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In the morning Kurama woke with a horny fire demon in his arms. Warm hands and lips had the Youko moaning in seconds. Knowing his mate would be sore after their first night as lovers Kurama took a deep breath trying to gain control of himself.

Before Hiei could entice him into another round of lovemaking Kurama slid from the bed. At Hiei's disappointed moan Kurama smirked and scooped him up in his arms. Hiei blushed as his mate carried him naked into the bathroom. "I can walk Koibito."

Kurama kissed him playfully. "Yes, but this is more fun. You gave me so much last night Fire-Baby I want to take care of you now."

Hiei's heart swelled with love as Kurama set him down with another kiss then turned on the shower. When the water was steaming Kurama picked him up again setting him gently under the water. Joining him in the shower Kurama proceeded to wash their hair and bodies.

When he was happy with how clean he and his mate were Kurama reached into his silver hair withdrawing a seed. Infusing it with a small amount of his ki it quickly grew into a Makai fire blossom. After dipping his fingers into it's center they were coated with the flower's nectar. When Kurama pulled him close Hiei moaned as his mate massaged him with the warm nectar. Kurama seemed to know every achy spot on his body created by their night of love. "Gods Fox, that feels so good."

Easing one kind of ache in his lover's body was quickly creating a new one. When Hiei began rubbing his aroused body against him Kurama leaned down to kiss him. The fire blossom receded back to a seed and was tucked away. Hiei was so lost in the lips traveling down his body he didn't see his mate withdraw another seed. "Lean against the wall Hiei-Koi and I'll make you feel even better."

Implementing his lovemaking lesson from last night Kurama used his hands and mouth to pleasure his mate. With Kurama supporting him Hiei shifted, resting one foot on the opposite edge of the tub giving his lover more room to work. Distracted by the warm mouth surrounding him Hiei gasped when the nectar coated fingers touching him were no longer warm but cool as they soothed his tender flesh more intimately.

The duel assault of hands and mouth pleasuring him quickly had Hiei screaming his release. Strong hands helped ease Hiei down in the tub. By the time Hiei could focus again the shower was off, the tub was filling and he was settled between Kurama's legs laying back against his strong chest. Lacing their fingers together Hiei pulled Kurama's arms around him. "Lover, if you keep taking such good care of me I'll gladly let you keep the dominant role."

Kurama chuckled. "You seem so sated I may have to give the submissive role a try some day."

Hiei turned startled eyes to him. "I won't ask it of you Koi but if you ever decide you want to try it I'll give you so much pleasure I promise you will never regret it."

Turning in his lover's arms Hiei kissed the Youko before using his hand to bring him to his own heated release. After that he had Kurama change forms and proceeded to wash his redheaded mate. When they left the bathroom Hiei flared his ki drying himself then turned all his attention to his lover.

Kurama had always loved it when Hiei dried his hair, that was nothing compared to how it felt to have Hiei use his warm ki to dry not only his hair but his whole body then settle between his legs to pleasure him with his warm mouth. Soft red hair fanned out on the bed as Kurama buried his fingers in Hiei's black hair before crying out his release.

Clean, dry and sated the lovers cuddled a while before dressing and going to look for something to eat. As they finished eating the phone rang. Hiei stole a quick kiss before answering it. "Hatanaka-Minamino residence."

Hiei smiled hearing his mother's voice. "Hello Son. It's Mother."

Hiei grinned and turned to look at where Kurama sat at the kitchen table. "Mother, how is your trip?"

Kurama winked and held out his arms. "Everything is fine Hiei. More importantly how are things with you and Kurama?"

Hiei blushed as he went to sit on the redhead's lap. "Kurama and I are wonderful Mother."

At the mention of his name Kurama grinned and slipped a hand between Hiei's legs. "Oh, I'm so happy for you dear. Is it too soon for me to come home this evening?"

The hand on him had Hiei throwing his head back against Kurama's shoulder as he struggled to keep his voice even. "No Mother… th… that will be fine. Just tell me wh… what time and I'll have… dinner ready."

Shiori giggled. "Sounds like I need to let you go Hiei. Kiss Kurama for me and I'll see you about six."

As Kurama began nibbling on his neck Hiei quickly told his mother to drive careful and hung up before turning in his lovers arms and gave him a heart stopping kiss. "My mother sent you a kiss Koi."

Kurama's eyes widened. "Not that last one I hope."

Hiei laughed and kissed his cheek. "Is that one better Love?"

Green eyes seemed to consider his words carefully. "From Shiori yes, from you I liked the other one better."

