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Background inspired by one of my favorite animes, kaleido star. if you've seen it. elements may seem familiar. ( of course..if anything isused from that anime, i don't own it. Ithink there will probably only be concepts used and altered however :))

pairings eventual RikuSora with some side pairings on the way. Although those i'll leave a surprise :)

Warning:Rated for MxM. It will probably be lemonless. I wanted to go more for the cutesy shounen ai type thing. But we'll see how it goes Still, if anything involving two loveable boys offends you, then...tough:D well .. don't read. And don't complain to me. It was plainly stated here.

Important Note: This story has been separated into three separate stories.

Story One: Of Angels and Demons

Sora is an orphan, Riku's a performer in a modern, drama circus. When the two clash, proverbial sparks fly. But when a certain darkness follows Sora to his new home, he finds help in that unlikely place, and the struggles the two must overcome bring the rivals closer than they ever thought possible. -completed- -chapters: 1 - 40- -Rated M- angst, violence, rape, some language

Story Two: One More Night

A new star is born, and he's sent to a circus school away from the home he's grown to know in order to fine tune his skills. Away from the family he's just barely gotten used to, Sora faces new struggles, including a new challenge that he must overcome if he wants to go home, an unresponsive Riku, and a new rival seemingly hellbent on making Sora fail at everything his does, including taking over his place as Riku's partner on stage, as well as off. -in progress-

Story Three: Rebirth of the Phoenix

-summary to be released-

On Glass Wings

"you fly until you break. then your wings shatter like glass"


Of Angels and Demons


The Curtain Rises

They were breathless, panting from exhaustion yet still beaming with pride and accomplishment. Their hands were locked, all of them, and the dimmed lights played over their dazzling costumes as a fierce roar of approval rose up from the crowds. A standing ovation it was indeed. Perfection in its finest, finest form no doubt. The star in the middle of the rest burned most brightly however, yet at the same time the look on his face was one of utter disappointment. We are perfection incomplete.


The pavement was soaked and slippery due to the onslaught of the storm. Rain and winds were fierce about the city, but still people lingered, shopping as if unfazed by the inclement weather.

It was a similar circumstance for the boy flying full speed down the sidewalk, skillfully dodging strolling pedestrians on fast rolling inline wheels. Spiky brown hair weighted down in vibrant blue eyes, which were lit with a dancing, mischievous sort of laughter as he glanced over his shoulder.

He was being followed after all.

"Stop! Brat!" Over the thunder there roared a voice similar in audibility. It was husky and deep, and it belonged to an oversized cop whose night blue uniform was apparently two sizes too small. It was actually a wonder the man was keeping up this far with the fast moving imp at all.

Meanwhile, city folk glared at the teen as he haphazardly flew through the throngs, still dodging skillfully, but not without some flaws of course. Angry yells were left behind as distance was added. The boy truly had talent on those inline skates, and it was only proven further true when another cop a leapt suddenly from the shadows of a nearby alley way, and crouched, awaiting the teens inability to stop, with wide opened arms.

But the cop would soon realize his error, and the boy let out a small, amused chuckle before scrawny legs of his sprung to life, and he jumped, the wheels of his skates clicking off the concrete upon his ascent.

Surprised, the cop made a mad lunge at the airborne boy, but fell short when he realized that the leverage gained by the speed of his skating had him higher then his arms could allow. He still tried, however, and was rewarded by a sharp pain in his left shoulder, when the weight of the teen landed full force there, upon one foot. The cop howled in pain, but the boy didn't linger. He was gone nearly as soon as he landed.

However, gravity soon would kick in, and he found himself sailing downwards. But a nearby street lamp, which stood unlit, was the perfect thing to grab hold of, the spikey haired teen noticed with a grin. Fists wrapped as tightly as possible around the cold black iron, one atop the other, and with acrobatic skill he swung himself around...and let go.

Cinnamon spiked bangs flew back, bringing to light those dazzling blue eyes, which were wide and glowing, while tears pricked at the corners due to the wind and nothing more. There was a loud clacking as he landed, and the wheels of his skates involuntarily moved him forwards, that is until he regained control anyway. Then, laughing, he merely sped down the rest of the long stretch of sidewalk, leaving a bewildered cop clutching a sore shoulder, in his wake.

