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Summary: This takes place after Season 3 of Xiaolin Showdown and Season 2 of Code: Lyoko. After both the monks and Lyoko gang face a hard a battle they work harder then ever to destroy their enemies but soon enough they all become part of Xana's schemes after he learns the existence of the Shen Gong Wu.

Chapter 1

Location: Xiaolin Temple

Right after Raimundo was promoted to Shoku Warrior Chase Young led an army of evil villains to attack the Temple. Soon enough it was an all out war.

"Crest of the Condor! Blade of the Nebula!" shouted Raimundo.

With his wind power he blasted Katnappe and Vlad with his wind power and sent them flying through the forests. Chase Young battled Omi while Kimiko attacked Wuya and Clay was battling Tubbimura. Jack Spicer hovered over the battle and watched carefully.

"Jack Bots, attack!" he shouted.

His hovering robots quickly flew and charged at them.

"Kaijin Charm! Shimo Staff!" shouted Omi.

His staff extended and sharp blades sprouted which he used to slice through the armada of robots. Chase Young transformed into his dragon form and charged at the Dragon of Water. Omi jumped and avoid all of his attacks and charged back with his staff. Meanwhile Wuya and Kimiko were trading punches and kicks.

"Cat's Eye Draco! Arrow Sparrow!" shouted Kimiko.

She unleashed thousands of fireballs at Wuya. The Heylin witch jumped to avoid them and hid behind some debris. With one hand she lifted a large rock and sent it flying at Kimiko. She avoided it and charged at Wuya again.

Clay took on Tubbimura and Mala Mala Jong.

"Longhorn Taurus! Big Bang Meteorang!" he shouted.

With his power of Earth he unleashed a series of boulders and mudslides which sent his two enemies back. Raimundo noticed Chase Young pushing Omi back and jumped in.

"Hey, lizard face!" he shouted.

Chase turned to see the Dragon of Wind use elemental power and attack him. The monster laughed.

"A mere breeze. That will not stop me!" shouted Chase,

"But I will!" shouted a voice.

He turned to see the foot of Omi kick his face. With a grunt he was sent back and crashed into the ground hard. The monster got back up and noticed that his followers were being beaten everywhere. Some had even fled from the battle.

He growled and jumped into the forests. The others took this as a sign of retreat and followed. The Dragons watched as they fled and cheered. They had won a long and hard battle, but what they did not know is that a greater battle was coming.

Somewhere else there was another struggle. A huge black cloud hovered over an old factory.

"Foolish little brats. They cannot kill me, but what is this power I sense? I feel a conflict somewhere thanks to my new powers but what is it and how can I use for my own?" thought the being.

He was a demonic virtual being that had just escaped into the real world. He gathered himself into a ball of darkness and flew for freedom. His enemies will come but he was not afraid. They will fall after he returns.