Yin and Yang
By Cobalt 27

Summary: AU. 12 some 34, 5M. Heero has no choice but to move to a new school in the middle of his sophomore year and is in for a few surprises. Between going from being a loner to one of the most popular guys, finding that he's more comfortable with homosexuality than he thought, and meeting a nymphomaniac who has a deeper side to him Heero realizes he's in for one hell of a semester.

Warning: Drinking, drugs, smoking, sex, swearing, angst and mature adult themes. Hilde and Catherine are 100 OOC but I hope you all like my version of their high school girly-ness.

Disclaimer: I do not own or have any claim to Gundam Wing, its characters, logos or its affiliations; they belong to Sunrise, Bandai and their affiliated companies. I do not own or have claim to bus names, street names, school names, mascots or logos. I do not own or have claim to the high school that appears in this story. I do not own or have claim to the malls, store names or their logos that appear in this story. I do not own or have claim to songs, lyrics, movies and movie characters, actors, singers or bands that appear in this story. I own all original characters that do not appear in any anime/manga owned by Sunrise, Bandai or their affiliated companies.

Chapter VII

"So, you don't mind if I hang out and Hilde's tonight? A few of us are going over there." Heero called out as he slipped a white T-Shirt over his head.

Odin had been unusually quiet since their last conversation in the car Wednesday night. Heero waited in silence for a moment before pulling his pant leg over his boot.

"If you want. Just be home early."

Heero sighed. "Yeah, okay."

He grabbed his bag and dumped his books on his bed. He was normally so much more organized and respectful of his property, but Heero Yuy was too irritated to be normal. He shoved a pair of clean clothes and his wallet into his bag and grabbed a bus schedule. It was then he realized he had no idea where Hilde was.


Heero left his room, backpack and bus schedule in hand, in search of the phone…and realized he didn't have Hilde's phone number. "Crap!"

Staring at the phone, he decided to call Trowa's cell phone. Dialing the ten digits, he waited for three rings before Trowa picked up.


"Hello; it's Heero."

"Oh, hey. Are you coming?"

"I'm working on that. Where is Hilde's house?" Heero sat down at the tiny island that separated the kitchen from the living room and was used as a dinning table. He opened the bus schedule and waited for directions.

"Wait, you're on Rose, right?"

"Yeah," Heero nodded, even though he knew Trowa couldn't see him.

"We're a block away; do you want a ride?"

Heero looked from the bus schedule to Odin who sat on the couch watching television, a dark gloom hanging around his head.

"Uh, sure. I'll wait for you in the lobby. Just honk or something."

Heero hung up the phone and grabbed his bag. He walked into the living room and stood next to the couch where Odin sat. Odin waited a moment before turning his attention away from the flickering screen.

"Trowa's going to pick me up."

"Okay." Odin turned his attention back to the television. Heero sighed and turned to leave when Odin turned the television off and stood. "You're not 'nothing' you know."

"What?" Heero was confused by this and turned on his heels.

"In the car, you said you were nothing, but you can't be nothing. There's no such thing as nothing. You have to be something."

"God, why is everyone so damned concerned about my sexuality?!" Heero was pissed now. First his friends were constantly pestering him about it, and now his father.

"You're my son, and I want to know."

Heero shook his head and maneuvered his foot into his shoe while not supporting his entire weight with his booted foot. He would need physiotherapy to build the strength back up.

"You see, if you're not heterosexual then you're something. You're bisexual or homosexual. If you're—"

"Yeah, I get where you're going, Odin." Heero grabbed his jacket and hastily threw it on. "Process of elimination, I know."

"See, so you're something. You're not nothing. I think you're avoiding the truth, Heero. Are you gay?"

"No!" Heero opened the door and was about to leave when Odin called out.

"Are you sure?"

Heero turned to the man, blue eyes clashing with blue eyes. A million images swirled through his head in the second it took for Odin to ask, and Heero just didn't want to answer.

"Look, whatever I am or am not, when I figure it out you'll be the first to know," Heero said coldly.

"I'm your father. I just want to help you in your time of…uncertainty."

"Odin! I'm confused, not dying!"

