Hey everyone! Its been a while. Almost a year! I have no excuse really except I guess I kind of grew out of Beyblade. Which really makes me sad. Cause, anyone that really knew me, knew that I loved Beyblade so much. Now I'm really into Naruto and Hellsing. I probably will continue to write fanfics here on but I don't know if they will be Beyblade. This guys may just be my last Beyblade fic ever.

Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade, just the plot. Let me tell you though, if I did own Beyblade, it would still be on and Kai & Hilary would be together.

Dedication: Well, this is truly sad, it breaks my heart. This goes out to all the authors that used to love and write Beyblade fanfics. This story is dedicated to all my readers and reviewers, who would send me threats in their reviews. Thank you...it was so wonderful and I felt privileged to have people like you reading and enjoying my fics.

Sidenote: This truly comes from my heart, no matter how much we grow up and even if none of us write a single fanfic again, we will always have our memories of Thank you all for the wonderful encouragement you gave me. And the title says it all, we will always be together...in our memories.

We'll Always Be Together

I beg you, no flames, this is a more lighter side to my normal writing style. I normally like the angsty stuff, but I just feel like writing this. Remember though its been almost a year, so I might be a little rusty. Lol.

By: Blitzkreig Angel

Hilary was sad to say the least. It had been almost three years since the BEGA tournament. Hilary was eighteen along with Tyson and Kenny. They were finishing up their senior year. As for the rest, Ray had moved back to China, Max went back to America. Daichi still hangs around the dojo. No one knew what happened to Kai though. He just disappeared. The Blitzkreig Boys had went back to Russia and were enjoying their new lives. All the other teams had went back to their homes. Hilary missed all of them. She wanted things to be the same again. She wanted to go back in time and just stay there. When things were so simple. When they had eachother, and nothing to worry about.

Tyson had surprisingly matured, even Daichi had grown up a little. Kenny was head of the class, no surprise there. Still, the thing that bugged Hilary was that Kai could just leave, without saying a word to her. She loved and missed him so. Did he feel the same? It didn't matter anymore, he was gone and all she had was the memories. If she could just see them all one more time, so that they could be together one last time. That was it! She would somehow get them back together. She knew the right person to go and see to accomplish this task of hers.

"So, you are telling me that you want the teams all back together for a reunion?" Mr. D asked. "Yes, I know its strange, but I miss all of them, and we just don't see enough of eachother. So, please Mr. Dickenson, can you do this one favor for me?" Hilary asked with pleading eyes. "Consider it done, Hilary." Mr. D said with a gentle smile upon his ever aging face. Hilary's face lit up with a smile that had been kept away for such a long time. She nearly jumped for joy when she heard his answer. She could hold it in no longer, she ran over to the elderly man and gave him a huge hug. "Thank you so much Mr. Dickenson!" Hilary said with so much happiness in her voice. Stanley Dickenson smiled a kind smile at the young woman.

Hilary was walking through the park, taking in all of the sounds and smells. She smiled to herself. That was when she saw him. He was alone, sitting on a park bench, lost in thought. She slowly made her way over to the young man. "Kai?" Hilary asked just above a whisper. The bluenette looked up, as if disturbed from his thoughts. Hilary gasped at what she saw, Kai's face had matured from the three years he was gone. He appeared taller, from what she could gather, although he was sitting down. "Hilary, is that you? You've changed so much." Kai replied back. Hilary smiled and sat down next to the former BladeBreaker captain.

It was true though, she had changed, she had gotten a little taller. Her hair almost reached to the middle of her back, she wasn't as skinny as before. She had developed more of an hourglass shape. "Well, so have you Kai, everyone misses you. I miss you. Where have you been the past three years?" Hilary questioned with much curiosity. Kai chuckled a little. Hilary tilted her head in confusion. "I took over the company, that I inherited. I've missed all of you as well. Its just not the same anymore. I miss how everything used to be." Kai said while gazing at the evening sky. Hilary was looking at Kai with a sad smile upon her face. "So, do I. I wish we could make everything go back to the way it was. But, well life doesn't have a rewind button, so I guess we are stuck." Hilary said, a sorrowful expression overcoming her face.

"Speaking of which, I asked Mr. Dickenson to get in touch with everyone and arrange a get together here in Japan." Hilary said looking up. "Really, that sounds great, I hope I'm invited." Kai said. Hilary giggled. She playfully punched his shoulder. "Of course, silly it wouldn't be a true get together without the great Kai Hiwatari." Hilary said laughing lightheartedly. Kai started to laugh himself. It had always been like this Kai didn't have to be the cold hearted, loner around Hilary, like he did around the others. "Say Kai, how about we go do something, just the two of us. What do you say?" Hilary asked, looking at the former captain. Kai smiled to himself. "Yeah, lets go, but afterwards I want to go see Tyson and the others. Okay?" Kai replied. "Sure thing! I know Tyson would love that and the others as well." Hilary said. They got up and left out of the park.

A week and a half later

Hilary was in the backyard of the dojo at Tyson's. She watching the sight before her eyes Tyson and Daichi having an eating contest. Tala, Kai, Bryan, Spencer, as well as the others watched in disgust. Practically everyone was there. The All-Stars, Blitzkreig Boys, White Tiger X, and a few others. She caught the gaze of a certain crimson eyed blader. She smiled shyly at him and he returned it with a geniune smile. Yep, everything was good until BAM! Daichi had thrown his chair at Tyson's head. Tyson who was furious picked up a random object and was trieing to kill him. He would have probably have succeeded had it not been for Ray and Max holding him back. "Just like old times huh?" Kai asked as he sat down beside her. Hilary nodded her head in agreement. Yeah, they would always be together no matter happened, no matter how far apart they were. Their hearts would lead them back to eachother. They would forever be together. Always. True friendships never die, no matter the circumstances or distances. They live on.

Hilary sighed to herself, she would have to handle this one. She got up and ran over to the two fighting bladers and the ones trieing to hold them back from eachother. Kai followed her.