Chapter 2! MUSIC PLAYS

Disclaimer:I do not own naruto.

This chapter is only going to have Sasuke & Sakura and Hinata & Naruto


Sasuke & Sakura:

Sasuke held the big sword in his hands with Sakura behind him with her hands on his shoulders.Suddenly,a ghost appeared and smiled a creepy smile.

The ghost poked Sakura and soon Sakura was a cute little chibi.Sasuke sweatdropped and said.

"That's a retarded power for a killer ghost to have!" The ghost reached over to poke Sasuke but Sasuke dodged it.The ghost then poked Sasuke in the back.

Sasuke then turned into a cute little chibi.The ghost dissapeared.They saw the big sword which Sasuke had fly into the air.The sword then came crashing down to squish

Sasuke & Sakura!

"RUN!",Sasuke said in his cute chibi voice.The 2 chibis ran off to find somebody else.

Hinata & Naruto:

Naruto held on to his sword.Hinata stood by Naruto.A ghost appeared and poked them at the same time.The 2 teens became 2 cute chibis.

Hinata was the cutest chibi.Then it was Sasuke then Sakura then Naruto.Hinata said in her cute chibi voice;

"Let's find someone!


Sasuke was running with Sakura behind him.Hinata ran full-speed with Naruto running in slow-motion.When Sasuke noticed Hinata & Naruto,he motioned

Sakura to stop but she didn't.She crashed into Hinata.

"OW!" The 2 screamed.







Sakura & Hinata stared at Sasuke & Naruto.Sasuke grinned.Suddenly a tomato rolled by.Sasuke's eyes became wide and he ran to the tomato(which was bigger than him!) and caught it.He finished the tomato in a gulp.The ghost appeared suddenly and said,"Boo."The ghost poked them again and soon they were all teens again.

Sasuke noticed the ghost and grabbed his sword and swung it around.The ghost broke the 2 swords.

"How",Hinata said.

"About",Sakura said.

"We",Naruto said.

"Run!",Sasuke finished. The gang ran upstairs and crashed into a closet.

"I'm a-afraid o-of the d-dark."

"It's o-ok,N-Naruto,there's no need to be afraid of the dark."

"Should I use my fire-jutsu to light this place up?"


"Hey,how come we can't get out of the closet?"

"I locked the door.



The 4 teens tried to get out.But they couldn't.Until Sasuke knocked down the door.The 4 teens fell out of the closet,all of them on top of eachother.