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Prolog - Hiei & Kurama's second meeting.

Sitting at his desk, unsuccessfully trying to concentrate on his homework, a young boy glanced at his bedroom window for probably the hundredth time. His thoughts kept wandering to the demon he had met the day before. 'Met' might be stretching it, fought and bandaged would be more accurate. For the first time in his short human life his heart pounded with anticipation as he waited to see if the young demon would return.

He had spent eleven lonely years trapped in this human world waiting for his demon spirit to heal so he could return home to Makai. After ten long years he had finally become strong enough but had been reluctant to leave. Though his demon soul hadn't expected to care for any of these weak humans, his human heart couldn't help but fall in love with the woman who had sheltered him in her womb and loved him since his human birth.

Yesterday however his life took a dramatic turn. He had felt the distinct ki of a lower class demon following him. Leading the demon to a secluded area they had fought. After defeating him, the boy had taken the unconscious demon home and bandaged his wounds. Watching the demon before he'd woken, the boy felt alive for the first time since his demon death eleven years before.

When the demon woke and realized he'd fought the wrong person he had tried to leave but the boy had stopped him. Convincing him to stay a few hours to heal the boy had brought him food and they had talked, or rather the boy had talked and the demon grunted occasionally. Two hours later when the boy's mother had come to his room to check on him the demon escaped out the window.

Throwing his pencil down on the desk the boy rose. His ancient demon spirit craved the companionship of another demon. He was going to tell his mother he was taking a bath then sneak out the window to look for the young demon. Just as he reached for his doorknob he heard a faint tapping on his bedroom window.

Turning, his heart raced and he smiled at the familiar green eyes of the demon gazing back at him. Rushing over, Hiei threw open the window and welcomed his new friend. "Welcome back Kurama."

Chapter 1 - Ten years later.

Hiei made his way across the university campus trying to avoid the dozen or so fan girls, and occasional fan boy, that pursued him. Hiei was considered very handsome, especially by his fellow college students.

Of average height he had a slender but muscular build. He had dark garnet eyes that appeared to be a rusty brown. As a human his silky, jet black hair hung just below his shoulders in soft waves. Gorgeous hair, unique eyes and a muscular body made for a very sexy man.

When Hiei allowed his demon energy to flare however his eyes became a vibrant red and his hair stood straight up with a stark white starburst appearing in his bangs. By the time his human body was sixteen Hiei's strength and speed had almost reached his pre-death peak. With training and the help of the Fruit of the Past Life he'd experimented with during the dark tournament he was once again able to reveal and control his jagan eye at will.

Hiei thought he had escaped his fans when he made it to the parking lot but just as he reached his car three young women jumped out from behind it giggling.

One of the coeds rushed forward. "Oh Hiei, you're so cute. Will you go out with me?"

Another pushed her aside. "I'm prettier than her Hiei, you should be with me."

A third girl shook her head and rolled her eyes as she stepped in front of both of them. "You are both wrong. Hiei loves me and we're going to…"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you ladies but I already have someone I care about. Now if you will excuse me my mother is expecting me." With that Hiei got in his car and drove away leaving the three women crying.

Half an hour later Hiei arrived at the home where he lived with his mother Shiori, his stepfather Hatanaka and his stepbrother Shuuichi. Entering the house he called out. "Mother?"

From the kitchen Shiori called back. "In here Hiei Dear." Though his mother had named him Shuuichi at birth when she had remarried and her stepson's name was also Shuuichi she understood his desire to use the nickname his friends called him, Hiei.

Entering the kitchen Hiei saw his mother baking cookies. Smiling he kissed her on the cheek. "Hello Mother. What's the occasion? You haven't made cookies in months."

Shiori grinned. "Well, since my family doesn't really appreciate them I save cookie making for someone who does."

Hiei's eyes widened before he glanced up. Shiori chuckled. "I was going to get the towels out of your bathroom and found him asleep on your bed. He must be really worn out because he didn't wake up when I walked in."

Hiei didn't know what to say. "Mother, I…"

Shiori gave him a knowing smile. "It's alright Son. Kurama may be a little rough around the edges but I know he's very special to you. Here, take these up to him but don't let him spoil his dinner."

