Deidara/Sakura seems to be a fairly popular pairing right now. Only, it's always Sakura ending up with Akatsuki, so I decided to be different and write a story where Deidara ends up in Konoha. Let me know what you think. Sorry I've only got the prologue up right now.

And it goes without saying that I don't own Naruto.


The wind sighed dreamily as it flitted through the trees, an invisible presence on its way to some unknown destination. Leaves bucked and shivered in wake of its passing and branches creaked eerily. The sky was solid ebony with a handful of stars peppered across its vast expanse. The moon loomed large and full over the land below. It was a lovely night, clear and cool.

This was all a deceiving cover, however, external beauty cloaking what was hidden beneath the shadowy trees. Once you dived from the majestic sky to below the whispering canopy the torn, bloody ground came into view. Among this mess and destruction there was something else as well. The body of a young boy lay amongst the riddled earth. It at first would appear to be silent, unmoving, dead. But upon closer inspection one could see the erratic rise of his chest as the spread-eagle form desperately heaved for breath.

There was no sign of anyone else nearby, no clue as to who had left the ruined body in its struggling state. The damage to the surrounding area left no doubt that there had been a fight. The ground was scorched in several places and half a dozen trees had been overturned, tendrils of smoke rising from the blackened bark. But there were no other bodies and the only blood was what was pooled beneath the boy.

His lips parted slightly as a pained moan broke through them. A long fringe of hair, once blonde but now stained crimson by blood, obscured most of his face. A few of the crusty strands fluttered slightly as the weak breath lifted them.

From a branch above, the silent shape of a Konoha ninja observed all this. Having decided no one else was around, he glanced up at his nearby companion who signaled that he had come to the same conclusion. In a flash, they moved from the trees to the ground, alighting immediately next to the injured boy. One reached out to check his vital signs then shook his head. Not good. It wasn't a surprise, though. The ground around the body, as well as his tattered clothing, was saturated with blood. It was impossible to tell from where the wound, or wounds, originated.

Glancing at the boy's face, the other ninja leant closer as he noticed the other's headband for the first time. Gently, he swept the long gold and scarlet locks away from the screwed up face to study the forehead protector better. In the dark forest night it was difficult to see much. It didn't help that the metal was badly dented and scratched.

"He's from Iwa," the man's partner spoke up. Peering closer he could vaguely make out the Hidden Stone symbol. "What's a Hidden Stone Ninja doing this close to Konoha?" the other continued in a puzzled voice.

"We won't find out if we don't get him back in time to receive attention." He quickly lifted the limp form. But even his careful movement wasn't enough to keep from hurting the boy. What he guessed would have been a sharp yelp erupted from the boy's throat as only a raspy grunt.

"We'd better hurry," the second ninja said, and in a second they were gone.


Sorry that was so short. I just want to see what kind of feedback I get for this before deciding whether to continue the story or not. R&R!!!!!