Hiei grinned. "That was wicked of you to tease me like that while I was talking to her."

Hiei's grin faded at the serious looked in Kurama's eyes. "Hiei, what happens now?"

Hiei knew he was referring to what would happen with them when Shiori came home and Kurama had to return to Makai. Hiei gave him a tender kiss. "My mother has been bugging me to convince you to move here for a while now."

Kurama glared. "You know I can't do that Hiei."

Giving him a little smile Hiei nodded. "I know Koi. That's what I told my mother the other day. I also told her that if we were together that I would be going away with you."

Shocked green eyes widened. "Do you mean that Hiei? Will you really come home with me?"

Shyly, Hiei nodded again. "Yes Kurama, I will. I've waited so long for you there is no way I'm letting you leave without me again."

They shared a passionate kiss before Hiei pulled away and stood. "Foxie, I have a lot to do before my mother gets back. I need to clean up, do some shopping and fix dinner. Why don't you visit your sister and tell her about us while I get my chores done?"

Nodding, Kurama kissed him briefly before he left. Hiei sighed. He really did have a lot to do but most of all he needed to prepare himself to talk to his mother tonight. If he was going to leave her to go home to Makai he was going to tell her the truth about him being a demon.

When Kurama returned Hiei was in the kitchen fixing dinner. Masking his ki he snuck up on his mate. Hiei wasn't easily fooled though and turned into his arms at the last second. "I missed you so much my Fox."

What started as a kiss hello quickly became much more. Before he knew it Hiei found himself pinned against the counter by a ravenous redhead. Kurama slipped a hand under Hiei's behind lifting him off the ground and Hiei wrapped his legs around Kurama in an attempt to get closer than their clothes would allow.

Both were so caught up in their passion that they didn't hear Shiori come home. Soft giggles from the kitchen doorway startled them from their kiss. When Kurama would have let him go Hiei held tight. If Kurama stepped back Shiori would see hard evidence of their passion bulging from the front of both of their pants.

Realizing their predicament Shiori laughed harder. "Um… I'm going to go put my stuff away while you two… finish dinner."

Hiei was mortified as he heard his mother's laughter trail up the stairs. When Kurama's shoulders shook in amusement Hiei pushed him away playfully. "Horny Fox, you couldn't wait until we were alone?"

Kurama glared halfheartedly "We were alone when we started Fire-Brat!"

Hiei turned to check the oven with a grin. "I'm just glad she didn't see us finish."

An hour later the three sat at the kitchen table eating lasagna and salad. Shiori had enthusiastically welcomed Kurama to the family. "Kurama darling you have always been part of this family but now you really are one of my sons."

Kurama had blushed and quietly thanked her. After that Shiori had discretely gotten most of the details of how they had finally confessed their love out of them when suddenly she hesitated. "Is it safe to say you are… lovers now?"

Hiei tried not to blush. "Yes Mother, we are."

Shiori nodded and started to say more but stopped. Curious Hiei prompted her. "Mother?"

Hiei watched as his mother blushed a deep red. "It really is none of my business… it's just that I've never been around a gay couple before…I was just curious… oh, never mind."

This time Hiei did blushed. "It's alright Mother. I think you were going to ask which role I take when we make love."

If possible Shiori's blush deepened as she nodded. Hiei glanced to Kurama for approval before answered. "I… um… I'm on the bottom Mother."

Shiori looked startled. "Really? I mean you have always been so confident and strong I just thought… well Kurama's strong too and a little taller maybe… oh dear."

She stopped when Hiei gave a little laugh. "Confidence, strength and height aren't the reason mother."

Curious Shiori looked between the two but Hiei didn't elaborate. After a moment Kurama spoke softly. "It's alright if you tell her what happened Hiei, I don't mind."

Smiling Hiei reached out and squeezed Kurama's hand. "Mother, something happened to Kurama when he was younger that makes it easier for him to accept the dominant roll in our relationship. Since I happen to enjoy the role I have we are both very happy with the way things have worked out."

Even though Hiei's explanation was vague Shiori understood the horrible implication of her son's words. Shiori knew Kurama wouldn't accept her pity so she just reached out and caressed his cheek. "I'm so happy you've found someone like Hiei to love you Kurama, you deserve it. I also hope that whoever hurt you was properly punished."

For just a moment Kurama leaned into her caress. When he pulled back his green eyes were tinged in gold. "They will never hurt anyone ever again."

