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"My Name is Harry. H-A-R-R-Y. Why can't anyone remember that? I think I'm famous enough for everyone to know that. All of my legal documents say I'm Harry. Hogwarts register knows that my name is Harry. But why can't the general public call me Harry?

"Is it because it's too common? Is everyone that thick? Harry is not a name of a commoner. I am proud to be Harry. And no one should try to change the fact that my name is Harry. But I go around and people call me things other than Harry.

"My name is not Harold. If it was then Dumbledore would call me Harold. If anybody paid any actual attention to the old man, you would know that he only calls you by your TRUE first name. Sure he calls his students Miss of Mister; with the exception of me. That's only because we are so close.

"Now all that I request is that you stop calling me Harold. Sirius once told me that my Mum hated that name. I'm not sure why because Harry is the short version of Harold. I think it's a little too stuck up for her tastes. Mine too for that matter.

"I don't want to be a pain or anything. But I want the butchering of my name to stop. Thank you all for listening. I have to go now; Hedwig is waiting for me to send a letter to Hermione."

A/N I know that this was rather pointless but I hate it when fanfic authors call Harry, Harold. J.K. Rowling even said that Harry's name isn't short for anything.this just an opinion piece.