scientists that were trying to kill the virus came up with an experiment that they would soon regret. They believed that they could destroy the virus with lasers. They would soon find out that they made the biggest mistake of their lives.

Different powerful lasers were used. For a time, it seemed to be working. However, there was suddenly an explosion, and the glass jar was now destroyed. The scientists feared the worst. They thought that they would soon die themselves from the deadly virus. However, they soon saw a shadowy creature appear from the remains of the glass jar.

Only the outline of the creature was visible. It was sort of human shape, yet it wasn't. Ones could call it a rip-off of another man made being that was human shape. With one powerful attack, it destroyed the entire laboratory.

After the attack, nothing but rubble remained of the building. Fire was destroying what was left of the building. The creature then flew up into the sky. It looked like it was searching for something. Something that would fulfill its evil desires!

---End Prologue---

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