Sara/Sofia Femslash -

Summary: Sara's Monday just keeps getting worse. Sofia's isn't much better. How will they cope?

What the hell was going on today? It was one bad thing after the other – I'd got kicked from a case to start of the shift, then I walked into one hell of a confrontation with Ecklie only for it to all finish with Sofia walking into the locker room and starting this fight.

How I love Mondays!

All shift the only thing that was keeping me going was knowing that I'd get to crash with a certain officer but, right now I'm wishing I had to pull a triple. I looked at her back, she was stood looking into her locker, I could tell by the way she was stood, the tension I could see in her shoulders that something had really pissed her off. "I just want you to be straight with me…" Sofia explained, with a tone I hated. A low growl that came from deep in her chest – things were never good when she used this tone "Don't keep things from me" the blond slammed shut the locker and turned back to me.

I didn't move, I stood leaning against my locker – I was pissed off. How the hell is it I can do nothing and get in so much fucking shit, how the hell did things turn bad from start of shift to end. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I questioned. There was no way that I was leaving this how it was – I needed to know what exactly had got her this pissed with me.

"What's wrong with me…why didn't you tell me you bedded half the force?"

Wow, I felt that hit me. In the chest causing me to gasp for breath – shock came over me. What the fuck? I was too shocked to even say anything- I just stood staring at Sofia who was now waiting for me to respond. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I was hurt – why was she acting like this.

"I'll tell you what – Detective Roberts is what – she seems to know a lot about a certain CSI" Sofia through the file in her hand to the lockers next to me and they hit it with a crash.

"Jess" I murmured, but how?

"yeah Jess" She spat, "I got to hear her talking about how happy she'd made you… the guys loved to hear the detailed account of how you two…you two got it on. As you can imagine…it was something that I didn't need to hear."

I just stood there, was this shit for real.

"So what…" I ask, "What do you want me to do?" I shouted throwing up my hands in frustration, "Say I'm sorry, apologies for having an ex girlfriend. I'm sorry that you're not my first Curtis, I'm sorry that I didn't wait my whole life for you to show. I have ex's, I have quite a few of them … you want a step by step account of who, when and where? Do you?" I couldn't believe what she was doing to me.

"You know what it's like to have some woman talk about you like that?" she growled, there was a rage that I'd never seen in her and that just forced me to lose it.

"I haven't seen Jess in years" I shouted.

"It's not the point, I shouldn't have found out like that" Sofia moved closer to me now, her anger visible.

"Fine, just incase you run into any other of my ex's let me be the first to tell you. When I was sixteen I slept with my brother's friend – she was seventeen – I think she's an accountant now. In collage there were a few, I don't remember all their names – but none of them are in the force. Maybe it's just them you need to hear about because I don't want me to be the hot topic with the guys in the force – in Frisco there was Rachel, and then some guy called Jerry – they are still there as far as I know. Then in Boston there was Jess who you already know and then there was Brian, he moved to Miami, if you go there make sure your careful not to fall for his boyish good looks… there was Laura back at conference I went to last year"

"Stop" Sofia growled,

Defiantly I continued, I kept on speaking, daring to push her further - "she looked a lot like you actually…"

"STOP!" She said it again.

I just walked up and got in her face, "…except she wasn't such a cold bitch … please tell me, am I worthy to bed you still?" I spat with such hurt and disgust.

She just shook her head, turning she went to leave the room – "Take it we're not going out?" I snarl sarcastically.

"Why don't you see if Jess is Free…" With that she walked away – I looked to the floor – was this for real.

Banging myself against the locker I just wanted to give up there and then. I'm sick of fighting… cause it feels like when I take 3 steps forwards with the relationship somehow we end up taking five back.