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After destroying the crystal that contained Deoxys' soul, Mew returned as fast as she could to where Celebi was. When she returned, she found that Celebi was crying. She looked around and could find no trace of Misdreavus. She went up next to Celebi.

"Where's Misdreavus?" Mew asked.

"She's... she's gone!" Celebi managed to say through his sobs.

Mew couldn't believe it. Misdreavus had died, despite being a ghost type. She thought that ghost pokemon couldn't die, because they were already dead. She started to shed a tear for the friend that she hardly got to know.

Suddenly, Mew heard a small sound in her ears that made her stop crying. She turned around and saw a figure in front of her. It came flying to her and embraced her into a hug.

"Mommy!" It said.

She took a closer look and found it to be her son. When she realized that, she was shocked. Her son had just spoken his first word. She happily hugged him back. He was growing up before her eyes.

Suddenly, Celebi heard a faint sound in his ears. He had an idea of where the sound had come from. He quickly left the building and went up to where the egg was built into the structure. He saw that the egg was cracking, but he noticed that it wasn't cracking as if it was breaking before the structure, it was hatching.

Celebi quickly took action, and removed the egg from the structure. He knew that if the egg hatched while still in the structure, that it would collapse on his child once it came out of the egg. Once he removed the egg though, the building started to shake violently. It was as if the egg was the only thing holding it together. The entire palace started to fall apart. That's when Celebi remembered that Mew was still inside.

"Mew! Hurry! You've got to get out of there!" Celebi shouted at the top of his lungs, hoping that Mew would hear her.

Mew was able to hear Celebi. She quickly grabbed her son and carried him out of the building. She was able to escape just before it fell on her. She then went next to where Celebi was.

After seeing that Mew had made it out safely before the building fell on them, and after seeing that they were next to him, Celebi set the egg down in front of him. It started to crack even more and more. Soon, it broke open, and the creature inside embraced the first thing it saw, which was Celebi.

Celebi looked at the new baby creature hugging him. It looked like a Celebi, but there was a difference. Instead of the normal green colored skin, this Celebi had a dark purple shade that resembled the same skin that Misdreavus had. The baby had inherited the same skin that Misdreavus had. It was also violet in several places, just like Misdreavus was at the end of her hair. He happily hugged his new child. This child was both his and Misdreavus' child. There was no mistaking it.

Mew then saw the pendant among the rubble. She picked it up and looked at it angrily. She couldn't believe how much evil it had brought her. Worst of all, it had killed two that she cared about. She then floated to Celebi.

"Celebi, do you think you could open a time portal?" Mew asked Celebi.

"What for?" Celebi asked.

"I want to make sure that the forces of evil can never get their hands on this pendant again. I want to throw it into the void of time, and let it be forever lost there."

Celebi then opened a portal like Mew asked. It was blue, and was almost memorizing before those who looked at it. Mew took one last look at the pendant, and threw it into the portal. The portal closed not long after the pendant was thrown into it.

"Well anyone ever find it?" Mew asked.

"No, the destination is chosen only when I'm present inside. So it's now forever lost in time, just like you asked." Celebi answered.

An evil was now forever banished. It would never take control of the world again. The world was safe for now.

Five years later...

Mew and Celebi are standing in front of two tombstones. One shows the name, Misdreavus. The other shows the name, Mewtwo. Mew's son floated next to her.

"Mommy, why did daddy die?" The small Mewtwo asked.

Mew looked at her son. He was now taller than before. He looked so much like Mewtwo now. He was just one fourth the size of his father now.

"He died trying to save the world, my son." Mew answered him.

"Daddy, why did mommy die?" Celebi's child asked Celebi in a rather high voice.

Celebi had found his child to be female. His daughter now had hair that looked like Misdreavus'. She also had a red pearl necklace that Celebi gave to her. It was all that remained of Misdreavus after she died. He had found it among the rubble of the building that had fallen. He had given it to his daughter today as her birthday gift.

"She died saving the world. She died to save the world." Celebi answered his daughter.

Another Mew and Celebi had joined them. These were actually younger than the children next to them were. Not long after the great and terrible war, Mew and Celebi had found themselves in love with eachother and got married. Mew then had twins. One Mew, which was female, and one Celebi, which was male.

This was quite a family that had developed. To think, these species were all once enemies. Now they were a family. A family that was dedicated to protect the world from any evil that may threaten it. Hopefully, that will never have to be.

The End

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