A Secret To Die For

Chapter 1: Hello


Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket or "Hello" by Evanescence.

A/N: Each chapter will have a song at the beginning to show the main theme/element/feel to the chapter. And I have only seen up to episode 19.

Playground school bell rings again,

Rain clouds come to play again,

Has no one told you she's not breathing?

Hello I am your mind,

Giving you someone to talk to,


If I smile and don't believe,

Soon I know I'll wake,

From this dream,

Don't try to fix me,

I'm not broken,


I am the lie,

Living for you so you can hide,

Don't cry,

Suddenly I know I'm not sleeping,

Hello, I'm still here,

All that's left of yesterday...

"Come on Rei! Jaya is probably worried!" Amaya yells as she runs into the little country home that she has been living in since she was four.

"Coming!" Rei replies as she follows Amaya, but bumps into her before they make it into the home.

"Amaya! What's the hold up?" Rei asks as she looks over Amaya's shoulder.

Rei gasps at the sight of Jaya, her guardian for ten years, on the floor with blood oozing out of her.

Amaya lets out a grieving scream at the sight.


"Come on guys!" Torhu yells up the stairs. "Breakfast is ready!"

Kyo, Shigure, and Yuki walk into the kitchen with growling bellies.

Torhu giggles and says, "Sounds like someone is hungry!"

"My apologies Miss Honda," Yuki replies blushing as he takes his seat at the table.

"I'm sorry too," Shigure answers as the phone rings. "I'll get it," Shigure says as he answers the phone.

"Yeah, whatever," Kyo adds as he takes his seat. "So what are we eating''?"

"Pancakes!" Torhu replies happily.

"Kyo!" Shigure yells.

"What?" Kyo asks irritated.

Shigure runs into the room and says with deep sadness, "Kyo...your mother has passed away..."

To Be Continued...

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