Along side of the boy, a few bystanders cheered at the display, others gawked in surprise, while some scowled. Fleeing from cops in a busy city really only meant one thing; A criminal of some sort, no doubt.

But it was so hard to assume such given the appearance of the boy, whose bright blue eyes and wide, childish grin seemed to scream anything but.


'Beautiful..' Came the thought of one of those particular bystanders, who remained comfortably sheltered by another alley ways shadows. 'He's perfect'

Oceanic orbs shined brilliantly from beneath half lowered lids, while lightly glossed lips tugged upwards in a small smirk. Obvious amusement danced about perfectly angelic features as the stranger cast the boy one last glance from the shadows. The rattling of iron above his head was heard within the alleyway, as he jumped up, grabbing hold of the first step to the fire escape ladder, just so he could hoist himself up and to the roof of that particular building. A long clean view of the city stretched out before him, viewed through the shelter of silvery bangs, which hung into those shiny green eyes. Meanwhile, the sound of skates on the pavement below directed his attention to the tiny ant making a sharp turn as the stretch of sidewalk ended.


There was a new, vast territory to explore now, as the boy sought refuge from the voices once again closing in on him. They were distant, which led him to believe he had enough time to find a suitable place to hide out, but surely not enough to linger idly. He skidded to a stop, the wheels scratching along the road and making an unpleasant screeching as he halted, with frantic eyes searching out the seemingly abandoned alleyway. There was a dumpster with its lid half opened, supported, most likely, by a broken, weakening catch in the junction of the lid and the dumpster itself, but other then that...

And the boy wasn't all too sure how ready he was to demean himself by jumping into garbage. But then again, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? The lump in his throat was forcibly swallowed as he readied himself, fingers idly brushing the side of the oversized trashcan. 'Just hold your breath..They'll pass soon!' he tried to reassure himself.

But a sudden bang snapped the boy from his thoughts, and he recoiled when he realized the lid to his hiding place had been slammed shut. 'How could they have gotten here so fast?' was the initial thought, as his startled gaze shot up to the source of the sound. Brows twitched in question, however, when he realized that the source wasn't what he initially thought.

"Garbage. Hm, not a very suitable way to hide yourself, is it?" The voice of the other, the silver haired adolescent who appeared no more then perhaps a year older then the spiky haired one, was gentle, and even somewhat teasing.

But the younger drew back with a scowl, and made no motion to acknowledge the other. Instead, he started up those wheels in a desperate attempt to flee the alley way, just when the familiar shouts from before caused him to freeze in place. 'Crap..' He muttered, just in time to hear the thud of boots on the hard ground besides him, and the chin of the other resting gently on his shoulder.

"Trust me." He had no time to react when the elder whispered in his ear, but those eyes did widen a little in surprise. Trust him? Who was he? And how on earth could he possibly expect him to trust a total stranger? But nevertheless, his tense muscles slackened, and feebly, he nodded. After all, it was either here, or going back home, and even if home wasn't exactly horrible, he still wanted to get the hell out of there, especially given the promise he had made.

But he never expected in a million years to be suddenly thrown up against the hard wall of the building. Wincing slightly as his back came in contact with the brick, he stifled a small yell when a strong hand clamped over his mouth. Another hand reaching up to intertwine long fingers in those spiky brown strands. He felt the elders bare arm against his cheek, and he closed his eyes shut tight. A sudden knot in his stomach alerting him to the idea that he had made the wrong choice.

"Wrap your arms around my neck." The silver haired one practically purred, and when the younger opened his eyes, he'd find himself mere inches from those strangely hypnotic green ones of the one pinning him to the wall, and it was as if a strange force had him complying.

Weakly, those arms raised, and did as the other said, sliding around the elders taut neck, fingers brushing the silky smooth lengths of silvery hair that trailed to just below his shoulders. The sudden thumping of the younger ones heart became audible, to him anyway, as he felt the others left leg slide around one of his own. A booted foot shielding the skate from the gaze of anyone passing by the open alley, even if the two were pretty well masked by the shadows of the buildings they hid between anyway. His other leg sliding between the boys knees, pressing his other leg a bit apart, hiding his other skate further away.