Shiori had unofficially adopted Kurama when Hiei as about sixteen. She had caught Hiei sneaking food to the boy he'd been hiding in his room. After finding out Kurama was an orphan Shiori had given him an open invitation to eat or sleep there anytime he wanted. When she discovered Kurama's secret love for cookies she couldn't resist indulging the boy she had grown to love like one of her sons.

Hiei accepted the plate of cookies his mother handed him before kissing her cheek. "Thank you Mother."

Quietly, Hiei crept into his room, his heart pounding at the beautiful sight before him. Kurama lay asleep on his bed curled up on his side. His long red hair fanned around his head like a halo of flames. Moving closer Hiei stood for several minutes just watching the man he secretly loved. If only he could crawl into bed with him and feel those strong arms wrap around him. That would be like a touch of heaven.

Kurama looked so innocent when he slept that Hiei's heart ached when he thought about how rough his young friend's life had really been. Hated by his own people he had been literally torn from his mother's arms and thrown away as a baby. Raised by thieves he had learned to steal, fight and kill at a very young age.

Branded as forbidden the young demon had spent most of his life alone. Only after leaving the demon world in search of his sister had he finally found someone he would grudgingly call friend. But Kurama was more than just a friend to Hiei. To Hiei he was the most beautiful creature ever born. He was Hiei's best friend, fighting partner and the man he had loved since the first day they met.

Kurama didn't know Hiei loved him of course. Hiei knew the demon would never return what he called Hiei's 'stupid human emotions'. Many times over the years Kurama had told him how his love for his human mother had made him weak. Looking at Kurama now, his eyes full of love, Hiei couldn't help but think that his love for Shiori as well as for Kurama had helped make him strong.

Hiei smiled when the Youko's nose twitched as he smelled the cookies even in his sleep. Hiei only had a moment to mask his love behind a smile of friendship as sleepy green eyes blinked up at him. "Hello sleepyhead. Welcome back, I've missed you my friend."

Sitting up Kurama turned away trying to hide a blush. "Hn."

Hiei teasingly waved the plate of cookies before holding it behind him. "That's no way to treat me when I'm the one holding all the cookies."

Big green eyes sparkled as Kurama eyed the plate of cookies mischievously. "Cookies?"

Hiei couldn't help but laugh when the redhead hopped off the bed and advanced on him. His laughter died when he realized he was the obstacle between Kurama and the cookies and nothing kept Kurama from his cookies. Before he could hand Kurama the plate Hiei found himself practically in Kurama's arms as the demon tried to get at it.

When Hiei gasped Kurama seemed to realize what he was doing and jumped back. When Kurama glanced at the window as if he would leave Hiei quickly waved the plate under his nose. "You wouldn't leave without these would you? My mother made them just for you."

Kurama hesitated only a moment before taking the plate. Turning away he went and sat cross-legged in the middle of the bed before picking up a cookie. Hiei grinned as he sat on the edge of the bed. "Don't I even get one?"

Holding a half eaten cookie Kurama counted six, including the one in his hand and the one he's already eaten, and shook his head. "No, there isn't enough."

Hiei laughed. "Alright you cookie monster but you'd better not get crumbs in my bed or your sleeping on the floor. By the way, Mother said not to spoil your dinner by eating too many of those."

Mid-bite Kurama looked at Hiei over the top of the last cookie, before shrugging and finishing it off. "Will they be here?"

Shaking his head Hiei took the empty plate at put it on the nightstand. "No, Father's out of the country on business and since he's on break from school he took Shuuichi along for the trip. They won't be back for two weeks."

Though Kurama had eventually learned to accept Shiori in his own way, he had not been so easy to accept the addition of her new husband and stepson a few years later. Though he tried not to show it Kurama had begun to understand Hiei's feelings towards the ningen woman.

Somehow, without Kurama realizing it, Shiori had become one of the few people he would protect with his life and that was a very short list. Topping that list of course were his sister and his fire demon. Silently he berated himself for the slip. Even though he had finally confessed his feelings for the fire demon, even if only to himself, it still startled him when he thought of Hiei as his. He knew a demon of Hiei's caliber would never lower himself to love the forbidden child.

Demon or human Hiei was loved by all. Oh there were those in Makai who had branded him a traitor but given the opportunity every one of them would be his sex toy if the legendary Hiei Jaganshi were to ask. Then there were the fan girls and boys that had pursued him since before he reached his human puberty.