"I know, I know! But this is something serious."

"It doesn't matter, okay?"

"Are you gay?"

"GOD!" He turned away and slammed the door behind him, marching down the hallway toward the elevators.

Odin was left standing in front of the door, staring at the spot where his son had been, remote control still in hand. He sighed, and kept his gaze fixed on the spot. "Because," he began so quietly he barely heard it himself, "I wouldn't be mad."

"I thought," Heero started when he got into Quatre's car, "you were a block away." He had waited five minutes for them to show up in Quatre's father's silver BMW Z4, a car with one amazing body kit and almost sexy enough to top the Aston Martin DB9.

"Well," Quatre smiled as Heero climbed into the back seat with Trowa and Duo, "I figured if I told you the truth you wouldn't let us pick you up."

"Where were you?" Heero asked as he buckled up, Duo (who had moved to the middle seat) holding his bag for him.

"We had just pulled into Hilde's driveway. Rashid hadn't even unlocked the doors yet."

"Well then," Heero took his bag back from Duo, "you shouldn't have come to get me."

Quatre rolled his eyes as he turned to face the three in the back seat. "Didn't I tell you two he'd say that? Anyway, we've picked you up so there's nothing you can do about it. Hilde only lives in Forest Glade, anyway." Quatre turned around properly. "Let's go, Rashid."

"Yes, Master Quatre."

"About time!" Hilde shouted as she threw the door open. Grabbing Quatre by the wrist, she hauled him inside leaving the other three to enter on their own.

Trowa, who hastily flicked his shoes off, began to follow Hilde, who had taken her prisoner into the kitchen. Catherine, who had been with Hilde since they left the mall, came up the basement stairs and took all the bags and belongings out of the room. Heero wasn't really paying attention to where she took his things because there was a giggle, a gasp, a "please don't", and a shocked yell (at which point Trowa, who was standing at the opening of the kitchen, started smirking).

"And Hilde's not drunk…or stoned?" Heero asked Duo, one brow raised as the two boys cautiously approached the kitchen.

"Nope." Duo shook his head.

"I think I like her better when she is. She's calmer." Heero and Duo stood by Trowa and saw poor Quatre sitting on one of the kitchen chairs with whipping cream on his neck. Hilde, who stood convulsing with laughter, held a can of Reddi Whip in her hand.

"Go on, Trowa." Catherine smiled as she walked passed him and entered the kitchen, "Lick it off."

Trowa, Heero thought, didn't need to be told twice. Still smirking, Trowa stood in front of Quatre and gently tilted his chin to the side. He stuck his tongue out and scoped up the blob of whipping cream. He sucked on Quatre's neck, devouring any remaining Reddi Whip. All the while Quatre squiggled, giggled, and blushed trying to push Trowa away.

"Okay, okay," Hilde laughed, "enough. We get it; Quatre tastes good."

Trowa turned on her and, grabbing the can from her grasp, tilted the nozzle so it hissed and sprayed whipping cream on her face (all while she tried to doge it).

"Oh, I hate you!" Hilde's eyes were narrowed as she glared at Trowa. It was hard to find her intimidating with a huge white glob of whipping cream on her cheek and lips.

It was Trowa's turn to laugh as Hilde tried to lick the sweat topping off her mouth, and used her index finger to scrape it off her face.

"Quatre," Catherine giggled, "let's make some brownies."

"Alright!" Quatre jumped from his seat with a smile. Heero was positive he welcomed the distraction so he could no longer dwell on Trowa's tongue licking its way around his neck. Quatre, Heero noticed, was horrible at hiding his feelings for the green-eyed boy.

"Well, that was interesting," Duo's dull voice hit Heero's ears as it started to fade. "I'm heading downstairs."

Quatre made to grab the can of Reddi Whip from Trowa when Catherine swooped in and stole it.

"Sorry Q, but we need to save these for later." She winked and put it in the fridge. "Now, you two," she tuned to Heero and Trowa, "scoot! There's enough cooks in the kitchen, so be gone!"

Heero turned with Trowa and headed downstairs.

"Wanna start a movie?" Duo stood with his torso almost inside the DVD cabinet as he rifled through drawers and cases. "I wanna watch something funny."

