The Power Puss Girls

By: the 6ft dick

It was another day in Citysville were the power pusses were fighting the forces of evil. Stop right there Fuzzy Dumpkins shouted Bosom. Duh fuck that shit said the horny redneck. Butterbitch flew into action. Butterbitch flashed him and Fuzzy Dumpkins became dazed for a second. But he than snapped out of his fantasies and took off. Boobles stop him this is our last chance! Boobles flew and yelled, "Fuzzy you fat ass bitch I will kill you if it's the last fucking thing I do! Holy shit when are you going to get that boozing problem under control yelled Fuzzy. What the fuck are you talking about this is my drug problem ass hole! So she flew down and snapped his neck in half. Alright Boobles yelled the two other sisters. Come on let's go home and get fucking wasted yelled Boobles.

When the girls got home Professor was smoking a blunt and was about to have sex with a hooker. The power pusses lived in the most ghetto part of town and this was usual to see when they got home. Hello Professor all three girls said in unison. Oh fuck you losers why don't you go play house out in the back yard or some shit like that. But Professor the back yard is a nuclear power plant. Don't you think I already know that. I had sex with one of the chemicals and that's how you whores were born. O.k. Professor they said. As the girls were walking up stairs they were bitching about how they had a horrible life and nobody loved them. Than Butterbitch said well hey the mayor appreciates everything that we do right? Yea they said. Well why don't we go see him and maybe he can cheer us up. The girls flew away into the better part of town, and went into city hall to go see him.

When the girls walked in they saw the mayor had finally opened the pickle jar. Way to go on opening the pickle jar mayor said Bosom. But when the mayor turned around he was naked and having sex with the pickle jar. Oh how I love the pickle juice on my… What he fuck are you whores doing here! But mayor we were hoping you could cheer us up, we have had a bad day. Fuck you he said. Now get the hell out of my office before I kill you!

The girls were wondering who might make them feel better. Than Boobles had the idea that they would go visit Ms. Keen. So they flew to the school which had graffiti and gang symbols all over it. When they walked in they saw Ms. Keen snorting some crack off of Mitch Michelson's ass. Ms. Keen what are you doing yelled Bosom. Oh hey girls you want some of this shit it's amazing! Than the girls saw there symbol which meant crime was happening. Sorry Ms. Keen that's going to have to wait said Boobles. The girls flew into the city to see who was causing the problems.

As the girls were flying around they finally saw who it was. It was the thing with crab hands "Her". Oh it's so good to see you whore's again. What do you want with us said Butterbitch. Listen, listen, listen I just want you girls to see something, now come over here. The girls foolishly walked over which was there downfall. Her quickly touched their private parts which gave them crabs. The girls were now defenseless. So Her finished the job and chopped off all of their heads. After the girls died Citysville was still a hell hole and nothing really changed.

The end