Hiei was even desired by all three lords of Makai. Lady Mukuro, Hiei's former gang member and former lover had made it very clear that she would welcome him as her lover again. Their teammate Yusuke had made more than one pass at him over the years, that is when Keiko wasn't around. Even Kurama's own boss Lord Yomi had confided in him that he wouldn't mind bedding the sexy fire demon.

No, Kurama would never confess his feelings for his best friend. He knew his love for Hiei would always remain hidden in the shadows where he himself belonged. Never would he know the feel of Hiei's arms around him for he was a child of hell and would never be allowed to touch heaven.

When Hiei waved a hand in front of his face he looked up startled. "Kurama, is something wrong? You look a little out of it."

Kurama bit his lip and looked away and shrugged. "Yomi's been busting my ass training day and night for months now. I guess I'm just tired."

Green eyes widened when Hiei placed his hand over Kurama's. "Then you've come to the right place. Mother's fixing a nice meal for you and then you can have a bath before I tuck you in and you can sleep as much as you want. How long before you have to be back?"

Kurama was unable to meet his gaze when Hiei didn't release his hand. "He gave me two weeks off."

The redhead's heart was pounding when Hiei squeezed his fingers. "That's perfect then. You can stay here with Mother and me."

Hiei spent the next two hours catching Kurama up on the things that had been happening with their friends and family in the Ningenkai. Allowing Hiei's deep voice to surround him, Kurama quietly listened. Occasionally Kurama would grunt or say whatever was necessary to keep the fire demon talking. He didn't say it out loud but Kurama had missed Hiei terribly.

"Hiei, Kurama, dinner's ready!" At Shiori's call both men rose from the bed and went downstairs.

When they entered the kitchen Shiori immediately went to Kurama. With a huge smile she gave him a hug which he tentatively returned. Pulling back she regarded him fondly. "You wicked boy, you've been gone too long. I swear you've grown even taller since the last time I saw you. And look at how thin you are! I'm sure you're working too hard and not eating right."

Kurama blushed at all the attention the ningen woman showered on him. Hiei smiled before taking pity on his friend. "Then you had better feed him Mother."

Within minutes they were seated at the table with Kurama's plate piled high with all his favorite dishes. The Youko was excused from having to join most of the conversation since he was busy eating.

When dinner ended Hiei took Kurama upstairs and drew him a hot bath. As the tub filled Hiei set out towels, Kurama's favorite shampoo, his toothbrush and a pair of sleep pants. Reluctantly Hiei left his friend to bathe alone as he went to help Shiori clean the kitchen.

It didn't take Shiori long to broach the subject of Kurama and his job. "Hiei why does he have to work so far away? He's not taking care of himself all alone. He needs people around him who will take care of him."

Hiei sighed. "I wish there were something I could do about it Mother but I can't. Kurama has to decide for himself what's best for him."

With a huff Shiori turned on him. "You could do something about it Hiei if you would just tell him how you feel. He'd have to stay if you were a couple."

Throwing down the dishtowel he was using Hiei faced her. "It wouldn't work that way Mother. It would be me going with him, then you wouldn't have either one of us. Is that what you want?"

Shiori smiled, reaching out to caress her son's cheek. "No, what I want is for my boys to be happy. I know the only way for that to truly happen is for the two of you to be together, even if it means you leave me behind."

Hiei smiled gently. "I will never leave you behind Mother. I may love him but I love you too. Besides, you're forgetting one very important fact. Kurama doesn't love me."

With a laugh Shiori put the last of the dishes away. "Oh Hiei, I think you would be pleasantly surprised if you would just talk to him. Kurama's always been shy and unsure when it comes to his feelings. If you are ever to be together you will have to make the first move."

Hiei sighed. "I'll think about it Mother. He's got two weeks off, let's just wait and see what happens."

Kissing her cheek Hiei turned to go upstairs smiling when his mother called after him. "Don't let him go to bed with his hair wet Hiei. I don't want him to get sick."

Entering his room Hiei stopped and stared as Kurama came out of the bathroom wearing just sleep pants. His beautiful muscles flexed as he toweled his hair. Only when Kurama lowered the towel and looked at him with a raised eyebrow did he realize he'd been caught staring. "Mother doesn't want you going to bed with wet hair. She's afraid you'll get sick. Go sit on the bed and I'll dry it for you."