Meanwhile, a gloved hand came to rest upon the brunettes cheek, and the older of the two felt the boy tremble beneath his touch.

"Shhh.." He finally whispered. The voices of the two cops were loud and clear as they drew ever closer. "Trust me.." Again..

But now the boy knew why he should trust him. That gloved hand kept the boys face straight, just so the silver haired strangers lips could touch against his in a soft, yet at the same time, strong kiss, a gloved thumb playing over the boys tanned cheek.

By then, blue eyes had gone wide in surprise, and while his initial response was to fight the stranger off, something undetermined held him in place. Fear, perhaps, most likely. What was going to happen next?

"Here! Look here!" A sudden, familiar voice reverberated off the brick walls, and made the boy close his eyes tightly in definite fear. They were here, they found him, he was going back, he was..

..kissing a boy.

The strangers lips moved against his frozen mouth, simulating a real, deep kiss, full of passion. Of course...Whether or not this stranger was merely simulating was a mystery in itself, but when the boy heard the cops snicker, and mutter something along the lines of "boys and girls these days."He made the realization...

"Come on, lets go. He isn't here." One cop said to his friend, and soon the sounds of footsteps grew more and more distant as the two finally disappeared.

Only when sure the cops were completely out of earshot, did the stranger then break that mock kiss, or rather, he slightly pulled away while the younger boy forcefully shoved him off.

"Are you crazy!" The brunette barked, while spitting and wiping at his mouth with the back of his long sleeve of his black shirt.

"Hmph." The other smirked, and chuckled as he eyed the boy, a silvery lock tucked behind his ear. "I would think you'd say 'thank you'"

"Yeah right. You kiss me, and I'm supposed to say thanks?"

"No. I save you from two cops and you're supposed to say thanks. Why are you running from them anyway?"

But the boy ignored the elders words, and instead struck out with an open palm aimed for the strangers cheek.

It was caught before it connected however.

"Wow, that was a girlish thing to do. Those cops were right to mistake you.." The elder snickered, despite the younger ones slightly startled stare and he tightened his grip on the boys wrist which in turn caused the sleeve of his shirt to ride up a bit, bringing to the whatever light that lingered, the small silver plated bracelet around his small wrist. "Hm..Destiny Islands Orphanage. 6661 Paopu Place. Ooh I get it now.." but as he spoke, the brunette tensed, and pulled hastily, trying desperately to withdraw his wrist.

"Get off!" He growled, but his captor only smirked, and moved his glance from the bracelet, to the boys angry face, and back down to the silver plate once again.

"Sora..is it?" His smirk gave way for a more gentle expression. A small smile even, but regardless, his grip never lessened, and the boy never answered. He merely scowled. "I'll take that as a yes."

But both glanced up then, when the sounds of muffled voices were once again approaching, and once again Sora's eyes became desperate as he tried to pry himself from the strangers grip.

"They're coming back! Let me go!" He hissed, only to find his other wrist snatched up in the others free hand. Sora felt himself being tugged off the wall, and his back facing the alleyways entrance.

"Well, since you asked so nicely.." The other cocked his head to one side and spoke sarcastically, eyes peering over the younger ones shoulder to the opening between the buildings. The voices were growing louder.."Hey! Stop you little brat!" His voice then rang out, overdramatizing as if he had actually been chasing the boy.

Sora cast him a panicked look, right before his captor released him with a knowing grin, and a sweetly whispered "we'll be in touch" He had tugged him close, and then released him, pushing him hard so that the boy rolled backwards and right into the arms of the surprised cop as he darted by.

There was little struggle. How could he fight two oversized cops off anyway? Especially given that he was so scrawny himself. Growling nonetheless, he still fought, tugging violently at the cops that tried to maintain him with hard hands clutched tightly around bony arms.

Meanwhile, the other teen watched the scene unfold with a smirk, before he turned tail and fled, disappearing into the shadows and around the opposite entrance of the alleyway before either of the cops realized there had even been another party present.

But as he fled, Sora was struck with a sudden thought, a sense of familiarity even.

"I know him from somewhere..."