Chapter 1:

the beginning

Disclaimer: some of theses ideas are from everyone who made code lyoko, Inuasha, just a little bit of the incredible hulk, and any other thing that I can't think of. not me.
Clammier. Blaze is mine. and the hole in the park. The black demons are my friend's idea. (you'll find out about that later)

One day, at Kadic Academy Boarding School, a new border moved in. He was usually in a world of own, moving to the beat own drum and such. He had some secrets that he couldn't control... literally.

He was a guieous when it came to mechanics. For example, another student's (his name was Jeremy) lap top suddenly crashed. Jeremy ,of course, started to complain, but then Blaze asked if he could see it. He started to look at the computer, and began taking it apart, like he wanted to destroy it. Jeremy stared at him, mouth opened wide, hoping Blaze wasn't going to give it back to him in pieces. But his mouth opened wider when Blaze handed it back to him, completely reassembled, with all of the files he was working on still there.

Blaze didn't have any friends, and was very quiet. Sissy ,another border, decided to play a trick on him with her two friends. Why? I don't know...probably because she's evil. I mean all that Sissy does is annoy a 'gang' of students named Yumi, Odd, Ulrich, Aileta, and the person who's laptop broke , Jeremy. Why does she do it? Because she had a crush on Ulrich. But she does have has two little friends that are just like little puppets. They don't have a mind of their own, and they go along with whatever Sissy says. Any ways... ah yes, the prank.

There is a huge hole in the middle of a abandoned construction site. They where going to build a apartment complex but a exploration sit couldn't get to the bottom of the hole so they just gave up put a sighn in front of th hole that said danger hole and that was that. Blaze always takes a walk through the place, and always passes that hole. (This information was uncovered by a week of spying/stalking by Sissy and friends.) This is where Sissy and friends thought that they could scare blaze. Their big plan was to pretend to dress as ghosts, hide behind a giant rusty old crane, and scare Blaze . Why there? well Blaze was always there and there was always a chance that if you got into conversation about the hole a gost story was involved. The objective of the ghost was to drag Blaze down to the dark pit of the hole. Well really they thought they would just make him scream and run away really fast instead of actually running at him so he wouldn't fall in to the hole.

"Here comes Blaze,"said Sissy. Then Sissy and her friends got on their costumes. They had some very convincing costumes. And went to hide behind the giant rusty old crane.
"You will go into to hole," said the three in a ghostly voice, jumping out of the bushes as Blaze passed by. They starteled Blaze so much that stumbled backwards. He did stumbled so far back that he fell into the hole.

Sissy and friends ran to the hole and, open mouthed, watched as he disappeared. Then they ran to tell the principal.

What know one knew was the hole was connected straight to Lyoko.

Oh yeah. If you all realized my story wasn't faithful to the TV show. I missed every thing but Sissy for some odd reason typing on the super computer and no one stopping her just watching. WHY? Of the second season that's all I saw and my friend and cousin who tried to explain it are very bad at explaining so could someone give me the most important details of season 2. Later.