Kurama's heart raced at what his friend was about to do. The first time Hiei had done it Kurama had shoved him away. Now he just hoped he could get through it without moaning in pleasure. "I'm a demon Hiei, I won't get sick from wet hair."

Holding his hairbrush Hiei regarded his friend. "Do you want to be the one to answer my mother if she comes in here and finds your hair wet?"

"Hn." Kurama rolled his eyes before sitting on the bed. He was one of the most powerful demons in Makai and he here he was afraid of having his hair brushed and dried. Afraid because he loved it when Hiei fussed over him in any way. This however was the worst possible torture for a demon trying to hide his feelings for his best friend.

This was more than Hiei fussing over him. This was his sexy fire demon kneeling behind him, touching him, brushing his hair, feeding his warm fire ki through the brush to dry his hair. Hiei's hands unknowingly stoked some of the Youko's most sensitive areas. Caressing where his Youko ears would be if he weren't hiding in this humanoid form. Then his fingers whispered across his sensitive neck causing Kurama to clutch the towel tighter in his lap as he tried to cover his growing arousal.

So caught up in the wonderful sensations Hiei caused, Kurama didn't notice he had finished until Hiei reached around him to take the towel. "All done Kurama."

Hiei chuckled when the redhead jumped and practically dove under the covers. Thinking Kurama must be tired Hiei went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. When he climbed into bed Kurama had his back turned to him.

Looking at the red hair fanned across the pillow Hiei whished he could bury his fingers in it again. He loved brushing Kurama's hair. Both his red hair and the glorious silver mane of his Youko form were so soft and beautiful Hiei wished he could touch them more often. Being a Youko Kurama had the ability to change between his Youko, Koorime and fox forms at will.

Hiei smiled as he compared his best friend's different forms. His Youko form was magnificent. Over six feet tall and muscular he carried himself with a grace the demon didn't even know he possessed. Adorable ears peeked out from the silver hair that flowed down his back to below his waist. He had golden eyes that could pierce you to your soul when they glared at you. Then there was that sexy tail that twitched, swished or flicked depending on the Youko's mood.

When Kurama had to be among humans he took his Koorime form. He had big green eyes that Hiei wanted to drown in when they gazed at him from under blood red bangs. His beautiful red hair hung well past his muscular shoulders. This form wasn't as tall as his Youko form but still slightly taller than Hiei. Hiei didn't mind either way though since he had always liked taller men.

The only feature Kurama had in common in both forms was the white dragon tattoo he bore on his right arm. His power as a Youko had given him the ability to call the white dragon from the depths of spirit world and his Koorime blood had given him the ability to control the dragon's ice attack. After mastering the technique at the dark tournament the white dragon tattoo had appeared on his right arm visible in either of his forms.

Though Hiei loved both of his friend's forms he couldn't say the same for Kurama. Kurama had been born from a Koorime mother and a Youko father. In either form he was branded as forbidden.

The Koorime were an all female race of ice maidens. They all bore the Koorime traits of golden eyes and fair hair in aqua, white or silver. Fearing he would be their destruction the Koorime threw him away for being born a male and having physical traits from his Youko father. As a Youko he had Koorime coloring and as a Koorime he had Youko coloring.

When he was old enough Kurama had traveled to Youko territory hoping for acceptance from his father's people. They too had let him down, shunning him even in his Youko form. Apparently silver Youkos were outcasts even among their own kind, usually sold as slaves or prostitutes.

Feeling an uncontrollable need to comfort his friend, even if he was asleep, Hiei reached out placing his hand on Kurama's back. When the redhead didn't acknowledge the touch Hiei figured he'd fallen asleep and leaned close whispering in his ear. "Sweet dreams my Fox."

Kurama didn't move, pretending to sleep until he heard Hiei's breath grow even. Carefully, so as not to waken his friend, Kurama slowly turned to face Hiei. The hand that had rested on his back lay between them on the bed. Tentatively Kurama took Hiei's hand in his and whispered back. "Goodnight my pretty Firefly."

The next morning Shiori treated them to a big breakfast before they headed to the temple. It took handful of Shiori's cookies but Hiei finally persuaded Kurama to ride to the temple in his car. An hour later they climbed the steps where their friends awaited.

They were just approaching the temple when a squeal was heard and Yukina came flying out the door. Hiei laughed when the Koorime launched herself from the porch pouncing Kurama. "Big brother! I missed you so much!"