Heero held in a snort. He wasn't sure he wanted to find out which kinds of movies Duo thought were funny. He hated toilet humour, and was into satire and movies with wit and intellectual jokes. Resigning himself to an inane movie, Heero sat himself on the couch under the small window. It had the worst view of the television.

"That movie again?" Trowa shook his head as Duo handed him a DVD.

"What? What's wrong with Wallace and Gromit?" Duo approached the DVD player with an innocent look on his face.

Wallace and Gromit was not what Heero was expecting. But then again, remembering Duo's bookshelf he should have known the braided boy was full of surprises. Heero himself hadn't seen much of Wallace and Gromit and was battling with his brain between staying put and moving to get a better view of the television. The battle was settled for him when Duo plopped himself on Heero's left and curled up on the cushion.

"Oi, I seriously doubt I could eat another bite," Duo mumbled around a mouthful of brownie as he shoved the last bit in. He dropped back onto the couch next to Heero and chewed noisily, rubbing his belly while doing so. "My god, Quat, those are amazing brownies."

Heero had to concur, but Heero hadn't stuffed his mouth half as much as Duo had and therefore wasn't as stuffed. But they were the best brownies he had ever had and he seriously couldn't eat another bite.

"Okay!" Hilde jumped up and disappeared with the empty brownie trays. A few moments later she came rushing back down the stairs with a bunch of Reddi Whip cans. She passed them all out until she got to Heero. He just stared at her without taking the can.

"It's a game," Catherine said as she stood up. She took the can from Hilde, who ran to her spot on the couch. "You can't spray where you won't lick off."

"What?" Heero's furrowed his brow.

"You spray people, and lick it off." She motioned for Heero to take the can.

"That's ridiculous. It's just an excuse to promote perversion. I'm not spraying people. And I'm certainly not licking it off." Heero folded his arms over his chest and refused to look at Catherine.

"Well, you can still be sprayed even if you don't want a can, so really it's better to have some arsenal, if you know what I mean." Catherine wiggled a freezing can in Heero's face and he grumbled something before begrudgingly grabbed it.

Duo immediately turned and pressed the nozzle. Heero yelped and jumped as the cold cream piled on his neck.

"You'd think," Quatre smiled as he nudged Trowa's ribs, "that that was deliberate."

"Duo?" Heero's eyes were wide with shock. According to the rules…

Duo turned on the couch and climbed over Heero, straddling him and pinning his shoulders to the couch. Heero froze and could do nothing but stare at Duo, who smirked and Heero's senses sent off warning alarms. Duo seemed so comfortable there, licking his plump and soft lips, and slowly dipping his head, opening his mouth. Duo savoured every second as he meticulously licked and sucked up all of the whipping cream on Heero's silky skin, moving into Heero, pressing their chests together. Heero let an airy moan crawl past his lips as Duo's tongue cleared the whipping cream and now worked on the sticky remnants, lapping up every drop. Duo really didn't need to hold his shoulders down anymore; he wasn't about to fight back now.


Heero was barely conscious of other people in the room, and it was Trowa's voice that brought him back from rampant fantasies swirling within him.

"D-Duo-oh!" He meant to tell him to stop, but when Duo sunk his teeth in Heero's wet flesh, and closed the distance between their hips, Heero moaned his name more than scolded it. He was sweating with nervousness and the fear of uncertainty, and the fear of his own desires. He wanted so badly to wrap his arms around Duo, to ease the burning passion of his groin. He wasn't sure what exactly had gotten into Duo (or himself), or why Duo was licking his jaw-line, or if he even liked Duo, but now was not the time or place and he had to make it all stop.

"En…enough…D-Duo, enough, stop."

"Heero," Duo whispered as his lips trailed Heero's jaw-line to his chin, where he brought his nose to nudge Heero's. "Need…" and as Duo spoke his lips gently brushed against Heero's parted and almost gasping ones, "…you."

