Tenchi Muyo! Ai no Chikara (The Power of Love)

by Aoi Kami Sarah

Many years after all the girls have left Earth, Tenchi Masaki is a graduate student in Tokyo. He lives a normal, relaxed life, but all that is about to change... again. He and his friends are about to discover the Power of Love.

NOTES: The characters and polts in this story are taken from Tenchi Muyo Ryo-ohki OAV, Tenchi TV series (Universe) and Shin Tenchi Muyo (Tenchi in Tokyo) and all mushed together. Some rules set down by these three different versions of Tenchi's life have been bent. It's mostly from the OAV.

Part One

Sasami dumped a bag of groceries down on a counter and closed the door to her tiny apartment with her foot. She took off her jacket and hung it up on a hook. Under this, she was wearing a pair of white pants and a white shirt which were both smeared with food stains. The light of a flashing neon sign illuminated the apartment alternately red and yellow.
"Whoo," she sighed. "What a long day!"
The LED clock over the stove read 12:14. She put the perishables in the fridge and took out a soda. Out of the corner of her eye, she spied the tell-tale flashing of the message light on her answering machine. Sasami put the soda down and took the elastics out her hair.
"Lemme guess," she smiled and hit the button.
*Boop* "Hey Sasami-chan, It's me, Tenchi..."
"Duh," she giggled and brushed out her long, light blue hair.
"I know you don't get off work till late tonight, but if it's before midnight, gimme a call, ok? Oh, and if you don't have to do breakfast this week, maybe we could get together tomorrow morning? Welp, talk to ya later..." *Boop*
"Aw," she pouted. "Fifteen minutes late." She sipped her soda and laid back on her futon. "Breakfast it is."

A foreign sound from the corner of the room put her on guard. Sasami's eyes opened and she sat up straight.
"Is someone there..?" she asked in a shaky voice. Her nerves were on end. She KNEW there was someone or something in the semi-darkened room. Perhaps behind the drapes, or crouched just around the corner of the dresser...
She didn't expect that he was just right there, against the wall, standing there like he owned the place.
"YOU!" she shouted, terrified.
His teeth gleamed in the neon glow as he grinned and rushed forward at an inhuman speed.
Sasami didn't have time to scream.

Tenchi woke at eight and decided to go over to Sasami's. He knew that no matter how late she worked at the restaurant, she woke early and would no doubt be making breakfast by now. The morning was crisp and cool and the sun shone brightly. He stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets and grinned.
Tenchi's first class wasn't until eleven that day. He figured he could hang out with Sasami and see her off to work before then. Being a graduate student was great. He could work at the Tokyo shrine and study without having to have a full time job.
Sasami loved her job. And she was doing very well in it. She'd always been an good cook, but as a chef, she was excellent. Chef Sasami Jurai was in high demand at restaurants all over Japan, and her recent appearance and victory on the Densetsu Shefu Television Show had spawned calls requesting her skills from Europe and America.

Just ahead at an intersection, traffic had come to a standstill and people were crowding around a street corner. In the center of this a public address system called out. Tenchi raised a brow, and as this disturbance was on his way, he checked it out.
With a terrible sinking feeling, he started to make out what the address was saying.
"Tenchi-sama, where are you? We need your help!"
He rushed to the scene and pushed his way to the front of the crowd.
"Wha!?!" he cried.
Standing in the middle of all the people were two, tall, wooden structures.
"Azaka!? Kamadake!? What are you doing here?!"
"Lord Tenchi!" the guardians shouted and turned their attention to him. "We were looking for you!"
"I see that! Shhhhhh!" he shushed them. "Please stop! You're making a scene!"
"Tenchi-sama!" a female voice cried from behind. Tenchi spun and almost fell over. "How are you?" she asked.
Aeka was in her finest, more extravagant, royal traveling attire and people all around her gawked at the sight.
"Uh, pretty good. Can we maybe.. go indoors..." he motioned to the crowd.
"Oh! certainly!" she smiled and with a gesture shrunk Azaka and Kamadake down to pocket size. "Shall we?" Aeka asked and took Tenchi's arm.
He wasn't surprised by Her Highness's forwardness and waved to the populace as they departed. "That's all folks, show's over! Haha!" he laughed nervously.
"Aw, see I told you it was a theater thing," some of the people muttered to each other as they dispersed. "What a rip."

