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There is good and evil.

Aelita: I will never forgive you for this! You stole my life!

Jeremy: Xana's active again.

They are opposite as darkness and light.

Franz Hopper: The power thst was stolen from me will be mine again!

Raimundo: How can we defeat Xana now?

But it is hard to find the line between them.

Chase Young: It seems that Xana's creator has learned to manifest himself back into the real world. At the same time Xana's powers grows.

Yumi: Let my family go!

Ulrich: Why is he doing this after all we wanted was to help him?

No one can tell when that line is crossed.

Franz Hopper: I thank you for looking after my daughter but now I will believe we should be heading home.

Jack Spicer: That guy is crazy!

Odd: Just what we need.A crazy mad scientist and an evil demonic artificial intellegence.

Jeremy: Xana's core is no longer inside him! The weapon cannot effect him anymore!

Xana: Franz Hopper, how can you be so blind to the truth when it is staring you in the face. The power you seek was never yours and with it you would done than just live in a computer with your daughter. I believe we now have a chance to catch up . . . Dad.