Heero's lips and entire body was tingling with the same sensation as if he had been scared to death. Except he wasn't scared. His eyes fluttered shut as he expected Duo to kiss him, only he didn't. Duo's hands released Heero's shoulders, and he trailed his hands down Heero's sides, and slipped his fingers under Heero's shirt, and touched the warm and soft skin. Duo's husky voice whispered across Heero's face, "I really need you."

And at those words Heero thought about the first time he had ever seen Duo kiss another boy, and at Treize's party, and how Duo looked so disheveled that night. How many boys did Duo have sex with that night? And how many parties were there before Heero met him? And how many times with Trent? Heero, he realized, was just another boy to Duo…just another face, just another cock.

"Get the fuck off," Heero angrily threw Duo to the side; he landed on the cushion next to him. Spying the forsaken whipping cream cans, Heero stood and crossed the room. "Fucking retarded game…stupid…fucking…."

Heero stormed up the stairs and out of the house. He sat down on the last step of the cold cement porch, letting the breeze toss his hair and white shirt around. He looked around the epitome of suburbia, identical houses, and large trees on every lot. Most of the house lights were off. It was a cool night, but he didn't care. He sighed but his exasperated breath carried away in the wind. He heard the door open and close, and he felt a body sit behind him on the porch. Heero felt two long legs move on either side of him, and strong hands come down on his shoulders.

"Are you okay?" Trowa asked quietly as he massaged Heero's neck and shoulders.

"I am now." Heero's head rolled to the front as he presented more skin for Trowa to rub. "If I wasn't so pissed at Odin right now I'd just go home."

"Are you two fighting?" Heero felt Trowa's voice rumble against his back as he was pulled into a hug. He relaxed into the other boy, surprised at how comfortable he felt.

"Yeah," Heero sighed. "He keeps bugging me about my sexuality. He doesn't think I'm asexual."

"I don't either." Trowa looked up at the cloudy sky. Not many stars were visible. "Think about a girl, Heero. Think about a naked girl, soft round breasts, kissing you—"

"God Trowa, stop." Heero shook his head in disgust.

Trowa laughed. "Alright, but you see what I mean? You can't even think about a girl without getting uncomfortable. What about boys? Think about Duo; you've seen him naked—"


"Think about what happened downstairs but picture him naked and wet, with his hair down," Trowa paused to give Heero time to think about it, and try as hard as he might he could not not think about it. It was like saying, 'don't think of a purple elephant!' because the minute someone says that you think about a purple elephant. As soon as Trowa said it, Heero was picturing Duo naked and wet on top of him, his slick skin in Heero's hands. "Duo's beautiful, isn't he?" Trowa let his arms slide off Heero and he put some distance between the two of them. Gently guiding Heero's chin, he turned the other boy to face him. "You don't like girls, Heero. Face it. You don't like hugging them, or standing next to them, or—"

"I get it," Heero sighed, looking into Trowa's shinning green eyes.

"But boys…look at how close we are right now. And you're not uncomfortable."

Heero turned away from Trowa, but leaned against him as he watched a car drive down the dark street. "I've changed, a lot. Three months ago I…" Heero stopped and looked at his hand bathed in the yellow glow of the street lamps. "I don't look different, but I feel different. Three months ago I never would have been at a party because I didn't have any friends. I went to school, studied, did homework, worked and that was it. I never hung out at the mall, or went to movies with anyone other than Odin…People in general made me uncomfortable. I never hugged people, at all. Physical contact was...just weird."

"If it used to be weird why did you get so angry at Duo?"

"Duo is beautiful," Heero finally said aloud, "but not when he's like that. It's like he's conditioned that at every party he gets laid and that's wrong. I guess intimacy is another one of those things that makes me uncomfortable. I mean, I'm not even the 'typical teenaged boy' when it comes to that."

"And by that I'll assume you mean jerking off."

Heero blushed as he kept his eyes fixed on the road. Another car went by.

"When you have limited space like I do it's not easy to get around to that. I mean, it's not that I never—and it's not really that you need to know—it's just…" Heero was surprised that he was confiding in Trowa the way he was (he wasn't surprised by the heated flush in his cheeks, though). The only other time he was able to do that was when he was inebriated. "Duo's very promiscuous and it makes me uncomfortable, that's all. I'm not one of his gay friends that will…you know. I've never even kissed anyone before."