The teapot screamed. Tenchi poured his guest a cup of green tea and sat cross-legged in front of her. Aeka sipped her drink casually.
"So," he began. "What have you been up to, Aeka?"
"I've been quite busy, and actually, I cannot stay long, Lord Tenchi. You see, I'm in training to become Queen."
"Wow, that's great!"
"And, Lord Tenchi, you know that I will always love you..."
Tenchi swallowed hard. He had wondered when she would get on this track.
"But, I've been married now for almost five years."
"WHAT!?" he asked, flabbergasted. "I mean, wow, congratulations, Aeka! Are you happy together?"
"Oh yes, very!" she chimed." Rikai-sama and I are quite happy.. But..." Her polite smile fell. Aeka put her tea cup down. 'Lord Tenchi, I came her to ask you if you have seen Sasami."
Tenchi bit his lip and thought carefully. "Why? Has something happened to her?" He hoped he could hide the truth from her without flat out lying. As far as he knew, Sasami had fled Jurai and did not want to talk to Aeka, and even if he felt that she should, only Sasami could make the decision to break the silence.
"She's missing."
His eyes bulged. "But.. er, what happened?" 'Missing?' he thought.
"Well, that's the official status. Actually, Sasami ran away!"
Inwardly Tenchi breathed a sigh of relief. That sounded more like the right story. "How long has she been gone?"
"Three and a half years..."
"And you're only looking for her now? What happened, Aeka?" He was very interested to hear her side of the story.
The princesses stood and went to the solitary window. "Well, when we returned to Jurai, many things had changed..."

Aeka sat on a stone bench in the outdoor classroom. Two enwisened Juraijin: her mother, Misaki and aunt, Funao, spoke to her about the duties she would have as queen. It would be centuries perhaps before she would have to ascend the throne, but as the first in line, her lessons began as soon as she was married.
They finished the day's lesson and Aeka stood up. She spied a figure moving toward them in the distance and excused herself. Aeka ran to him and he stopped and opened his arms.
"Rikai-sama!" she called and hugged him tightly.
"Good afternoon, Aeka no Ojasama. And how did your day pass?" he asked politely.
"Very well, thank you," she grinned.
Rikai bowed his head and kissed her gently on the lips.

"But Aeka..." Sasami whined.
"No more 'buts', Sasami," her sister scolded as she arranged her hair in a ceremonial way.
"He's so creepy..."
"I thought Rikai was creepy when I first met him and look how happy we are now!"
"You thought Rikai was a stubborn snob when you first met him..." she corrected.
Aeka yanked Sasami's hair a little which shut her up.
"Anyway. You must do what you must do for Jurai. Our feelings do not matter."
Sasami jerked her head out of her hands. "You're only saying that because you're happy! You don't know Kososhi! There's something not right about him! And besides, how can I marry someone I don't love?!"
Aeka had had a long day and she was tired of her sister's whining. "Sasami, enough. You must do as you must! I will hear no more of this dissension from someone with royal responsibilities!"
"But Aeka!" she moaned.
To Sasami's surprise, Aeka reeled back and smacked her across the face. Shocked, she held her quickly reddening cheek and jumped to her feet.
Aeka looked surprised as well. "Sasami, I..."
Tears sprung from her eyes and the younger princess ran out of the room.

Aeka hung her head. "She left that night. I found a note that said that she didn't want to be a princess anymore and did not want to be found. The tone was rather nasty, especially for Sasami and made me so angry that I told everyone that she had gone on vacation. It's been three and a half years now and I'm beginning to think that she's never coming back or that she may be in trouble!"
Tenchi bit his lip.
"Have you seen her since we left or heard anything, Tenchi?"
He shook his head. "I'll let you know as soon as I do, I promise."
She sighed. "I feel awful," The hurt look on her face tore at Tenchi. Just as he was about to crack, the telephone rang.
"Hello?" He straightened up. "Oh, hi! Yeah well, I'm sorry, I'm a little busy right now. Did you have breakfast? Well no, I can't. My friend Aeka has paid me an unexpected visit. Yes. Yes. No. I'll call you later, when our visit is over. Ok? Ok. Talk to you later."
Tenchi hung up and smiled at Aeka. She was busy rummaging in her bag.
"You've just given me an idea."
She pulled out a slim device and pushed a button. "I've been trying to get in touch with everyone we know to see if anyone knows anything. God knows where Ryoko is, and frankly I doubt she'd have a clue. Mihoshi is still with the galaxy police, so I assume she knows by now. I have them working this case as a top-secret mission, but I can't seem to get a hold of Washu!"
"Perhaps, Lord Tenchi, if you made the call, she would take it." The inter-galactic cell phone rang.
"Uh, sure." Tenchi took it from her.
"Hello, Galactic Science Academy. How may I direct your call?"
"Oh! Hello, is Washu-chan, er... Washu available? .... This is Tenchi Masaki. Thank you." He shrugged and before he was able to resume his conversation with Aeka, the line was picked back up again.
"TENCHI MASAKI! How ya doin' kiddo!?"
"The one and only! What's shakin'?"
Aeka folded her arms and huffed while Tenchi explained what Aeka had told him.

