A/N: Hey everyone! I'm here with a new fic! Hope you like it! Well I've been wanting to write an animal fic and i was also kinda bored and had nothing else to do! Sorry if it has any similarities to other people's fictions! In this fic Sasuke comes back and everyone forgives him also most of the characters are 17 or 18 years old. Except for Kakashi he is like 24 years old. Also Sakura got over her crush on Sasuke!

Summary: While at a bar Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Kakashi, and Sai accidently drink one of Tsunade's potions which turn them into animals that can talk! Now Sakura is stuck taking care of them until Tsunade can find a cure, will the boys get along or will all hell break lose! Pairing SakuraXall the idiots who drank the potion.

Chapter 1: Idiots plus potion equal hell for Sakura

The guys were just back from a hard A-rank mission. So they were now at a local bar having a couple of drinks celebrating because the mission was a success. They were all talking and enjoying themselves. Even Tsunade was at the bar, but she was with Jiraiya one of the legendary but perverted sannin. They were at another table having another conversation. And its seems that they were the only people at the bar today.

" I kicked butt on the mission.'' Boasted a happy Naruto. Then he took another sip from his drink.

" Sure dobe, from were we were standing it looked like the other way around.'' said Sasuke cooly. The other men laughed at his remark. They were all drinking and talking about how much Naruto messed up on the mission. And amazingly Kakashi was not reading his perverted book, he was actually enjoying the conversation.

" Hey dickless we ran out of Saki and its your turn to buy more.'' Scuffed Sai. There were some murmurs of agreement around the table. Naruto grunted but got up and went to go get more saki. Only problem was he was broke.

' Damn were do i get more saki if I'm broke! ' panicked Naruto. He looked around for any sign of free saki, and he spotted it. Tsunade. She always has saki with her, she must at least have a bottle or two with her. Only problem was he knew she wasn't going to give up her precious drink.

' Need a plan to get some more saki.' Naruto thought real hard and finally came up with a perfect plan. Well he thought it was perfect. He did a jutsu and made a clone of himself and did another jutsu to make the clone look like Shizune.

' Shizune' walked over to Tsunade and Jiraiya. " Tsunade-sama we've got a big problem at the hospital and need your assistance! '' said ' Shizune' desperately and sweat dropped at the scene before him/her. Little did we know Tsunade was got drunk with Jiraiya and they both passed out. Looks like it was another of their drinking contests and it seems they both lost. Naruto walked over there, and the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke.

He got Tsunade's bag and started to look for any sign of the wonderful drink. He searched and searched and found some saki or thats what he thought it was. He snatched the bottle and went back to were the guys where.

" I got the saki.'' He took a seat and set the ' drink' on the table.

" What took you so long dobe? '' asked Sasuke annoyed that he had to wait long for the wonderful alcohol.

" Hey at least I got the drink Sasuke-teme! '' He poured some ' saki ' for all the men. They all took a big sip from the drink, and then spit it out. They all wiped their mouthes in disgust.

" Uzamaki what kind of joke is this! '' said a very pissed off Neji who was still trying to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

" Hell how should I know? '' All of a sudden all the guys felt drowsy and dizzy. They were starting to lose consciences and drifted to sleep. One buy one they fell.

2 hours later.

Sasuke was the first one to wake up. He looked around he saw that he wasn't in the bar anymore but in the Hokage's office. He also noticed that the room looked really big for some strange reason.

' Why is the room so big.' He tried to get up but fell on his face. ' What the hell?' He looked at his hands and to his surprise found small black paws. He brought his paws up to his face and felt whiskers and also felt two soft ears on his head. Wait a minute small body plus ears, whiskers, and paws...HOLY SHIT I"M A FREAKING CAT! Well not a cat exactly more like a cute little black kitten!

Only one thought came to mind. Kill the dobe. " NARUTO! '' shouted Sasuke, which woke up the rest of guys/animals. They all groaned then screamed because they too turned into animals. Naruto turned into a fox, Neji into a bird, Sai into a rabbit, and Kakashi into a dog.

" Well it seems that you all have woken up now.'' Tsunade said from her desk. The animals walked over to the front of her desk.

" Tsunade-sama what happened to us? '' asked Neji calmly even though he was still in shock.

" Well it seems that you guys drank one of my potion's that the idiot stole from me.'' Tsunade glared at Naruto.

" Hokage are we going to turn back into are normal selves?'' Asked Kakashi.

" Well I'm going to have to make a cure. So for the mean time I'm assigning you someone who will take care of you.'' All the guy's mouth's dropped. They are going to have a babysitter? " You can come in now.'' called out Tsunade from her desk.

The door knob turned open. The guys turned to see who it was, but only heard a squeal. Suddenly both Sasuke and Sai were picked up and were getting squished by a big hug. The person who was hugging the two was none other than Sakura.

" Oh Tsunade-sensei they're so cute! '' cooed Sakura as she hugged them tighter. Both Sasuke and Sai were blushing from all the hugging from the pinked haired girl.

" Eww stop hugging me ugly.'' screamed Sai as he tried to squirm out of her tight grasp. Sakura stopped hugging them and looked at them carefully. " Can you please let go of us Sakura.'' asked Sasuke. She screamed and threw Sasuke and Sai very far away from her.

" W-What the hell was that! '' said a startled Sakura. Sai and Sasuke got up and walked over to Tsunade's desk. " Tsunade-sensei they sound like Sasuke and Sai.'' She pointed at the kitten and the bunny.

" Thats because that is Sasuke and Sai.'' said Tsunade calmly. " And the fox is Naruto, Neji is the bird, and Kakashi is a dog.''

" How'd this happen? '' asked Sakura curiously. Tsunade and the others explained the whole thing to her.

" Naruto you baka, you know your not supposed to steal from the Hokage. '' she scolded the fox.

" Sakura I'm assigning you a mission of taking care of all them.'' she said in a stern voice. Sakura's face dropped there was no way in hell. How the heck was she supposed to take care of two prodigies, an asshole, one idiot, and a pervert? But either way it was a mission so she had to do it.

Before she could protest Sai talked first. " There is no way in hell that I'm staying with ugly.''

" Shut up Sai. Its better if you all stay together and have someone take care of you. Any more complaints and I'll get Lee to take care of you.'' They all gulped and nodded their heads in agreement.

She turned and faced Sakura. " Your mission starts today.''

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