"Would that make you more comfortable with the situation if I kissed you?" Trowa turned Heero's chin again, forcing the boy to look him in the eyes.

Heero opened his mouth to protest, but realized that he wouldn't mind kissing Trowa. He had never been kissed and at least he was guaranteed that his first kiss wouldn't be ruined. He would be sharing it with someone he considered to be his best friend. Nodding, he leaned forward and Trowa closed the space between them. Raking his fingers into Heero's hair, he tilted his head upward and pressed his soft lips onto Heero's slightly open ones. Trowa pushed his tongue into Heero's mouth and teased his tongue, lightly licking it before he pulled back, sucking on Heero's bottom lip a bit.

Heero was spinning and his lips were on fire. Everywhere Trowa had touched had become sensitive and he tried to shake the fog from his head. Closing his eyes tight and opening them again, his vision slowly stopped spinning but his heart still hammered in his chest. "Dammit," Heero mumbled as he let his head fall on Trowa's shoulder.

"What?" Trowa held the boy at an arms distance and looked him over.

Heero sighed. There was no point lying to himself anymore. "I'm gay."

"I know. You're gay and Duo's beautiful, right?" Trowa nodded as he eased himself to his feet. Turning his back on Heero he made to reenter the house.

"It's not like that—"

"Fix him, Heero," Trowa called over his shoulder. "God knows he needs it. For all of our sakes, please. He means so much to us and we just don't know what to do anymore. You can do it. He trusts you so much."

"Trowa—" The door silenced Heero as Trowa shut it behind him leaving Heero alone in his mental whirlwind state. Heero sighed then shivered as the breeze picked up chilling his skin. He stood and meandered into the house, finding a dark corner in the living room to sit in.

He sat in motionless silence for quite a while, just listening to the mumbled voices in the basement. For the first time since he had become close friends with Trowa, he actually felt like he really didn't belong. Everyone was enjoying themselves (or so he assumed) downstairs and it didn't matter that he wasn't there because they didn't need him to have a good time. Heero or no Heero the situation didn't change and it was obvious, to him at least, that they didn't need him.

Foot steps on the stairs and a shadow climbing across the floor singled that someone was coming upstairs. Quatre turned into the living room with a flawless smile. "Hey, what are you doing all by your lonesome?"

"I was just—just thinking, that's all," Heero lied as he maneuvered himself on the chair so he could be comfortable with the clunky boot still attached to his leg.

"You get that off tomorrow, right?" Quatre took a seat at the end of the couch, which so happened to be adjacent to the chair Heero was occupying.

"Morning, yeah. I'll have to either take the bus home or have Odin come and get me. Either way, it doesn't matter because he's never gunna talk to me again."

"Why?" Quatre's genuine shock was apparent as he leaned on the armrest of the couch. "Did you two get into a fight or something?"

"Yeah, something." Heero rolled his eyes. "I…he…we got into an argument about my sexuality. He was pretty pissed when I left."

"Wow. I hope that everything turns out okay between you two. He's not one of those psycho parents who try to fix their gay children with religion or something like that is he?"

"No. It's just that…like, he's not married. I don't think he ever has been, and I doubt he ever will. I highly doubt he'll have children of his own and, well…you know. His legacy, grandchildren…all that crap."

"Oh, I know what you mean," Quatre smiled. "There was this time at a company dinner…" Quatre's face quickly fell as he recalled the memory. He then shook his head violently, "you know what, that's another conversation all together."

"Oh, come on. You can't start something like that and not finish it." Heero propped his head up on his palm as his elbow found a niche in the armrest.

"I can, because I am." Quatre stood up and jogged downstairs obviously running away from the conversation.

"Why then, dear chap, have a crumpet. They are simply sublime." Trowa sat on a large, tall wooden rocking chair reaching far into the sky. He wore a tuxedo vest, with nothing underneath, and a pair of lime green suede pants.

"Why, I'd fancy a spot of Chai to accompany my scrumptious crumpet, dear chap." Duo, who was in a long flowing blue shirt and an orange turtle neck sweater, tried desperately to climb the enormous leg of the insanely tall rocking chair, but to no avail. Trowa was too high up.