"That's too bad, but I'm afraid that I haven't heard word one from Sasami. I'm really busy recently, but if I hear anything, I'll call Aeka."
"Well thanks anyway, Washu-chan! Good-bye." He folded the phone closed and handed it to Aeka.
"Well. It was good to see you Tenchi. I have to get back to Jurai as soon as possible to continue my training." She stood. "I will be in touch."
"Good luck Aeka. I'm sure everything will be fine."

The office was extremely busy for this time of year. Officers and detectives crossed the floor in front of Mihoshi's desk every two seconds. She blinked at a hovering, flat computer screen on her desk as it scrolled a long list of names. She sighed and nibbled absent-mindedly at her pen.
"Mihoshi!" her superior officer shouted. "We need that list of leads ASAP!"
She bolted up out of her chair and saluted. "But Sir!" she whined. "There are no new leads!"
"What!?" the older man barked. "Not a one!?"
She shook her head.
"Why not!?"
She pouted and looked down at the screen. "To be honest, Sir, my heart's just not in it..."
"Your what!? Officer Mihoshi, this has nothing to do with your feelings! People are missing. It is your job to FIND THEM! That's why they call it MISSING PERSONS!"
"I know..." she looked out across the room at nothing in particular. "It's just so... depressing. Most of the people I have found are... you know..."
"Dead?" he grumbled and lowered his eyelids.
"We don't care if they're alive, just FIND THEM!"
Mihoshi's brows came together. "I can't take it anymore!" She jumped up on her desk. "I became a policewoman to help people, but it's just too miserable to try to help people who are dead! I just can't take another day of this!"
As the office fell silent to watch and listen to the blonde woman rant, a cop ran up to her superior and tried to whisper to him.
"What? Princess Sasami of Jurai is missing!?" he asked, delighted to receive such a high-level case.
"What?! Sasami's missing!?" Mihoshi jumped down and grabbed the messenger. "When? What happened? Are there any leads? Tell me!" The messenger flailed as she shook him.
'Oh sure! Now she wants to help out!' Her superior thought to himself. 'Wait! If she fails at this, I can fire her no problem! Then... NO MORE MIHOSHI!!' He grinned from ear to ear.
Mihoshi was already running out the door.

Washu leaned back in her invisible chair and put her feet up on the translucent console.
"Yeah, real busy," she moaned to herself. "I wonder..." she mused and closed her eyes.

A fleet of galaxy police ships' sirens blared as they went in pursuit of the solitary, spiky ship. It screeched as it zoomed through space.
"Hahahaha!" Ryoko cackled as she commanded Ryo-ohki forward. "You guys are really lame, I can't believe you still try to catch me...!"
The ship seemed to pause for a second before putting on a huge burst of speed, leaving the police in the dust.
The legendary space pirate amused herself to tears like this every so often. They never seemed to figure it out. She was just too good at what she did! Ryoko was too busy wiping a tear from her eye to see the single ship which had out-maneuvered the others and was now hovering in front of her, blocking her path.
"Stop! This is the Galaxy Police! Ryoko, I need to talk to you!"
"Wha!?!" Ryoko's eyes widened. "Ryo-ohki, stop!!!"
Too late to slow down, the two ships collided. The cop ship was obliterated.

On board Ryo-ohki, Mihoshi shook her head and blinked up at the angry space-pirate. "Oh! Hi Ryoko!"
"You!?" she bellowed. "What the hell do you think you're doing?! You coulda wrecked my ship!"
"I'm sorry, I needed to talk to you." She hung her head.
"You coulda asked first, you nit-wit." She sat down on a bench and rolled her eyes. "Well, what do you want?"
"I was wondering if you had seen Sasami?"


