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Colonel Roy Mustang sighed. He had just completed his work of giving the two new state alchemists their titles, and yet Riza Hawkeye wouldn't stop pointing a gun to his head.

"You know Hawkeye, I'm sure I can find a rule somewhere about not being able to hold a superior officer at gunpoint," he said.

"Somehow, sir, I doubt that," Hawkeye responded.

"Um, Colonel Mustang, sir, do you need some help?" Jacque asked.

"I'm not sure what you would be able to do, but yes, a little help would be appreciated," Roy answered, slightly bemused.

Jacque turned and looked at Al, an evil glint in her eyes. "Al, can you come here a minute?"

"Sure." Al nodded his head and walked over to where she was standing. "What's up?"

"Stand right there," she told him, removing one of her staffs and charging it before spinning it around in front of Al's chest plate.

Riza shot Jacque a funny look. "What exactly is that supposed to do?"

Suddenly, her guns started shaking in her hands, and then she couldn't hold onto them any longer and they flew over to Al's chest and stuck there.

"Alphonse, give me back my guns!" Riza commanded.

"Yes, Ma'am!" Al said, attempting to remove the guns. "They won't come off!" he exclaimed.

Riza began walking towards Al, a menacing look in her eyes. "Here,

Alphonse, let me help you."

"No! Stay away!" Al screamed as he ran from the room.

"Damn it, Alphonse! Get back here with my guns!" she bellowed after him as she gave chase.

Ed began laughing hysterically. "Ha ha! Run Al, run!" he shouted out the door.

After the shock of what had just happened passed, Ed finally stopped his laughing and turned his attention to Mustang.

The Colonel looked back and forth between the two new state alchemists who stood before him and the seasoned one who stood a few feet behind

them who was now casting nervous glances at the door, debating whether or not to chase after Riza Hawkeye and his brother, or stay put and possibly give the colonel an opportunity to make fun of his height. As if reading Ed's mind, Mustang stared straight at him. "Shut the door, Fullmetal." he ordered. "It's too loud out there."

Ed glared at Mustang for a moment but obeyed the order.

"Now then, first order of business," Mustang began as he held up two silver pocket watches. "These are your official state pocket watches. They will amplify all your alchemic reactions," he explained, handing one to Jayson and one to Jacque. "I also have your first assignment here," he continued, sliding a file towards them along with a picture of the man they had seen earlier. "For a month now, this man has been evading military capture. He is a serial arsonist, and that's about all we know. You are to hunt him down, and bring him in for arrest. Is that clear?"

Jacque made an audible gasp when she saw the man's picture and nudged her brother.

"I know, Jacque. It's him, the bastard from the restaurant."

"I said, is that clear?" Mustang said, slightly raising his voice. "Hold on, you know this man?"

"We ran into him at the restaurant where Alphonse took us to eat,"

Jacque explained.

"I see. Well that seems like a good place to start, then. Fullmetal, knowing how dangerous this criminal is, I want you to work with Hydro and Lightning on this one. Now, AM I CLEAR?"

"Yes, sir!" they all responded sharply in military fashion.

"Dismissed!" Mustang barked.

Ed, Jacque, and Jayson saluted the colonel and walked out into the hall where they saw Al still running for his life from Lieutenant Hawkeye, the guns still attached to his chest.

Ed turned to Jacque. "Exactly how long do those charges of yours last?"

Jacque smirked. "As long as I want them to, Ed."

"Well, do you think you can turn it off? I think Al and the Lieutenant have had enough," Ed told her, trying his hardest not to laugh.

"Sure thing, Ed." Jacque removed one of her staffs from its holster and extended it, charged it, and tapped Al's armour with it on his next pass, causing the guns to clatter to the floor.

Al said a quick thank you before continuing to run from the enraged Riza. After Al was out of sight, Hawkeye came running around the corner. She noticed her guns on the floor, picked them up, and pointed them at Jacque.

"I will deal with you later," she threatened, breathing heavily. "For now I have to make sure the colonel does his paperwork." With that, she stormed down the hall and into Mustang's office. Seconds later, several gunshots were heard.

Jacque flinched at the sound of the shots. "Is she always like this?"

Ed grinned. "Nah, this is a good day for her."

Jayson grimaced. "Oh, wonderful. I swear that woman isn't right in the head."

This comment caused Ed to burst into laughter. "Yeah? Why don't you tell her that and find out what happens."

"I don't feel like getting a bullet in me so this stays between us, right, Ed?"

"Yeah, sure, but now we need to get started on our assignment, so let's find Al and get going."

Jayson shot Ed a funny look. "Won't the guy freak out if he sees a giant suit of armour coming at him?"

Ed thought for a second. "That is a good point. The guy probably would run if he saw Al coming. All the same, I don't like to leave Al behind."

