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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Strawberries: she smelled of strawberries. That was the first thought that came into Retasu's mind when she saw Minto that afternoon. This confused her somewhat as Minto never smelled like strawberries, but she put it down to some new perfume Minto had bought. Yes, that was probably it. Sill it was awfully familiar to her, almost too familiar… Retasu shook the thought away; she had probably just smelt the scent somewhere before, but where she didn't know.

Minto was sitting on the grass under the tree and Retasu noted an uncommonly sad look in her eyes, but she decided it must have been a trick of the light as when she looked again it was gone. Minto glanced up and smiled at her, her eyes seeming to glimmer with tears, but then they were gone.

Retasu sat down next to Minto, the grass damp and chill and the shad welcomming in comparison to the summer's humid heat. She turned to see that Minto still had hardly seemed to notice her: she was completely lost in her own thoughts, a brooding angel. It was almost enough to make Retasu sob in greif: beauty is not supposed to be enveloped in sadness.

She leant over to her friend, closer and closer until her lips brushed the other girls. She drew away and saw that Minto wasn't truly there, no matter how passionate the kiss had been.

"You taste like… like…" Retasu stuttered.

"Like mint," Minto replied. "I know; she told me that too."

It was then that Retasu realised exactly why Minto smelled of strawberries. Her heart shattered.