Sweet Rich Love

Chapter 17- I'm Sorry

"Come on it think we should go" Brooke whispered to everyone one things were quiet and settled

"Brooke" Peyton said in a sad tone

"Come on" Brooke said walking towards the door

"We should go" Jake said grabbing Peyton by the waist

"What about Nathan?" Tim asked Jake

"We'll leave him here with Haley you can get a ride with us come on" Jake said grabbing his coat

Nathan and Haley sat there opposite to each other as if they were on mute. They didn't know what to do next. Haley just sat knees to her chest head in her hands. Nathan sat there legs spread across the floor staring at Haley. Nathan moved once when Jake gave him a small smile and said call if you need us.

After everyone had left Haley looked to her side to see the mess left in the living room. She got up and walked to the coffee table and grabbed the bowls of popcorn and brought them to the kitchen. Nathan watched her but made no move to help he was still in shock. Haley had turned everything off and walked upstairs to her room almost forgetting Nathan was there.

"I'll be in my room Nathan…first door on the left" she said walking up the stairs

After about twenty minutes of just sitting there Nathan thought it'd be best to at least move. He made his way to Haley's room, first door on the left. He opened the door and could see Haley lying on her bed not even under the covers. She was shaking, not from the cold but from her sobs overcoming the best of her. He took a step closer debating whether to say something or just leave; oddly enough he chose neither as he lay down next to her and put his arm around her tiny frame as a consoling approach.

"I'm sorry" Haley let out and was replied with a tighter hold around her waist.

"Tomorrow we'll go to Planned Parenthood." Nathan said; neither of them slept that night they just laid there with each other thinking about what would happen next.

As morning approached them the two of them fell into a light sleep. Brooke knocked on the door downstairs but no one answered. She took a step in holding Lucas hand, who was approaching Haley's front door like the pelage. "Haley!" Brooke yelled from the bottom of the stairs; "Lucas Scott get in here and stop being an asshole." She scold him giving him the evil eye. He slowly walked inside and stood behind Brooke; Both Brooke and Lucas were surprised to see Nathan approaching the stairs.

"She's sleeping" He said just above a whisper. He started walking down the stairs, no expression showed from any of the three of them. "When she wakes up I'm going to take her to get another test, to be positive." Nathan said reassuring Brooke.

"Good, so you guys talked last night?" Brooke asked

"Not really." Nathan said walking past Lucas into the kitchen, "I've got it, I can take care of everything." he got a glass of water "Thanks Brooke" He said as he headed back upstairs.

"Oh well alright we'll leave then" Brooke said a little hurt.

When Nathan got back upstairs into Haley's room, she was awake sitting at the end of her bed. "Is Lucas here?" She asked putting her slipper socks on.

"They just left" He said walking in front of her "Here" He handed her the glass of water

"Thanks" She said taking a sip.

"So as soon as you're ready we should head down town. I made a doctors appointment earlier just incase we need one." Nathan said watching her intently.

Haley just nodded taking another sip of her water; she wasn't sure how to react. I mean she had freaked out on him the night before and he didn't do anything about it. He was just as scared as she was, he was just handling this better.

"I'm ready just let me get dressed, is there anything I need to bring?" she asked standing up walking to her closet. She pulled out a sweat shirt and looked at Nathan waiting for an answer.

"No just you and me…" He said walking towards the door.

Haley stood in front of her closet looking at her tall body mirror, she looked at her stomach. What if she was really pregnant, what would she look like. She looked at her bed and picked up one of her pillows, she started to stuff it in her shirt; as she turned to her side to see what she looked like she ran a hand across it. She shook the thought out of her head, throwing the pillow back on her bed.

She got dressed and fixed her hair, heading downstairs to meet Nathan she smiled grabbing her jacket. "You ready?" She asked watching him.

"After you" He said following her outside.

The two of them got into his car; the whole ride was silent. The walk inside was as if they were walking the plank the two of them approached the doors slowly. Haley had taken another test along with a small blood test; she had discussed the precisions with the nurses and counselors. She left leaving a name and a number to contact them; they would know the next day. The ride home was almost as painful as the ride there. Haley looked out her window and sighed looking at the people outside, playing at playgrounds, walking their dogs, chasing each other. She wishes today could be a day like that, but it's not the next two days would be very slow and sad; and unexpectedly lonely.