Heero looked around and realized that he was completely surrounded by water. He was balancing on a pink beach ball, and once he realized this he lost his balance and fell off. The water was frigid and Heero splashed about and was sure he was going into shock when he was surprisingly surrounded by shark fins.

Duo leapt off the leg of the rocking chair and large white wings ripped through the ugly orange sweater, the rest of the sweater falling in tatters around him. Soaring through the air toward Heero, Duo grabbed the flailing boy out of the water. At this outrage, one of the sharks stood, taller than Trowa's rocking chair, and pounded his fists on his chest. It was Trent.

"Avast!" Wufei launched the harpoon gun on his pirate ship and it punctured Trent's jewels, bringing the bellowing monster to his knees. Wufei launched another harpoon into Trent's face, and he shattered into a billion pieces that began to produce toxic green ooze once they hit the water. This ooze poisoned all the other sharks, and they jumped out of the water. Heero noticed the faces (the ones he recognized) of every boy who had touched Duo. They all shattered and Heero, back on land with Duo, turned to face him.

Duo looked striking indeed; his hair hung straight, down to the back of his knees, and he was topless and glistening. His hairless chest was toned and tanned, and his flowing skirt and silky hair flapped in the sudden wind.

"You're beautiful," Heero proclaimed, and all Duo did was smile, truly and genuinely smile.

Heero heard noise above, so he looked up to the rocking chair where he saw Quatre's hand dangling off the edge of the seat, his face appearing and disappearing in rhythmic motion. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes glazed over, and behind him Heero could see a shadowed figure who he assumed was Trowa.

"They love each other, Heero," Duo announced. "Who do you love?"

Heero didn't answer.

"Who do you love?...Who do you love?...who…do…you…"

Heero rolled over and opened his eyes. He sat up. He looked around. He sighed.

"I am never eating that many brownies again," he mumbled to himself as he wiped his face with the palm of his hand.

He was back in Hilde's basement wrapped up under blankets on the floor with everyone else. Quatre and Trowa were not having sex. Wufei was not a pirate. Duo was not…there. Heero looked around. Catherine and Hilde were on the floor near the television next to Quatre and Trowa who were in the middle of the room. Heero looked at the empty spot where Duo had been next to him and stood. He could hear faint music coming from upstairs.

Heero approached the computer room on the top level of the house and stood in the doorway. Duo sat in the black swivel computer chair, his loose braid hung over the back, crossed legged on the chair. His pale face was glowing from the computer monitor, and Heero could see his bright eyes.

I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right, I swear I'm right
Swear I knew it all along

Duo noticed Heero's reflection on the computer monitor and he turned to face him, eyes connected as his lips began to move, "And I am flawed/But I am cleaning up so well/I am seeing in me now/The things you swore you saw yourself."

Heero was rooted to the spot as Duo's voice softly filled the room. It traveled over him like a blanket and Heero knew, more than anything, that those lyrics were meant for Duo.

"Can't sleep either?" Duo asked.

Heero shook his head and sat on the piano bench next to the computer desk. "No, weird dreams. You were British and Wufei was a pirate. Why can't you sleep?"

"Dunno." Duo shrugged his shoulders. "Not sleepy, I guess."

Heero nodded, looking at the computer monitor. Duo was talking to a bunch of people on MSN Messenger, and Heero wondered why, at four in the morning, that many people were online.

"This guy," Duo started, as if he read Heero's thoughts, "lives in BC so it's one in the morning there. I'm kinda tired, but he's not."

"What are you talking about?" Heero asked, propping his elbow on the computer desk and resting his chin in his palm.

"I sent him a picture of me. He thinks I'm…" Duo scrolled up the conversation window to where "Fight for your right to paaaaarty!" had said: "UR hot!"

"C'mon," Heero said, grabbing Duo's hand. "Just log off. You don't need to be in a relationship all the time, do you?"

Duo shrugged, and Heero grabbed the swivel chair and began to pull Duo away from the monitor.

"Fine," Duo sighed. "I'll let him go."

"And all the others. Come downstairs with me."


