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First Kiss Epilogue

A week after Heero and Duo's relationship had become something more than just friendship had passed when Duo was sitting in his psychology class. It was the class right after lunch, so he still had Heero on his mind. They ate lunch together everyday now and Heero was less reserved in their conversations ever since the 'paper incident'.
Duo was much happier now that he was with Heero. Something was always torturing him when he had watched Heero and had never been able to express his feeling. Perhaps it was his subconscious psychological desire to be with Heero. Damn class, oh wait, she's giving back the papers today!
Even though the people that knew Duo didn't know he was dating Heero, they would soon. The girls that asked Duo out pretty often were suddenly wondering why he was saying no, or why he couldn't be found at lunch or after class. Duo smiled to himself, they were taking it slow, really really slow.
This weekend something might happen, they were going to hang out with Quatre and Trowa like every weekend, but now it would be more of a couples thing. Heero and he hadn't done anything since that one kiss and every time he saw Heero he always wanted to take him in his arms and kiss him with a passion that they didn't express before.
That, Duo sensed, was why they were going slow. They were building a relationship before anything physical; it was a way of keeping some protection against the risks of love, which they both feared. Through the war they had done nothing but feel loss and emptiness. Each pilot hid it differently; Heero had pushed away love and feeling altogether and as for Duo, he hid his love behind a mask of death. So naturally although the two were all for each other and wanted to share their love; they were not emotionally prepared, and they agreed mutually in that respect to take things slow.
Hell yeah, he had better have gotten an A on that paper.
As all the students filtered out of the large lecture room each stopped at the tall and gaunt looking professor, who handed them their papers with thin, frail hands. Duo practically skipped towards the nice, kind, sweet, reasonable woman and collected his paper, immediately glancing at it in anticipation.
Why that blind, un-fair, decaying old bat! A 'B+'?! There's no way in hell this paper deserved that grade!!!! So what if its better than most of the grades I've gotten, I know it was good! He turned angrily to the evil lady with the pocket protector.
Before he could open his mouth she clamped a hand over it. "Don't complain to me, I wont hear it, the grades are final, shove off." Well, Duo thought, That was offensive.? She let go of his mouth and began t argue with another student complaining about a low grade. Duo supposed she was just a really tough grader, he had to accept that.
He smiled widely and tapped her shoulder; she glared at him. "Can I borrow that pen?" he pointed to a pen she had balanced on her ear. She was relieved he wasn't going to pursue an argument and complied, turning back to the student who had not ceased arguing with her back.
Duo took the pen and uncapped it, then wrote in large red letters across the page in script:


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