Yin and Yang
By Cobalt 27

Summary: AU. 1 equals 2;3 equals 4;5 equals M. Heero has no choice but to move to a new school in the middle of his sophomore year and is in for a few surprises. Between going from being a loner to one of the most popular guys, finding that he's more comfortable with homosexuality than he thought, and meeting a nymphomaniac who has a deeper side to him Heero realizes he's in for one hell of a semester.

Warning: Drinking, drugs, smoking, sex, swearing, angst and mature adult themes. Hilde and Catherine are 100 percent OOC but I hope you all like my version of their high school girly-ness.

Disclaimer: I do not own or have any claim to Gundam Wing, its characters, logos or its affiliations; they belong to Sunrise, Bandai and their affiliated companies. I do not own or have claim to bus names, street names, school names, mascots or logos. I do not own or have claim to the high school that appears in this story. I do not own or have claim to the malls, store names or their logos that appear in this story. I do not own or have claim to songs, lyrics, movies and movie characters, actors, singers or bands that appear in this story. I own all original characters that do not appear in any anime/manga owned by Sunrise, Bandai or their affiliated companies.


"Good. The movers are here."

Odin Lowe, uncrossing his arms from his chest, pushed off his '87 Dodge Shadow and stood straight, waiting for the U-Haul truck to pull up to the apartment entrance.

Heero, who had been sprawled in the back seat, turned off his Discman and opened the door Odin had previously been leaning on. Climbing out, Heero took a stance next to his adopted father.

This apartment was smaller than the last, but that was the point. This was the third time Odin had been forced to take a job with less pay, and the third time he and Heero had to move to a smaller place in order to comfortably make ends meet, but that didn't bother Heero. He was grateful for what he had and, though sometimes he wished he lived the lavished life, wouldn't trade it for anything or anyone.