Disclaimer: I don't own it, which at this point is probably for the best.

Summary: All Ryou wants is to feel safe in his lover's arms. (morbid drabble, Malik x Ryou)

Rating: Just to be safe.

Warnings: Mentions of blood and overall morbid content.

Safe and Sound

They never understood why I loved him. As hard as they tried -which really hadn't been hard at all, in hindsight- my friends could never seem to grasp why I had taken all three into my heart. If they had exuded half the energy and brain power they had spent while trying to rip me away from the loving embrace, then they would have realized there was no where else I wanted to be.

I had my own yami inhabiting the ring with all his crazy, klepto impulses vying to get out. And through my love of Malik it seemed as though I'd be bound to his yami as well.

But what did any of it matter, when I could rest safe and sound in his arms? It didn't. It didn't matter that they gave me strange looks. Or that they seemed to expect me to come crawling back on bloodied hands and knees. It didn't matter. And it still doesn't.

Malik, Marik, Bakura... They never hurt me. Even now, staring into the listless visage that once looked at me with such love and adoration. I don't feel anything, except for a strange numbing sensation, and cold.

/Hikari? Come away from there./ Bakura's voice in the back of my head. He sounds softer than normal, gentle almost.

But I can't. I can't leave, not until I feel it one more time.

Slowly, I crawl through the grime and gore until I come to his still body. His flesh is cool to the touch, even though the blood that surrounds us is still warm. I reach over and put my hand to his eyes, dragging the lids downto closing the dull lavender orbs. Now a slight smear of blood mars his face. And when I kissed each lid in turn, abit of the same crimson stains my own lips. His arms are stiff as I lift them and place them carefully around my shoulders. I curl my own arms around his form and relax.

I know I'm in shock, and I know that soon the pain will come.

But for now...

The feeling is still there; Seeping into my clothes, through my skin, right down to my very bones. In his arms, I will always be safe and sound.

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