A thin beam of light shone down on the figure of a girl suspended in the air in an awkward, contorted position. She appeared to be unconscious. Out of the darkness which surrounded her, a hand reached out and touched her face.
"Soon, Sasami," a thin voice hissed.
"Kososhi!" a more robust man's voice boomed. "What have I said about touching her!"
Kososhi shrank back as the lights faded up. "I'm sorry, Hiretsukani-sama. Forgive me. Just reminiscing." His hair was a dusty purple color and he was thin and effeminate, yet menacing.
Hiretsukani huffed and unfolded his arms. His hair was spiky and blond and curved to just touch his broad shoulders. Three tiger-like stripes framed the left side of his face.
"Reminisce somewhere else, will you?" he sneered.
The smaller man melted into the shadows and disappeared.
"The next time I create a henchman I must remember to make him tolerable!"

He approached the princess. "Hello, my dear. Did he frighten you?" There was no response. "Oh come now. I know you're awake."
She sucked in a quick, startled breath.
One side of Hiretsukani's mouth grinned. "Yes. I know a lot about you."
"Please..." she whispered, unable to move. "Let me go..."
He clicked his tongue at her. "I'm sorry, I can't do that. You're almost ripe. Don't worry. In a few days this will all be over."
"What will?"
He laughed lightly. "Really." Hiretsukani rolled his eyes. "Ignorance doesn't become you. It's quite a bore."
She started to sob with frustration. "I mean it... what will?"
"Interesting... Am I the only one who knows?" He turned and rubbed his chin. "Well. That could be quite the advantage. I was sure that all of Jurai would have been hot on my heels by now, but if even you have no idea..." He walked away. The lights dimmed back to black, leaving Sasami in a pool of light once more.
"Please...." she cried. "What's going to happen!? Please let me go!" Her sobs echoed off the distant walls. "Oh Tenchi... Help me, please..."

"I really think you should call her," Tenchi tried to coerce her for the third time that night. "She's really worried about you."
"No!" she shouted. "Tenchi, she was so mean to me! You weren't there. You wouldn't understand!"
"NO!" She stood up. The restaurant went silent. "Aeka is dead to me!" she shouted and ran out of the dining room.

He chased her out into the street.
"Wait, wait, Sasami. I'm sorry. You're right. I wasn't there and this is none of my business." He took her by the shoulders.
Sasami blinked back tears and looked up into his loving, brown eyes. "Oh, Tenchi, I'm sorry. It's just..."
"Shh..." he wrapped his arms around her. "It's ok."
Sasami leaned into his shoulder and sighed.
Tenchi furrowed his brows and looked down at the girl in his arms; the girl he thought he knew so well. They had talked about Aeka before, but she had never indicated that things were so bad between them that she would never speak to her again. He had always understood that it was more shame on Sasami's part that kept her from communicating with or returning to Jurai.
He rubbed her back and shushed her, but kept his thoughts to himself.

"NO!" Ryoko shouted. "On no condition am I going to Jurai!"
"But Ryoko..."
"But Ryoko nothin'! They'd fry me the second I even looked at the planet!" She threw her hands up in the air for emphasis. "I've been their number one-most wanted criminal for hundreds of years!" Ryoko added, sounding proud of her achievement.
"But If we talk directly to Aeka, then we can get some leads!"
"WE!?! Who said anything about WE!?!"
"Nyauuu!!!" Ryo-ohki screeched, alerting the crew to an incoming vessel.
"Oh, what now?" Ryoko moaned. "Who goes there!"
"Aw, such a nasty tone to have towards Your Own Dear MOM!!" Washu chimed as her face popped up ten-times life size on the screen.
Ryoko fell over. Mihoshi jumped up.
"Oh! Washu-san! What a coincidence! You're the second person on my list of people to visit!"
"Mihoshi?" she asked. The screen went black. Washu appeared behind her. "What are you doing here?"
Mihoshi turned around and blinked at her for a moment more before responding. "I've been assigned to a very important case..."
"Lemme guess. Sasami."
"Yeah! Wow! How'd you do that? Are you psychic, Washu-san?"
"No, my dear. Just informed. Tenchi called and asked me if I'd seen her..."
Ryoko, who had been making evil, astounded faces at her mother from the floor jumped up and yelled down at her. "TENCHI!? YOU talked to Tenchi!?"
Mihoshi ignored Ryoko and took out her palm pilot. "So what did he say?"
Ryoko pushed her aside. "Rrrrr, Washu! When did you talk to Tenchi!?"
"Just yesterday. He wanted to know if I knew where Sasami was..."
"Washu-san, do you know where she is?"
Ryoko grabbed Washu's collar and shook her. "Why did he call YOU and not ME!?!"
The scientist held on to Ryoko's hands as she was shaken. "Aeka used him to make the call cause I wasn't in the mood to talk to her!"
"Um.. Washu-san?..." Mihoshi tried to get in around the fight. In the background, a soft, agonized growl was building in volume while they yelled at each other. Soon, it was noticeable and all three women stopped and looked around.
"What is that..?" Mihoshi asked.
"Ryo-ohki?" Washu asked.
"Who cares!! What did my Tenchi say!?!" Ryoko resumed her shaking and the sound got louder.
The walls started to shift. Ryoko dropped Washu, who reached into her pocket and took something small out of it. Mihoshi fell to her knees and fretted.
"She's kicking us out!" Washu cried. "Grab on to me!"
They did as they were told. Ryo-ohki's creator knew what she was going through better than either of them.
As the walls of the cockpit shrank, Washu, Ryoko and Mihoshi winked out of that dimension and re-appeared to the left of Ryo-ohki in another, small ship. The cabbit screeched again and sped off through hyper space.

