To See You Smile

By: Chibi Silver Neko

Summary: Kisa runs away after Hiro hurts her feelings. Now it's up to everyone's favorite sheep to find her and apologize. Can Hiro find her before it's too late? Hiro x Kisa fluff.

Silver: I decided to rewrite chapter one, to make it longer. I hope you all enjoy it or re-enjoy it. LOL. It's still my first attempt at a Kisa x Hiro fic.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket, it belongs to Funimation and Natsuya Takaya-san. I only own the plot of this story and the OOCness that happens to Hiro.
" . . . " - speaking

' . . . ' - thinking

Italics - flashbacks

A/N - Hiro might sound a little OOC throughout the whole story. I apologize in advanced.

Chapter One:

"She what? His dark red eyes stared at the Ox in surprise as rain could be heard, pouring heavily outside, "S-she ran away? Why? Where did she go? Tell me, ox!" Hiro yelled, now glaring at his sixteen-year-old cousin.

The sheep's heart thumped rapidly in his chest as many worried thoughts, of his crush, buzzed in his head, 'What if some creep found her and . . . no . . . that wouldn't happen . . . Kisa-san gets weak in the rain . . . '

"Whoa, calm down . . . " The Ox said, raising both of his hands in defense, "No one knows where she went or why she ran away."

Hiro clenched his hands into fists as worry and guilt wracked in his heart. Seeing the complete confusion written all over the seventh grader's face, the cow spoke again.

"Did something happen at school that made Kisa run away?"

Hiro remained silent. His dark red eyes looking over at the foggy window as the memory, of earlier that day, flooded back into his mind.

"Hiro-chan! Hiro-chan!" came the voice of Kisa sa she happily ran in, "Guess what!"

"Huh?" Hiro looked over as the golden tiger came to his side, smiling with her hands clasped in front of her chest, "Kisa-san? What is it?"

Kisa seemed to glow with excitement as let out a small giggle, "Today, after school, Oneechan is taking me to the park. Would Hiro-chan like to come?"

'Oneechan this . . . Oneechan that . . . ' Hiro thought bitterly as Kisa mentioned Tohru. 'I . . . I hate it . . . '

Kisa's golden brown eyes blinked as she tiled her head curiously to the side, staring at her best friend. A look of anger clearly shown on the sheep's face as he gritted his teeth.

"I hate her!" Hiro said, almost glaring at Kisa.

"Hiro-chan? Hiro?" the tiger whispered, meekly putting a slender hand on Hiro's shoulder, "Is there something wrong?"

Hiro slapped her hand away, almost glaring at her, "I have better things to do then to go the park with you and that girl you call, 'sissy'!"

Kisa shrinked back, staring at him in confusion, "Hiro?"

"I hate Tohru! You can go the park with her, alone!" The sheep angrily crossed his arms, turning his back to her.

"Hi . . . ro-ch . . . an . . . " Kisa whispered, tears forming at her golden brown eyes as she put her hand on his shoulder, "Hiro, why do you hate Onee so much?"

"I . . . I just do!" Hiro pulled away from the tiger, looking away, "Just go already! I have no time for all of those childish games anyways."

A crestfallen expression came onto Kisa's face as she stared at her best friend, "Hiro-chan, you can come . . . "

Without thinking, the sheep angrily pushed the thirteen-year-old girl, causing her to stumble. Kisa sat there, in shock as she stared at Hiro with a hurtful expression on her face. Hiro stood there, staring back at her as the realization of what he had done, sunk in.

"Ki-kisa-san . . . I . . . "

You're mean, Hiro-chan! I hate you!" Kisa cried.

Before Hiro could move, Kisa had run out of the room, in tears, "Kisa-san, I didn't mean to push you . . . '

"No . . . Kisa-san . . . I didn't mean it that way . . . Gomen . . . " Hiro whispered, tears forming at his own eyes.

"I wanted to be the one that made you happy . . . " Hiro whispered, earning a confused look from the older male, "not . . . er . . . "

"Make who happy?" Haru asked, scratching his head in confusion as his voice startled the sheep out of his thoughts.

Hiro glared at him once more, "Nothing, you stupid cow. Just mind your own business!" he yelled before opening the door and running out into the pouring rain.

The sixteen-year-old blinked, staring after him in confusion, "He still didn't tell me anything . . . " Haru shrugged it off, shutting the door, "oh well, I hope he apologizes." Was all the ox said, before walking off.

Silver: I hope you all have enjoyed the renewed version of chapter one! Chapter two is coming soon.