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Category: Naruto

Title: Vulnerable

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance/Humor/Angst

Pairing: Zaku X Sakura

Warnings: Odd pairing, mild language, sexual innuendoes, angst

Summary: ZakuSaku. Zaku accidentally ends up saving Sakura, and decides to play it in his favor by insisting that Sakura owe him. Since it was only right, she agreed, though begrudgingly so. But, what unexpected twists are ahead?

Notes: Pre-Chuunin Exams



Chapter 1: Unpredicatble

By: Melissa Norvell


A lone figure darted through the woods and then landed on the ground. Feet running at fast pace as a blur of red shot across the ground at high speed. Quickly following behind her was an enemy ninja, traveling at a fast pace, looking much like a darkened blur against the background, like a rouge shadow, looking for a host to attach to. The pink haired girl ran frantically through the greenery, her breath scarred and her viridian orbs widened with fear and paranoia.

From behind her, she could feel a warm sensation. Her form was bathed in the luminescent glow of the jutsu.

Looking over her shoulder, she could see a bright orange fire come raging to her form. The girl let out a scream, but it was short lived as something came plowing into her from the right, knocking her out of the way of the onslaught.

Right as the impending doom neared, Sakura felt herself being propelled through the air, feeling much like a brick wall slammed into her. She could feel her body come crashing down into the harsh, rough dirt, which had been cold and slightly wet from dew drops. She scraped her elbow as she landed, but it was a small price to pay for what ultimately could have happened to her.


Sakura pulled herself wearily up from the frosty, inflexible surface. Shoe noticed that an arm was draped over her stomach lightly, looking down, she noticed that it was one of the Sound Ninja. The girl could feel another body pressed into hers. The kunoichi felt the soft fabric wrinkling behind her.

The palm of one hand was slightly upturned, revealing small holes, located in the center of each one. The sunlight caught the metal surfaces of the opposing ninja's battle attire, making it shine.

Viridian eyes widened at the music note on his hitai-ate. 'He must be from the Village of the Hidden Sound.'

The girl looked down and could see darkly colored spikes adorning the ground. The light above, illuminating them with an almost angelic beauty and an interesting smell consumed the air around this being.

She didn't know what to think at the sight before her. His face was concealed beneath his spiky hair, its contents lurking somewhere underneath.

Slowly, the sound Nin lifted his head slowly, revealing his dark eyes, shimmering with beauty in the light, accented with a golden yellow as another fire jutsu was launched. Without a word, he jumped up, landing in front of the kunoichi, then performing a set of kuji-in, and unleashing a burst of Sound, which consumed the composer's fire, and made its way toward him in a destructive path, tearing up the earth and trees as well.

As the burst of sound made its way toward the enemy, it consumed their ear drum's making them burst on contact. The blood sprayed the air around their ears from being popped as the darkly clad ninja fell to the ground.

The Sound Ninja looked over his shoulder. "If you want to commit suicide, do it some other day." The harsh voice told her.

"I wasn't committing suicide. I was trying to gather medicinal herbs." The girl told him.

"You should be lucky, if I had been watching where I was going, you would have been incinerated by that Fire Jutsu." Zaku replied, dusting off his clothes.

Sakura glared at him from her laying position on the ground and remained silent.

"Well…" Cold eyes looked down at her

"All right, all right…Thanks…" She muttered the last word as she gradually made her way up.

"I owe you…And you're right." Sakura said begrudgingly to her future enemy at the Chuunin Exams which weren't far off.

"Since I saved your life, you owe me. You have to do what I say." He smirked, knowing that this would annoy the kunoichi. She already couldn't stand him.

"What?" She whirled around at light speed, long pink hair hitting her in the face as they caught up with her body.

"Remember? I'm right. You owe me." Zaku crossed his arms and rested his shoulder on a nearby tree trunk.

"I can't do that!" Sakura protested. 'Yeah! Who do you think you are? Cha!'

"Oh?" The Sound Nin asked in an amused and taunting manner.

He received a sub zero glare from the kunoichi as a response.

"You're in debt to me. May I remind you?"

"You-"Her words were cut off by an arrogant smirk from Zaku.

'Ugh…What a total ass…I need to get back to Kakashi-sensei and the others. I don't have time for this guy, seriously. I'll just agree with him to get him off of my back. 'She thought. "Fine, whatever, but I'm not your slave, you got that?"

"There will be no need for that."

"You touch me, and you won't be able to have children." Sakura replied. "So, don't even think of beating on me or raping me or whatever you have planned in that head of yours!"

At the comment of being beat, Zaku felt an odd prang. True, he knew how to grind on this girl's nerves and he was finding it both entertaining and annoying, but he had feelings just as any human would. He knew that his past as a thief would haunt him, and his days of being beaten would hang over his head.

"There will be no need for that either." His voice went monotone as he walked mechanically past her, then stopped and looked over his shoulder at her form behind him.

"Wait!" Sakura pun the other way. "Why are you doing this? What do you want from me? I don't even know you!"

"Meet me here tomorrow." Was the only reply. "You'll see what I have in store for you." Zaku disappeared through the trees.

'Like I want to! But I really don't have a choice. He might come and try to kill me later if I don't do what he says. I have to stick to my word…Even if it is to someone like him.' She thought as she watched him disappear from sight. 'Besides, I'm going to show him that I'm no slave!'

"Besides, why does he want me of all people? Maybe he just wants to torture me…I wouldn't doubt it. I don't think he's above it and I just met the guy." Sakura said aloud as she walked the other direction.

"It's getting late. I'm going to have a long day tomorrow as this guys slave. What was his name anyway?" She continued to walk in the still of the darkness, the only noises the could be heard were her feet crunching the crisp grass below and the night noises of nature.

"After all, I did say I owed him…I'll let him have his fun, but he'd better beware. I'm not what I seem."


Preview for Chapter 2: Toxic

Not to be the type to trust an arrogant guy like Zaku, Sakura doesn't plan on doing any more then taking a quick glance at the Sound Ninja and walking away. But things don't always go the way they are planned, and sometimes, it's for the better.

Kuji-in: The hand signs that are preformed when executing any Ninjutsu move. Most people commonly associate these hand signs with Naruto, in which the characters use Kuji-in Zodiac hand signs to perform Ninjutsu. This is not made up, it's standard Ninjutsu practice. To learn more about Kuji-in, do a search or e-mail me and I can give you some good websites.

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