Only Kurama's strength and quick reflexes kept him on his feet. Not wanting to drop his sister Kurama was forced to wrap his arms around her. "Hello Yukina."

With her arms still around his neck she nuzzled her cheek against his and licked his ear. Almost against his will Kurama nuzzled back. Though Yukina had no physical resemblance to their Youko father she did have several Youko tendencies.

As the siblings cuddled Hiei climbed the porch steps to join their friends. Kuwabara smiled a greeting. "She's been on cloud nine since you called this morning Hiei. Blood must be thicker than water because I don't get what she sees in that punk."

Gently placing Yukina on the ground Kurama growled up at Kuwabara. "And I don't get what my sister sees in a weakling human oaf like you!"

Before Kuwabara could respond Yusuke stepped between them. "I see nothings changed, Kurama and Kuwabara still go at it like school yard punks. Hey Kurama, welcome back. You need to stop being such a stranger. Your sister and your fire demon don't like it when you're gone for months on end."

Kurama glanced at Hiei who tried not to blush. "I get tired of training with just them. It'll be nice to spar someone who fights with more than just brute strength."

Kurama smirked. "So you want an opponent who fights with his brain not by the seat of his pants."

Once again on the defensive Kuwabara shot back. "At least I fight with a sword and not flowers like some girl."

Only Hiei's hand on Kurama's arm kept Kuwabara alive. "He's not worth going to Reikai prison for Fox."

"Hn. Let's show them how it's done then Hiei." With that Kurama and Hiei walked out to the field where they trained.

The former teammates all sparred until lunch was called, Hiei and Yusuke not allowing Kurama and Kuwabara to spar each other for fear of a real fight. After lunch Yukina dragged Kurama out to work on her garden. Yusuke and Kuwabara made a beer run for what was sure to become a party later on. Keiko went with them to get snacks.

Hiei smiled as he watched Kurama with his sister. As much as he tried to hide it the Youko was enjoying his time with his sister. It didn't hurt that they were doing one of his favorite things, tending a garden.

Kurama may not have been accepted by either the Koorime or Youkos but that wasn't the case with Yukina. The ice maiden had accepted Kurama even before knowing he was her brother. Since finding out that Kurama was her long lost brother she had showered him with more love and kindness than the Youko had ever known.

The twins finished their work in the garden just as the others were returning. Yusuke had rented a movie and everyone settled in the living room to watch it. As hard as they tried they couldn't get Kurama to sit with them. The Youko preferred to sit in the open doorway and watch the trees rather than a movie.

When the movie ended they made dinner and ate. After dinner they sat around deciding what to do. Yusuke and Kuwabara had had more than a few beers and wanted to play games like they had as teens. When Kurama rolled his eyes Kuwabara sneered. "What's the matter? Is Hiei's pet fox afraid of a little game of truth or dare?"

Kurama growled. "I'll take any dare that buffoon's pea brain of yours can come up with."

Hiei shook his head hoping his friend wouldn't regret those words. Trying to calm things down the girls started the game followed by Hiei. It was apparent though when it was Yusuke's turn and he faced Hiei that this game was a bad idea. Yusuke knew about Hiei's feelings for Kurama so when Hiei chose truth and he heard the question the fire demon knew his friend was up to no good. "Alright Hiei, if you had one, would you rather have a girlfriend or a boyfriend?"

Hiei was grateful he'd chosen not to drink. Casually, as if the question meant nothing, Hiei replied. "Boyfriend."

This made it Kuwabara's turn and of course he turned to Kurama rubbing his hands together with a laugh. "Cool! Since Hiei says he likes men anyways, I dare you to kiss him brat. And I mean a real, no holds barred, tongues touching kiss. That is unless you're chicken Flower Boy."

Yukina and Keiko gasped. Yusuke was speechless, afraid he would have to rescue Kuwabara from the Youko's wrath. Hiei's eyes had gone wide and he was pale as a sheet.

Kurama on the other hand was caught up in the dare. "Hn. You'll have to do better than that if you want to beat me you stupid human."

Though they were all surprised, no one more so than Hiei when Kurama grabbed the back of his head and planted a heart-stopping kiss on him. Hiei could only hold on to Kurama's arm for dear life when the redhead's tongue invaded his mouth. Just when Hiei would have melted against him with a moan Kurama pulled away.

