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Harry's POV

"You're an idiot Potter." A voice drawled as soon as I walked into the kitchen, I whipped around to see Severus

"Why thank you Snape. I appreciate the sentiment." I stated, flopping into a chair at the table

"You just can't get over yourself…can you?" He said, looking out the window

"Excuse me?"

"He loves you, you twerp. Get over yourself." He repeated, looking directly at me


"No buts. He hurt you. You hurt him. In time, you'll both get over it in time."

Severus stood up and looked me over

"I've been telling this to for ten years. You aren't that smart Potter."

And with that…he was gone.

I blinked a few times and looked around

"What the hell just happened?"


Draco's POV

I don't even know why I'm staying here.

I frowned and waved my hand, packing my trunk.

My Mother's is just as welcoming I looked down and noticed the only two packages that didn't pack.

Presents. For Harry. One of them was one I intended to give him four years ago. But I never got that chance because of my own doing.

But I now intend to give them to him.


I picked up the parcels and made my way down to the kitchen, bumping into Severus on the way. He nodded in greeting, but otherwise ignored my presence. Blinking, I walked into the kitchen and looked around. Harry sat at the table looking utterly confused

"You look like you've just seen Blaise doing ballet." I stated, sitting down next to him. He blinked

"Blaise does ballet?"

"Used to." He smirked and looked down "Harry…I…I'm going to go stay with my mum for a while…and…I wanted to give you something before I do."

He blinked


I set the parcels on the table in front of him and sighed

"I…guess I'll see you around Harry."


Harry's POV

I watched as Draco left the room and frowned, looking down at the packages he left

He…still loved me. And…deep down, no matter how hard I tried to suppress it. I loved him too. Severus was right. I needed to get over myself. I stood and followed him.


"What Harry."


"How what?"

"How could you ever….think that…I didn't love you back."

He looked down and sighed

"I don't know how you do. I drive myself crazy."

"But…I do."

"So? We established that…four years ago."

"Then…let me ask you a question…I asked…four years ago."

"What Harry?"

"Go out with me?"

Draco blinked; it was obvious he wasn't expecting that.



Without a second word he leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine.

I blinked and as sudden as it was…was as sudden as it left.

"Yes Harry…I will…"

He said softly, leaning his forehead against my shoulder

And in that second, I knew there were many more kisses to come.

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