After they finished eating, Shiori and Hiei cleaned the kitchen while Kurama flipped channels on the TV. When that was done Hiei took Shiori by the hand and led her to the living room. Both Kurama and Shiori looked at him curiously as Hiei turned off the TV before sitting beside his mate. "Mother, there is more we need to talk about. I meant what I said the other day when I said I would be moving away if Kurama and I ever got together. I need you to understand what that really means."

Shiori was very confused when Hiei then asked her if she believed in reincarnation. From there she was even more confused when he asked if she believed in demons before asking her beliefs on the three worlds. After a lengthy conversation, where Kurama remained silently at Hiei's side, Shiori put up her hands. "Hiei wait. What in the world does all this have to do with you going away with Kurama?"

Calmly Hiei took her by the hand. "I'm getting to that Mother."

Shiori sat transfixed as Hiei told her of his life and ultimate death as a demon. He then explained his rebirth as her son and eventually recovering his demon powers. "I'm sorry Mother. I love you and I never meant to lie to you."

Staring at him in disbelief Shiori finally spoke. "How am I suppose to believe all this. You are my son, I would know if you were a demon."

When Hiei just hung his head Kurama placed a hand on his arm. "You need to show her Fire-Baby."

Hiei's eyes pleaded with his mate's. "She'll hate me Fox."

Giving Hiei a brief kiss, Kurama glanced at Shiori before he spoke. "Perhaps… or maybe she'll be the mother you've always said she was and love you just the same."

Releasing Shiori's hand Hiei gripped Kurama's where it rested on his arm. Closing his eyes Hiei flared his ki. Black hair rose to form the familiar spiked style of Hiei's demon form. A white starburst suddenly appeared in his bangs and a crease appeared on his forehead. When he opened his eyes they were no longer the deep garnet color Shiori knew but a fiery blood red. Most shocking of all was not only his red eyes opened but a large purple one on his forehead did as well. Holding out his hand Hiei created a fire ball that danced across his palm.

Shiori stared in horror at her sons transformation. "No! What the hell are you? What have you done with my son?"

Pain pierced Hiei's heart as he turned and threw himself into Kurama's arms. Strong arms wrapped around him as Hiei changed back to his human form. When Kurama felt Hiei tremble in his arms he turned to Shiori for the first time in anger. "How could you do this to him? Your son has loved you, protected you, even offered his life to the gods to save you! How dare you reject him now because he was born with a demon's soul! He's still your son and he deserves better than that from you!"

Tear filled eyes stared back at Kurama as Shiori absorbed his words. When Kurama spoke again it was the deadly calm voice the Youko only used in battle. "This is your only chance Shiori. I will protect him, even from you. If you reject him, I will take my mate home to the Makai where we belong and youwill never see him again."

The tears flowed freely from her eyes now. "No! Please Kurama, he's my son! Please don't take him from me!"

Hearing his mother's cries Hiei turned his own tear filled eyes to her. "Mother?"

When Shiori held her arms out to her son Kurama reluctantly released his mate and allowedHiei to fall into his mother's arms. Kurama sighed in relief when the two clung together, whispering apologies and words of love to each other. After a few minutes Hiei moved back to sit beside Kurama who put an arm around him pulling him close. His tears were gone as Hiei turned to kiss his mate. "Thank you Koi."

Shiori too had dried her tears and smiled at him. "Yes Kurama, thank you. It was all just so shocking, I'm glad you helped me come to my senses. Explain something though, you said you would take him to Makai where you both belonged. What did you mean by that?"

Kurama's arm tightened around Hiei. "I am also a demon Shiori. My home is in the Makai."

She wasn't sure her heart could take any more shocks but she had to know. "Do you have three eyes too?"

Both Hiei and Kurama laughed but it was Hiei that answered with a smile. "No Mother he doesn't. Kurama's mother was a Koorime, an ice apparition. That is where he gets the humanoid form you see now though this coloring is that of his father's clan. His father however was a Youko, a fox spirit. In his Youko form he has the fair coloring of his Koorime heritage. That, along with other prejudices, caused both the Koorime and Youkos to reject him leaving him an orphan."

Hearing the revised version of how Kurama was orphaned tugged at Shiori's heart just as it had years ago. She was still nervous but looking at the men before her she realized they were still the boys she had always loved. "Kurama, can I see you as a Youko?"

A surge of energy later Shiori looked on in shock at the larger silver Youko. Hiei grinned and leaned up to kiss his mate. "Isn't he adorable like this Mother?"

Piercing golden eyes regarded her and her voice shook when she answered. "He's not as creepy as your third eye but he's still quite intimidating."

