I now that the final chapter of Dreams don't always come true was a very long one and that I made several jumps in time, so to the ones that took the time to read and probably have some questions about who where the Characters thtat appear in the end, here is the explanation.

Michael Devreux: is Thomas brother.

Alex: is the adoptive son of Lisa and Thomas. The is a fighter pilot who is working on designing airplanes.

Kate: is the younger daughter of Lisa and Rick. She is a fighter pilot but she flight with the Blue Alphas the acrobatic fly team of the RDF.

Roy: is the middle son of Lisa and Rick. He is a flight operator and is married to Aurora.

Aurora: is the youngest dauther of Max and Miriya. She is a senator in the Earth council. And is married to Roy Hunter.

Isabelle: is the youngest daughter of Sammie and Michael. She is the best friend of Kate.

Ann: is the daughter of Vanessa and she is married with Alex. She is a doctor.

James: is the son of Kim and he is a doctor too.

Dana: is of course Dana Sterling.

Charles Devreux: is the older son of Sammie and Michael. He is a senator also and the best friend of Roy.

I hope everything is more clear now. Thanks for reading.

Ps. This Bernard guy who is named if the fic is actually Scott Bernard and he is a friend of Kate Hunter.