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God, I hate him.

It's not like I hate people without a reason or anything. I normally like people a lot, I don't hold any grudges and I can make friends pretty easily.


Let me just introduce myself—my name is Uzumaki Naruto. I'm the personal assistant of the famous business man, Uchiha Sasuke, the biggest prick on the entire planet. Now, some people don't blame him for being an asshole—his family was killed before his own eyes when he was younger by his own brother. Yes, that is very sad and people easily pity him for it, including me.

But that doesn't mean he can be an arrogant bastard who looks down on everyone else.

Anyway, putting that aside, I guess it's not too bad. Sasuke and I went to high school together, but he never saw me when I was a kid at that time. People hated me, bullied me and I was basically a nobody. Sasuke on the other hand was popular, loved by every girl (hated by every guy) and handsome, so we never really talked to each other.

I guess it was, like my good friend Neji would say, fate that brought us together. Or God who likes to see me get tortured—either of those. I was looking for a job and another friend of mine, Haruno Sakura, was able to get me one as his personal assistant. She would've applied for the job, but apparently he only wanted a male, seeing as a woman might've thought it was an invitation to marry him or something.

The reason why I'm still working for Sasuke, even though he's a total prick? The money's good and I get to travel a lot. Sasuke often has to travel around the world, America, Europe, you name it, for business and, while he's in a meeting, I often get to go sightseeing. I guess that's the main reason why I keep working for him and, sometimes, Sasuke's not all bad.

At one point, I really wanted to be his friend, but he rejected me. I heard about his parents and how they had died and I thought it was kind of similar to me—we were both lonely, we didn't have any parents. Well, I guess I couldn't blame him, after all, everybody hated me already, so why not him, huh?

Now, I'm sure you're all dying to know why everybody hated me, right? It's simple, really. I was six when my father decided to pull out a gun in a convenience store and shoot at five people. Four of them died, one of them became blind. And one of them was also my mother.

It was all over the news, his name, his face and also my name and face, because I was there as well. Parents started to say that their children weren't allowed to play with me anymore, that I was the son of a murderer. At that time, I didn't really understand and I got angry with everybody—I started to try and get attention with any way possible. At that point, I suppose 'idiot Naruto' started to develop himself.

I don't believe I'm really stupid, I never thought I was. But I've been acting like that all these years—hell, I graduated just like everybody else and I got myself an apartment and a car. I've got a pretty good life, I suppose.

Anyway, back to the present. Sasuke just called me and informed me that he needs to go to Austria for a weekend and therefore, I have to tag along as well. It's not like I mind—I love Austria, it's one of my favourite countries and I don't have much else to do either. I don't have much of a social life.

Sasuke-bastard told me I should come to his apartment immediately with my suitcase so we could leave. I always have a packed suitcase ready for these occasions, so I don't take my time packing and do as he said—immediately jump into my car and drive off. Sasuke doesn't live very far from my place, about ten minutes away by car, but I'm too lazy to walk.

Arriving at his place, I greet him cheerfully. He just gives me a low grunt as a reply. Had I liked the bastard, I'd check him out—his black, spiky hair, his black eyes and pale skin. I'm not usually into guys, I suppose. I've never really given it much thought—I'm just glad when there's at least someone who likes me. I don't care much for appearance; love is love, whether it's a man or a woman, right?

"Did you bring your toothbrush this time, dobe?" he asks me, a small smirk gracing his face. I scowl at him. The bastard is always teasing me with things I forget—I can't help it that I'm a natural blonde!

"Yes you bastard, did you bring friendliness with you this time or did you lose it again?" I grumble. He just gives me another annoying smirk and looks to the road. We decided to take my car to the airport where his private airplane is (yeah, that's how rich the bastard is).

We arrive an hour later and I park my car—we get out and after a five minute walk, we arrive at the small private airplane. I'm always amazed when the airplane lifts off and everything and everyone on earth appears to get smaller—I also love it to fly through the clouds and the way how the horizon just seems endless when you're up in the sky.

Sasuke doesn't. He's not amazed by anything at all. It's like he just… doesn't care. Maybe he doesn't, I don't know. It's funny how I always say that I don't care, but all the while I worry about him. I guess that's just my personality or something.

"Sasuke, don't you just love the view?" I ask him, trying to at least have a conversation. I've been trying that forever and it never worked, but being quiet so long doesn't really work for me. I get a small 'hn' in return, both an answer and a sign for me to shut up. I decide to do so.

About halfway, when we were flying over the beautiful blue ocean, the plane starts shaking. I glance over at Sasuke, who doesn't seem to worry about it. I shrug and continue to stare out the window, until I notice the plane is losing altitude. Even Sasuke seems to be tense.

"Sasuke, is everything alright?" Said boy glances over at me and I see a small hint of worry in his eyes. I don't usually get scared so easily, but when the plane starts to go almost straight down, I grab Sasuke's hand and desperately cling to it. There's this funny feeling in my stomach—you know, when you sit in a rollercoaster? That kind of feeling—and the ocean is getting closer and closer. Those little masks for oxygen come down (what do ya call 'em? Can't remember) and I put one on hastily. Sasuke doesn't seem to manage it on his own and I can't blame him—the plane is coming down very fast and it's shaking a lot. It took me some effort to put the mask on by myself, so I quickly help him, before I return my grip on the seat and on Sasuke's hand. I'm vaguely aware of the fact that he's also clutching my hand and I think we're both thinking the same thing: are we going to die?

As the plane finally crashes down, everything goes black.