'Okay, so what if I did? I was only trying to protect Wyatt.' The young whitelighter said trying to plead his case.
'By tricking us?' Yelled one very angry Piper Halliwell as she folds her arms across her chest, trying hard not to blow the boy to pieces.
'I had to!'
'Why?' Replied the middle sister.
'Because the only reason I came here was to keep Wyatt from turning evil!'
'Turning evil?' Questiones Leo.
'Wait, don't you mean stopping evil from hurting him?' Added Paige.
'I didn't think you'd help me if you knew the truth. I knew you wouldn't. The evil from the future I came back to stop isn't a demon. It's Wyatt.'
'You're lying.' The older Charmed One spoke not wanting to believe her sweet angel could possibly turn evil.
'No, I'm not. He's gonna grow up and terrorise people with his powers, take over. Kill even.'
'Why should we believe you after all the lies?' Leo said moving closer to the group.
'Because you have to….' Chris replied not willing to let them ignore the truth.
'No, Chris, we don't, actually.' Piper replied.
'Fine, then don't. Either way, we need to save Wyatt now and I'm the one who knows how to do it.' He continued.
'Really? How?'
'The Order. They used their powers to turn him, to reverse his morality. See, he thinks bad is good now, and good is bad. That's why his shield repelled you.'
'So?' Replied an angry Leo.
'So Wyatt brings his shield up around me. He thinks I'm a threat.'
'Yeah, so do I.' Piper replied in a low growl.
'Listen to me, they reversed his sense of morality. That means his shield will protect him from you but not from me. Please, I'm the only one who can save him. Let me help.'
'Chris, we don't need your help. I will get my son back, and when I do, I don't wanna see you anymore….'
Chris stungs wants to say something but sees everyone agrees with her.
'I'm sorry.'
Chris orbs out to the backroom of P3. He throws himself on the bed and feels tears in his eyes.
'What did I do that is so wrong…They hate me here… I don't belong here…'
He makes a decision and orbs to the Manor and starts flipping through the book. And he soon finds what he's looking for. He draws a triquetra on the wall and starts chanting the spell.
'Hear these words, hear the rhyme
Heed the hope within my mind.
Send me forth to where I'll find
What I wish in place and time.'
The triquetra starts glowing and Chris steps through it towards his own time…