Realizing he was upsetting her Kurama changed back but not before Hiei could steal another kiss and caress his tail. Hiei then turned his attention back to Shiori. "Mother, Kurama is heir to Lord Yomi, ruler of a third of the Makai. Kurama will some day rule in his place. That is why he won't be moving here, it will be me moving there with him."

This time the eyes that met theirs were filled with fear. "Hiei, will I see you again? Kurama please, don't take my son away forever."

Both demons reacted to her heartfelt cry and each reached out a hand to take one of hers. "It's okay Mother. I can visit you just like Kurama has always visited me. Maybe we can even convince Koenma to allow you to visit us."

Gripping their hands she began to relax until his words sunk in. "Lord Koenma, ruler of Reikai?"

Hiei grinned. "Yes Mother, Koenma is one of our friends."

Kurama grunted. "Hn. Speak for yourself."

Hiei grinned at Shiori. "Kurama has issues with Koenma. You've been through enough for one night, we'll talk about that another time. Mother what I'd really like to talk about is how Father and Shuuichi are going to take my relationship with Kurama."

Shiori smiled. "They'll be fine Hiei. When you were sixteen you went on a school trip and when came back you were… changed somehow. The next time Kurama came over I knew you were in love with him."

Hiei and Kurama exchanged a look that Shiori didn't miss. "Knowing how hard something like that is to accept I discussed it with your stepfather before we were married. We've talked about it many times since then. He's also discussed it with Shuuichi so he'd be accepting when the two of you finally stopped living in denial."

Both demons smiled and nodded before Shiori asked another question. "The look you shared just now, that wasn't a school trip was it?"

With Kurama's hand caressing his back Hiei had the courage to tell his mother the truth. "No Mother, it wasn't. Suffice it to say it was one of the many times we fought a powerful enemy to protect the ones we loved. I had to stand back and watch the man I loved fight for and almost lose his life more than once and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I did come back changed after that. We all did."

Kurama pulled Hiei into his arms still stroking his back. Over Hiei's shoulder green eyes met Shiori's. The look Kurama gave her told Shiori that Kurama wasn't the only one to almost lose his life. That her son too had been in mortal danger. Deciding that was one more thing that could wait for another day Shiori changed the subject. "One more question before we call it a night. Kurama called you his mate. Is that a… demon thing?"

Pulling out of Kurama's arms Hiei grinned and blushed. "Yes Mother, it is. The closest thing you would relate it to is human marriage. Kurama has marked me and claimed me as his mate. When a demon mates it is for life Mother. There is no such thing as divorce in Makai."

Shiori's eyes lit up. "So what is this marking? Do we get to have a wedding?"

Hiei laughed. "Uh, no we don't. You will probably think this is barbaric but it makes me very happy to bare Kurama's mark."

When he finished speaking he pulled his collar back to reveal the mark on his neck. Shiori gasped and looked at Kurama. "You bit him? That's going to leave a terrible scar!"

Kurama smiled as if happy with his work. "I fed enough ki into it so it had better scar."

At Shiori's horrified expression Hiei reached out and took her hand. "It's alright Mother, it's supposed to scar. It tells other demons that I belong to Kurama. Touching me means answering to him. There aren't many that would dare touch the mate of a demon as powerful as Kurama."

Shiori still looked as if she disapproved. "You were right, I do think it's barbaric but if you two are happy then I'm happy for you. I think when your father gets back we'll only tell him you are finally together and moving away. I think the demon part should wait for a while."

Hiei smiled. "Anything you say mother. Now it's been a long evening I think you should get some sleep."

Hugs and kisses were exchanged and before long Kurama finally had his mate alone in their room. Pulling Hiei to him Kurama just held him a moment. "She really is worthy to be your mother Hiei-Koi."

Hiei smiled happily returning the hug. "Yes she is. Thank you for being there with me Kurama and for wanting to protect me."

Both demons were grinning as they began removing each other's clothes. When they were naked Kurama scooped Hiei up and carried him to the bed. "I won't ever allow anyone to hurt you Hiei, not even her. Now enough of that, I'm ready make love to my mate to have another touch of heaven."

Hiei gave Kurama a beautiful smile. "That's exactly what I think every time you hold me Kurama, because to me heaven is being held in your arms."

It was a long time before they slept. Grinning, Shiori finally put down the book she had been reading since their rather loud lovemaking had kept her awake. As she drifted off to sleep there were two thoughts on her mind. How much they were going to blush when she teased them about it in the morning and how much she missed her husband.