A Secret To Die For

Chapter 14: Blaming You


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"Akito!" Shigure yells as he walks into the Sohma household as anger seeps through his suit and skin.

"Akito!" Shigure yells again as he throws the door down.

"Quit yelling. I'm quite busy," Akito replies calmly as he continues to write something down.

Shigure runs over and snatches the sheet of paper out of Akito's hands and asks furiously, "What are you writing?"

"Read and find out," Akito answers.

It is a poem and a very deep and tragic one at that. It read:

Blaming you,

Is the only excuse,

I have to use,

Do you know what it's like,

When nothing feels alright?

I know it's true,

For blaming you,

You told me lies,

Only deceit was what I heard,

What is the cure,

To finding time,

Because it was never on our side?

By being blind,

I saw the truth,

And realized,

Blaming you,

Is all I could do…

"What is this?" Shigure asks.

"A poem," Akito replies.

"I know that. Is it the same as the ones from the murders you committed?" Shigure asks angrily.

"It took you long enough," Akito admits as he gets up and walks toward the window.

"Why? Why did you kill them?" Shigure asks shocked.

"I killed Momiji's father because he knew too much about what is to come. He also told Hera and Jana," Akito explains.

"And that's why you killed them," Shigure states.

"They were bystanders that knew too much," Akito replies as if he just righted a wrong.

"What about Ryan and Jaya?" Shigure asks.

"Ryan was figuring things out. Piecing the puzzle together and I couldn't have that," Akito explains. "And Jaya…she…she was everything I wanted. She was there for me when no one else was. She understood me. She loved me…"

"Then why did you kill her?" Shigure asks.

"She wasn't the only one I wanted dead…those girls were my goal. To see them dead, just like their mother," Akito replies bitterly.

"You killed her too. Why?" Shigure asks quietly.

"Because I loved her the same way I loved Jaya…They both had to die!" Akito yells.

Silence takes over the room and the atmosphere becomes very tense.

Tick tock…

Tick tock…

Tick tock…

"You really are pathetic, Akito," Shigure finally says.

Akito is taken back by Shigure's statement.

"You couldn't even handle the love of a woman who truly cared…"

Akito's eyes widen as the memory of the death of Jaya floods back to him.

-Flash Back-

Jaya is in the kitchen working on lunch when someone rings the doorbell. She hurries to the door and finds Akito.

"Hello Akito. How are you?" Jaya asks.

Akito remains silent as he takes a knife out and shows Jaya.

"Akito? What are you doing?" Jaya asks taken back.

"I can't let you ruin me," Akito states as he stabs her in the heart.

Tick Tock…

Tick Tock…

Tick Tock…

"I…will always…love you…" Jaya whispers as she falls to the ground and Akito continues to stab her.

Soon, the knife and his hand are covered in blood as he places the poem next to Jaya.

"Don't worry love…I will see you soon…" And with that, Akito walked back to the Sohma house for his appointment with Hatori.

-End of Flash Back-

"I loved her even though I killed her," Akito admits.

"In the note…you signed 'S.A.D'. What does it mean?" Shigure asks.

"Dying Sohma Akito. I thought I'd mix the letter up a bit," Akito chuckles.

"What are you going to do now?" Shigure asks changing the subject.

"Accept my fate. I will die soon…for this cursed family," Akito replies sadly as he takes his seat next to the window and watches the sun sets.

Later that night, Akito Sohma died. Of a broken heart or guilt, no one knows. But most think it was both.

The End

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