Heero watched as Duo said goodbye to five windows, and closed them. He turned the music player off, and stood following Heero out of the computer room and down the stairs to where everyone slept.

"How's your back?" Heero whispered once he had wrapped himself up in blankets.

"Fine," Duo crawled in next to him. "Barely any scaring."

"I'm sorry for not being there."

Duo's brow furrowed and he just looked at Heero, wanting him to elaborate.

"From the beginning, I mean. I shouldn't have been so…but I was really mad at you. You ignored me and you were rude. But I think I know why now. It's because I look like someone you hate, right?" Heero was on his side, elbow supporting his head as he looked at Duo.

"I…" Duo sighed, "yeah. I walked in and you were standing there and you were just so…like him," Duo blushed. He was about to say hot, but he just couldn't tell Heero that even though he reminded him of his half-brother and instantly hated him for something that wasn't his fault, he still thought that Heero was the most good looking boy he'd ever laid eyes on.

"I was mad at you, too," Heero announced. "You drove by in that limo of yours and splashed me and…it's dumb, but I just wanted an apology. And then you walked in and I guess we just…"

"Started off on the wrong foot?"

Heero nodded.

"We're on the right foot now, though…right?"

Heero nodded.

"Good. Well," Duo tried to look at the others sleeping in the room, but the angle he was laying in prevented his neck from moving in those directions, "night." Bravely, Duo leaned forward and planted a shy kiss on Heero's cheek.

The spot instantly began to tingle.


The Dodge Shadow came to a stop in between a bran-new Dodge Caravan and a Ford Mustang. The car ride had been completely silent and Heero didn't know what to make of it. Odin had picked him up from Hilde's house after he had called earlier that morning. They were a little early for their appointment, but Heero wanted to get it done and over with. He was tired of the damned cast and was anxious to see what his own leg looked like.

The silent car ride, though, had been grating on Heero's nerves. There were so many unspoken words lingering between the two of them it frustrated Heero to no end, and by the time he undid his seatbelt he was almost bursting.

Turning to Odin, with a white-knuckle grasp on the door-handle, Heero spat out, "I'm gay, okay?"

It took Odin a few seconds to register what Heero had blurted out before he undid his own seatbelt buckle and had followed the youth out of the car. "What do you mean?" He yelled after the teen hobbling up the cement sidewalk.

"I mean you and everyone else was right, okay? I'm gay." Heero folded his arms across his chest and looked very childish as he pouted his way to the entrance.

"I knew it!" Odin jogged after him (he wasn't sure how the boy had gotten so far ahead with the clumsy boot).

"Yeah, yeah, congratu-fucking-lations." Heero, for some reason, was angry.

"Hey! Don't speak to me like that," Odin was angry now.

"Well," Heero stopped in a huff , rounding on the man, "You bug me and bug me about it for weeks and you're the one who wanted to know so bad so…whatever. I tell you and there. Go ahead, and say whatever you wanted to say, whatever you were working up in your head these past weeks. I'm dying to hear it!"

"What?" Odin furrowed his brow as he stared at his son, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Go ahead! Criticize me, or whatever. Tell me you hate me and—"

"You're gay. So what?"

"You don't feel any…any..." Heero wasn't sure what to say. He wasn't sure what he expected Odin to feel, but he needed to know that Odin was one hundred percent supportive.

Odin reached out an arm as Heero slowly walked toward him. He pulled him into a tight embrace and wouldn't let go. "You're my son, alright? You'll always be my son. I don't care what gender you like. That doesn't change who you are. I don't care if you're gay because it's not a crime or a disease, okay? I love you, kiddo, and that will never change."

Heero buried his face in Odin's shoulder, absolutely refusing to cry. Taking a few breaths to steady himself, he sighed as he spoke, his words slightly muffled against Odin's shirt.

"I love you too, dad." Taking a few breaths, Heero steadied himself. "So then, these past few weeks you just…"

"I just wanted to know." Odin smirked. "I'm nosy."

"You know…I could kill you."

Odin laughed, clamping a hand firmly on Heero's shoulder. "Not before I had you pinned to the floor crying out for mercy."

"Bite me."


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