Part 11

Sorry i've kept you waiting - my muse seems to have made a comeback with this one though! Not to long but i'll have more soon. Thankyou!

Leaning against the kitchen counter I'm trying to block out the pain in my neck – okay so I'm not so over the sickness as I thought. I've taken the pills that Sofia brought, I've taken the god damn medicine, why isn't it working? I grab my coffee and then I walk towards the sofa and fall into it.


"Huh?" I ask, the voice from behind.

"How many of them pills have you taken?" She walks around and sits at my side. I feel her presence next to me. She moves her hand around my waist – I lay against her – shrugging my shoulders. I honestly had no idea how many I'd had – it still hurt so I still took them. "What do you mean you don't know?"

"My head hurts" I explain closing my eyes.

"Hun I know it does but you really can't take pills like that. I mean you've eaten nothing…"

"I don't want to eat…"

"Your going to OD"

"My head…"

"I know…it huts you said. Look, I'm taking these off you and you're not going into work toady"

"I have to…" I tell her. There's no way she's stopping me from doing that.

"Sar…Babe…" She only had to look into my eyes though to know she wasn't going to win this one.


"Come on… I'm taking you home"

"I'm fine" I argued from where I was lent on the desk in the AV lab.

"Fine is been able to stand – Hun … you are not fine"

"I have paper work…"

"Not anymore" Sofia walked over and piled up the file, shutting it she pushed it into a draw. "You sick Sara…"

"I don't get sick" I protested.

"Your worse that a child, you know that …look, you're going home, and going to bed"

"Only if you come with me" I manage a smirk as I turn to look at her.

"Well, I offered to take you home…" Sofia moved forward. Had she told them about us? Even though I hadn't spoken she knew what I was thinking.

"Catherine told Grissom that you're sick, he was going to ask Nick to take you home – I'd just finished talking to him about an old case that he was looking into and so I ever so kindly offered to take you home" She moved an arm to my lower back – "So…go sit in my car and I'll grab the stuff from your locker…okay?"

I thought for a few moments, did I really want to admit to been sick? My pounding head told me yes. I managed to stand, "Thanks baby…" I mumbled as I took her keys and headed towards the exit of the lab. I didn't even acknowledge anyone as it took all my strength to walk. I had no idea what was going on with me.

I'm sat in her car… sleep grabbing hold of me though I'm trying to fight it. Sofia is taking her time - she should have been out by now. She probably got held up though. I just closed my eyes and waited.


And ….


I opened my eyes at the opening of the door. My head seemed to have gotten worse I turned slowly to see Sofia put the keys into her car and pull off without little hesitation. She didn't say a word and her jaw was set in that don't fuck with me manor I never liked. "Baby!" I asked quietly.


"What wrong?"

"Nothing" she shot. She pulled onto the main road and that's when she accelerated – breaking the speed limit.

"Sof…" I spoke.

She didn't respond.

"Fia…god damn it…" I managed though my head just hurt all the more. "What's happened"

"That bitch… that's what's wrong…who the hell does she think she is…" She was angrier that I'd seen her.

"Honey who?" I asked.

"Who…WHO!" She increased the speed.

"Stop, now!" I demanded.

She looked from the road, then to me. Then to the road. "Just tell me you didn't know!"

"Know what!"



"Your Locker, Sara… YOUR GOD DAMND LOCKER!"

She reached into her inner pocket and pulled out the envelope, throwing it at me. I was too scared to open it seeing how worked up it had gotten Sofia. I looked from the package to an angry Sofia then back down to the package.