"What the heck was that all about?" Ryoko scratched her head and wondered.
Washu watched her disappear. "I think we must have upset her. Poor thing. She's probably not used to that kind of racket anymore."
Mihoshi blinked repeatedly and made a soft I-don't-quite-get-it,-but-I'm-not going-to-ask sound.
"So," Washu put her hands on her hips. "Let's get going."
Ryoko turned red. "And just where do you think you're taking me?"
"Anywhere I please, considering you don't have a ship of your own at the moment. And since I need to go to Jurai, that's where I'm taking you."
"Yay!" Mihoshi jumped up and down. "Thank you Washu-san, you're the greatest!"
"I know, I know." She grinned.
Ryoko gave up and flopped down into a chair in a huff. "I didn't ask for any of this and now I have to deal with AEKA!" she pouted and muttered.
"Aw come on, Ryoko! It'll be just like old times!"
She snorted. "Whooptifrickindoo."
"Ok! Onward, to Jurai!" Washu shouted and pushed a single button which set them on their course.

The phone ringing woke Tenchi in the middle of the night. He reached around and picked up the receiver.
"Mu.. Moshi-moshi?"
"Excuse me, Sir, is this Tenchi Masaki?"
"Uh, yeah...?"
"This is Tokyo police department number 341. Sorry to trouble you so late Sir, but we have a girl in custody who seems a bit lost and she keeps asking for you."
"What?" he asked and sat up in bed.
"She's a very strange girl..." the officer sounded like he was trying to keep from losing his mind.
"I'll be right there!"

The police led him down a crowded hallway filled with people waiting to process their infractions or drop off bail money. At the end of the hallway was a door. The officer looked both ways and made sure the way was clear before letting him in.
"Tenchi!" she chimed and leapt out of her seat. The young woman tackled him. They both crashed to the ground. "Tenchi Tenchi Tenchi!"
"Wha!?!" He blinked in surprise up at the huge, yellow eyes and wild hair. "Ryo..."
"Ryo-ohki!" she cheered and grinned wide. The last time he had seen the cabbit, her humanoid form had been mostly restricted to that of a toddler. Now she appeared to be a teenager and although she was covered in soft, mocha colored fur, her shape under the "I Love Tokyo" tee-shirt she had been given was obviously that of and adult female. "Tenchi!" she piped again.
He struggled to get up and took her by the hand. "Thank you officer! She's my... cousin. Distant cousin. I'll take her home now. Thanks for looking out for her, I promise it wont happen again!" he laughed nervously.
"But.. she's a..." the cop whispered.
"Uh.." He thought fast. "It's called hypertricosis... it's a clinical disorder," he lied about his fur-covered friend and ushered the clueless Ryo-ohki out of the building.

Tenchi jogged with Ryo-ohki for a few blocks before becoming winded. She noticed this, picked him up and flew with him through the empty back-streets.
"No! Put me down! What if someone sees?!"
She frowned but did as he said.
He faced her and raised a brow. "What are you doing here, anyway, Ryo-ohki? And where's Ryoko?"
"Nyyau," she said and gave him a sad look. "Tenchi."
He smiled. "Oh, you can't say much still, huh?"
She shook her head.
"Can you say 'Carrot'?"
"Carrot! Carrot!! Carrot!!!" she cried and jumped up and down with glee.
Tenchi laughed and tousled her hair. "Ok! We'll get you some food soon."

