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Chapter 12: Operation Ruin Date

Naruto, Kakashi, and Neji were patiently waiting outside. They were curious as to what was going on inside. Sasuke and Sai haven't reported back yet. So they were starting to get bored just waiting. And Neji was starting to get annoyed with Naruto again since he wouldn't shut his fox mouth.

"Hey guys what do you think they're doing in there? Don't you think Sakura-chan would be tired of that guy already? Come on I'm way better looking and str-

He was cut off by a acorn smashing into his face. Poor Naruto never saw it coming. Neji meanwhile was whistling on top of a tree looking at his feathers like nothing happened.

"Owww! Who the hell threw that?!" Yelled Naruto as he rubbed his poor face. "Neji was that you?!

Neji looked down at the small fox. "You truly are an idiot."

Naruto growled. "Come down here and say it to my face you chicken!" Yeah that sure made Neji shake in fear.

"How the hell can I throw and acorn when I don't have anything to grip it with?" said the bird smartly.

"But...then who threw it?!" Naruto sat down and finally quieted down for the moment. He was trying to figure out who hit him hard with that acorn. Who ever threw it had pretty good aim and can throw hard. Kakashi was thankful for who ever threw that acorn, so were all of the animals close by.

Neji stopped whistling and called out the kind samaritan who shut Naruto up. A squirrel came down a branch to were Neji was.

"I'll bring the acorns tomorrow." Neji said sneakily to the squirrel. The squirrel nodded his head and ran back up the tree. Neji the flew back down and stood next to Kakashi.

Kakashi bent down to Neji's level and whispered in his ear. "Nice work there Hyuuga." Neji simply smirked and nodded his head in thanks.

(With Kiba and Sakura)

"Sakura you l-look great!" said Kiba nervously as he tried to start a conversation with the rosette beauty. Poor thing was about to piss in his pants because his was just to damn nervous. Here he was in a date with on of Konoha's most strong and beautiful women. And he had no idea on what to say or do. And to make things worse, it was his first date.

"Um thanks Kiba you look nice too." said Sakura politely. She took another bite from her food.

'Don't piss in your pants. Don't piss in your pants. No wait I can do this! I'm an Inuzuka!' He looked back at Sakura and turned red. 'I can't do this I can't do this!'

Yeah way to be a man Kiba.

Kiba decided to take another bite from his food too. While he was he was thinking of another way to start up another conversation fast. He didn't want Sakura to think he was uncool or lame!

But sadly for him she already thought of him that way a little. But its best if he doesn't know for now.

(Meanwhile under the table)

Under the table Sasuke and Sai were listening carefully to the almost close to being conversations.

"That mutt is more dickless then Naruto is. He can't even talked to ugly without pissing himself." said Sai smugly. He sat down close to Sakura's smooth legs. He also eyed the nice smooth legs with so much interest.

He felt his face heat up a little. 'And I can see why.'

Sasuke was busy tying Kiba's shoe laces together to pay any attention to what Sai had just said. Sasuke then carefully walked back over to Sakura's legs.

"This date better end soon." said the stoic kitty. He also took notice to Sakura's smooth legs and he also took his time admiring them. Because soon, in his opinion he will be caressing those legs when he turns back to normal and makes her his mate-wife...yeah wife.

"Sasuke(crackle crackle) Sasuke are you there?" said a voice in his ear piece. Sasuke moved the small mic close to his mouth.

"What is it Kakashi?" Sasuke whispered carefully.

"Uh nothing much just getting bored and tired of waiting. And Naruto's big mouth- Hey Naruto don't touch that. Hey-." You could here sounds of struggle and cackling.

"Hey Sasuke-teme! When is Sakura-chan going to leave that loser Kiba-teme?!" shouted the fox. Seems like Naruto took control of the mic Kakashi had.

That idiot.

Yelling like that could blow their cover! And that leading another trip to the cage! And worst of all the shredding of Icha Icha Violence! Was he mad?!

No he was an idiot. Yes he was an idiot more like the village idiot to put it more likely. The village idiot that will be going missing and be unheard of if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. And the guys would be the criminals to do that terrible deed if Naruto doesn't shut up soon.

But then again he was an idiot. Thus causing him to keep rambling and Neji pecking on the nose and Kakashi getting control of the mic again.

"Sorry about that we'll just wait...uh contact me when something happens. Kakashi out."

Sai and Sasuke both sweat dropped.

"That dickless idiot almost ruined our mission. Remind me to kick his ass when we get back to normal Uchiha." said Sai.

"I'm going to kick his ass before I'd ever remind you."

The two both glared at each other. Even in a mission to spy-protect Sakura on her date, the two animals couldn't get along.

What a pity.

(With Sakura and Kiba)

"This tastes nice." said Sakura as she took another bite from her food.

"Yeah it is. I'm glad you like it Sakura-chan." Said Kiba very nervously. He thought since they got to know each other a little better(only like thirty minutes into the date) that he could add the suffix.

Sakura choked on her food. She quickly started drinking water. "Excuse me?" 'Damn he added the suffix! No! Damn that pig! When I get my hands on her.' And thoughts of violence just kept going on from there that readers like you shouldn't be reading.

"I said I'm glad you like the food Sakura-chan. Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

"Yeah I'm fine Kiba." she told him with a fake smile.

He was about to say something, but then sounds of cackle came out of nowhere and they both could have sworn they heard Naruto's voice.

"What was that?" asked Kiba as he looked around. "I could have sworn I heard Naruto close by."

"Yeah me too." Sakura looked around at the other tables suspiciously. 'No way in hell. Those guys better be at home.'

Kiba being the suspicious person he was started bending down and lifting the table cloth.

"Kiba what are you doing?" asked Sakura curiously.

"I thought I heard voices under the table."

He was about to lift it all the way.

(With Sai and Sasuke)

"What was that?" asked Kiba.

Both Sai and Sasuke froze.

"Kiba what are you doing?"

"I thought I heard voices under the table."

The panicking kitten and bunny saw the table cloth being lifted. They started backing away a little. This was it, they were going to be caught! And its all that damn fox's fault! And when they do Sakura would probably make to go to that damn cage! Or worse, with her imagination anything can happen! God forbid.

The table cloth only needed a little bit more to be lifted.

And that table cloth will be the last thing Sai and Sasuke probably see.

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