Hiei was left blushing and breathing hard as his friends stared on in disbelief. Kuwabara looked shocked. "Damn Kurama, I didn't think you knew how to kiss. I mean, I thought you were a virgin."

Green eyes flickered with gold as Kurama glared at Kuwabara. "Hn, the only virgin here is you Fool! And my little sister of course, because if she's not you're a dead man!"

Yukina blushed and giggled. "Not to worry Brother, no one needs to die tonight."

After only the first round of the game Hiei decided it would only get worse. "You know guys, we really should get going. I told my mother we wouldn't be late."

Goodbyes were said and before long Hiei and Kurama were headed home. They drove in silence for some time before Kurama broke the silence. "Hiei, I… um…"

Hiei smiled nervously. "Don't worry about it Kurama, I know you only kissed me as part of the game. It was a pretty good kiss though. You must keep your lovers very happy."

Kurama grunted. "Hn, I don't have a lover."

Hiei tried to keep the relief out of his voice. "Oh, I thought you must when you said you weren't a virgin."

The eyes that glared at Hiei held a hint of gold once again. "You don't have to have a lover to lose your virginity in the Makai Hiei."

Angry, Hiei gripped the steering wheel so tight he was surprised it didn't break. "I'm sorry Kurama, I didn't know."

Looking out the window Kurama shrugged. "It isn't something you announce to just anyone. Besides, it was a long time ago and I when I was older and stronger I went back and killed them. Youko territory has a new respect for this silver Youko now."

Hiei was glad he'd parked the car because he had to close his eyes and take several breaths to calm himself. Kurama had been just a child when he'd gone to Youko territory hoping to find a family. Kurama had only told him they hadn't accepted him not that he'd been raped.

Realizing Kurama had gotten out of the car Hiei joined him. Together they went inside. It appeared Shiori had gone to bed so the two went straight up to Hiei's room. They didn't speak as they each got ready for bed. When they crawled in bed Kurama would have turned his back on Hiei but the fire demon reached out and stopped him.

Kurama was surprised when Hiei laced their fingers together then pulled their joined hands until they rested against his bare chest. "Kurama, I don't mean to keep dredging this up, but can I ask you a question?"

Kurama had been afraid that the subject they discussed in the car wasn't over but he just shrugged. "Hn."

Hiei drew a breath before speaking softly. "Is that the only time you've… been intimate with someone? I mean, have you ever made love for pleasure?"

Though he didn't want to have this conversation he did like the feeling of Hiei holding his hand. "I don't understand how anyone could find pleasure in giving or receiving pain in such a manner. I swore no one would ever touch me like that again."

With a smile Hiei squeezed his hand. "Kurama, do you think I would have had so many willing lovers before my death if sex meant causing or receiving pain? I assure you I have never raped anyone, nor have I ever left a lover unsatisfied."

Kurama wasn't convinced. "You were more cruel before your death and you were the dominant partner. If you had ever been on the bottom you would understand."

Hiei chuckled. "I wasn't always dominant Fox. My old partner Kuronue and I were lovers for many years and he rarely let me be dominant. He had the ridiculous idea that since I was smaller I had to be on the bottom. I can assure you I wouldn't have begged for more if he didn't see to my pleasure as well as his own."

Kurama rolled onto his back, looking away, before Hiei could see his jealousy at the mention of Hiei's dead lover Kuronue. "Hn."

Hiei drew a deep breath for courage before he spoke again. "Kurama, if you ever want to experience the pleasure from making love I would be happy to be your partner. I'd even let you be on top."

At the last part there was a teasing note in Hiei's voice but when the fire demon leaned over him and placed a firm but gentle kiss on his lips Kurama knew he was serious. When Hiei pulled away from the kiss Kurama expected him to release his hand and return to his side of he bed. Green eyes widened in shock when Hiei settled their joined hands against his chest before resting his dark head on Kurama's shoulder. "Think about it Kurama. Goodnight."

Kurama lay there unmoving until he felt Hiei's even breathing caress his shoulder and neck. Once he was sure Hiei was asleep he allowed the arm lying behind his friend to creep around him, pulling him closer. When Hiei sighed contentedly and snuggled against him Kurama closed his eyes and drifted to sleep with his own little piece of heaven resting in his arms.