They continued to walk towards his apartment. "You know, Aeka was here yesterday asking about Sasami... Is that why you..."
"Sasami Sasami Sasami!" she cheered and nodded.
"Ok, ok!" he laughed. "Do you know where she is?"
Ryo-ohki hung her head and shook it slowly. Her puffy, blue and black hair swished side to side.
"Did Aeka send you?"
She looked up, puzzled and shook it again.
Tenchi smiled. "Then I guess I can tell you... She's here on Earth."
"Nyau!!!" Ryo-ohki clapped her hands together and looked from side to side.
"Hahaha!" he laughed. "She's not right here! She's probably asleep, but let's go wake her up! Then you can stay at her place!"
Tenchi smiled inwardly. 'That way I don't have to worry about you wrecking MY apartment!'

"Tenchi... It's so late..." Sasami mumbled as she answered the door.
Tenchi made a mental note that she was still fully dressed and it was nearly two o'clock in the morning. "I know, but I had another unexpected visitor..."
Ryo-ohki didn't wait for her to guess. The girl-cabbit jumped out from behind the door and meowed loudly. "Sasami! Ryo-ohki!"
The teen's eyes went wide and she took a step back as the cabbit tackled her. They rolled into the apartment. Tenchi stepped in and closed the door behind him. To his surprise, the futon was still made and there was a bag of groceries out of the counter.
Suddenly, Ryo-ohki stopped her display of affection and leapt off Sasami. She hissed and stood in front of Tenchi with her arms open defensively.
"Ryo-ohki!" he shouted, but her defenses were up.
Sasami got to her feet and looked at her sweetly. "What's the matter, Ryo-ohki?" she asked.
"Nyyaauu! Nyau nyau nyau!"
"Settle down, Ryo-ohki. You just haven't seen her in a while. She looks different, right?"
"I'm older now, Ryo-ohki," Sasami soothed. "But maybe it's the change that you sense..."
Tenchi frowned. "What change? Are you ok, Sasami?"
"Oh, I'll be fine. You see, the time for me to merge with Tsunami is drawing near."
Ryo-ohki settled down and listened.
"That must be what you sense is amiss, Ryo-ohki. That's all."
"The time for you to... merge?"
Sasami walked further into the little apartment and stood under the red and yellow neon glow from the window. "You remember. Tsunami and I will become one when the time is right. She's almost ready."
"I'd forgotten," Tenchi mumbled.
Yes. Years ago Tsunami herself had told him that, after the battle with Kagato. One day, Sasami would merge with Tsunami. She was already starting to look a little more like the mysterious goddess-like being, but Tenchi had attributed that to Sasami becoming a woman.
Sasami stared out the window with a strange smile on her lips. Tenchi took the opportunity to lock eyes with Ryo-ohki. Through one look he expressed his concern to her.
Ryo-ohki nodded, sadly. "Sasami..."

Hiretsukani bellowed down at Kososhi. "Have you shut that thing up yet!?"
"Yes Hiretsukani-sama." Kososhi turned away from the large, dark mirror on the wall. The image of Sasami at the window faded out.
"Good." Hiretsukani raised a hand and shot an energy blast at his henchman. Kososhi was struck in the chest and fell to his hands and knees. "Make sure it doesn't happen again."
He turned and pursed his lips. "If there had only been a way to monitor them outside that room. Now that the Princeling knows of the merger, this little undertaking may be jeopardized."
Kososhi struggled to his feet. "Shall I dispatch him for you, Sir?"
Hiretsukani responded quickly. "No! When I collect Tsunami's power, I shall come for him. Then his power and the sword Tenchi will be mine."
Sasami arched her brows and stared in disbelief at her captor. "Tsunami? But..." The pieces of the puzzle fell into place. "You can't have her, she's part of me!"
Hiretsukani sneered. "Not for long, my dear. The time of your conjunction with her is soon. Perhaps only a few days away. At that time a small window of opportunity will be open and I will snatch her up and convert her Jurai Power to a raw form. Then no one will be able to stop me. Not even the Lighthawk Wings!"
Sasami was shocked. "How do you know all of this!?"
He grinned. "You don't remember me, do you, Princess?" Hiretsukani walked around her suspended body. The blue jeans and cotton shirt she wore looked very out of place next to his ornate, layered robes. "It's understandable. I changed my name. But I am a Jurai-jin. I have spent hundreds of years studying Tsunami and the Jurai Power. Only until the day she took refuge in you, Sasami did I think I would so easily come by such amazing amounts of power!"
"You're a lunatic!" she cried. "Tenchi will stop you! Just you wait and see!"
"The prince doesn't even know you're gone, my dear!"
Sasami's hopes fell and she looked at the now darkened mirror. "No..."
Hiretsukani laughed as he walked off into the shadows.

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