Jacque nodded thoughtfully. "That makes sense. I don't like going places without my brother, either."

"Al, lets go!" Ed called to his brother as they passed the library on the way out. "We have orders from Colonel Matchstick!"

"Coming, brother!" Al called back before exiting the library he had chosen to hide from Hawkeye in.

On the way out, Ed explained the assignment to Al.

Once outside, Jacque began looking around. "Where should we start?" she asked nobody in particular.

An explosion was heard from down the street, and soon they saw flames coming out of the tops of several buildings. The group exchanged quick looks before racing towards the fires.

The man Jayson, Jacque, and Al had seen earlier stood laughing as he watched the buildings burn. "Ha ha ha! Yes! Burn, burn, burn!" he laughed.

"That's him, brother!" Al declared as they closed in on the man.

The man stopped laughing as the group drew closer to him. "What do you brats want?" he asked.

"We're here to capture you and bring you in for trial!" Jacque said defiantly.

"Ha! Many state alchemists have tried, but none have managed so far!" He eyed the group for a minute before pointing an accusing finger at Jayson. "You're the brat from the diner!"

"Really? I never would have recognized your ugly mug again," Jayson replied sarcastically.

"I'll make you pay for that smart remark!" the man shouted.

Ed was about to run forward, but Jayson stopped him. "I can handle this guy on my own, Ed. I did it once, let me do it again."

Ed nodded. "Alright, he's all yours."

"Thanks, Ed. Besides, there's something I've wanted to try since I saw you do it."

"Oh, yeah? What's that?" Ed asked.

"This!" Jayson clapped his hands and transmuted his auto-mail arm into a blade. "This feels kinda weird," he said.

"This time I brought some friends along!" The strange man whistled and three figures jumped down from the roof of a nearby building. The first two were males. One appeared to be only thirteen or fourteen and had shoulder-length black hair, and his right arm and left leg didn't look like they belonged with the rest of his body.

The second had a sickly green color of hair that was separated into thick long locks that went down most of his back.

The final figure was a female with curly black hair going down to her back and claw-like fingers.

"Well, well. I wasn't expecting to see the Fullmetal pipsqueak. Must be my lucky day," Envy said, glaring at Ed.

"I AM NOT A PIPSQUEAK!" Ed yelled back.

"Look! He brought some friends with him this time!" Wrath chimed in.

"Remember Envy, Wrath, we need the Fullmetal boy alive," Lust reminded them.

Both Jayson and Jacque froze where they were, their faces displaying a mixture of fear and rage. "Envy?" they both asked suddenly.

"Yeah? What do you brats want?" Envy replied.

Jayson was the first to move. He drew his sheath in his non-auto-mail hand, activated the transmutation circle on it, and was suddenly holding both blades to Envy's neck. "You killed my mother, now I'm going to kill you!"

It took a second for Jacque to realize what had happened. Once she did, she removed both her staffs, activated them, and charged at Envy.

Envy kicked Jayson's hand and sent his ice blade soaring high into the air before kicking him in the chest and sending him flying backwards.

"What are you talking about, brat? I haven't killed anyone's mother. Lust here usually does the dirty work," he said, pointing at her. When Jacque got close, he jumped over her head and kicked her in the back, sending her flying into Jayson who was attempting to retrieve his sword out of the air.

Ed, seeing this, transmuted his own auto-mail arm into a blade and began to attack Envy while Al went to help the siblings.

"Are you ok?" Al asked as he ran up.

"We're fine," they both answered as they struggled to get to their feet.

"But," Jayson continued, "That bastard killed my mother!"

Envy meanwhile had forced Ed into a corner and was content to let Wrath continue the fighting from there. "What the hell are you talking about? I already told you brats I didn't kill your --" Envy stopped in mid-sentence, having been interrupted by another voice.

"Now Envy, tell the truth. You know it was our mom you killed. It was about twelve years ago now, I guess," the voice said.

The new voice caused Jacque and Jayson to tense again, half standing up. Their faces both were contorted in fear.

"Chris? Is that you?" Jayson asked, his voice and body shaking as he looked around.

"Why yes it is, little brother." A man dressed in all black clothing with neat short-cut black hair jumped down from the window of a building close by. He seemed to ride the wind down to the ground. He immediately picked up Jayson's ice blade and examined it. "I told you this piece of junk hilt wouldn't do you any good. You need a real sword, blade and all. Just encase it in ice and it's a lot sharper than this thing could ever be." He said, tossing it aside. "So tell me, little brother and sister, did you miss me?"

Jacque took one look at Chris and suddenly fainted. Al caught her before she hit the ground.

"Jacque?" Jayson said, as he looked down at her. "Jacque?!?"