Broken Arrow

By the Unknownvoice

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Chapter 1: Fallen Archer

A/N: This story is a crossover between the comic and the cartoon.

He remembered the feeling of the drug coursing through his veins. He knew it was wrong and weak but he had felt the urge. He wasn't addicted. He wasn't sick. He told himself the same mantra over and over again. He was a titan, a hero. He was Speedy, the cocky red-headed archer. He wasn't weak.

He stared at the needle in front of him long and hard. He had known when he woke up this morning that he was going to shoot up. He had known that he would allow the poisin to enter his veins once again. It was habit, a sick routine, that he had indulged in for months now. He cursed the weakness he felt in himself. He could stop at any time the why hadn't he?

He was Speedy, Green Arrow's sidekick and a leader among the Teen Titans. But he was also Roy Harper, a boy who hated himself. Roy Harper was weak. Speedy was strong.

It was Roy who had lost his father when he was very young. He had been raised on the Navajo reservation until he was twelve. His guardian, Bravebow, was dying and knew that the young boy would no longer be welcomed on the reservation. It was Bravebow who introduced Roy Harper to Oliver Queen and thus Speedy had been born.

Life with Ollie was never easy. Ollie was a playboy and he knew nothing about raising a kid. He practically raised Roy on the Queen family chili and frequently disappeared from time to time. Roy hadn't minded Ollie's way of life. It had suited Roy fine to be left to his own devices. Ollie had never left alone for a lengthy period of time until now. Sixteen year old Roy had been left home alone while Ollie decided to show his friend Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, the real America. It first it was endless nights of parties and drinking. Roy had enjoyed his freedom. But loneliness had began to consume him. His home life was empty and Roy felt like no one cared. He was alone in the world. Ollie had been gone for a month and there was no sign of Green Arrow coming back any time soon.

The needle sat there on the desk calling to Roy to pick it up. Just one little shot. What could it hurt? You can stop any time. You're not addicted. You don't need heroin to survive. Roy didn't think about what he had done to obtain the heroin. He had stolen needles. He had robbed Ollie's safe in order to pay for the drug that was slowly consuming him.

He needed it. He needed another hit. One hit wasn't enough. He didn't want to feel. He didn't want to know. He just wanted the numbing sensation that the drug brought to him. He wanted everything to fade away including himself.

He reached over and take the syringe. He injected it once again into the familiar track marks.

He sat alone in his room feeling the affects of the drug creep through his body. He felt the instant high and the sudden release. The poisin entered his veins and Roy Harper, Speedy, welcomed the nothingness that he felt.

Raven had come looking for Speedy. They were having a team meeting and the scarlet archer was nowhere to be seen. She hadn't wanted to entered the room of the sixteen year old boy. Speedy was known for his room being a huge mess. Ever since the titans had moved into one tower it had been a disaster. There were just too many people to keep track of. She glided into the room fully unaware of what she would find. Speedy was passed out of his bed. His breathing was shallow and his skin looked rather pale. Raven saw the the syringe lying next to him. She looked at it curiously and dropped it suddenly when she realized what had happened.

Quickly she felt his pulse and found it to be weak. She screamed and ran to call 911. The rest was a blur. Titans ran through the tower as Raven sat next to Speedy in shock. Raven sat with Speedy as the ambulance sped towards the hospital. Raven had never felt guilt before. It tasted bitter in her mouth as she forced herself to swallow the pill that was guilt and responsibilty.

She had been lost and alone so often. Why had she assumed she was the only one? She glanced at the unconscious boy in front of her. Gently she stoked his thick red hair back. She like the others had always assumed Speedy was fine. Now she knew that his cocky bravado was only a mask. Robin's face when she had shown them the syringe flashed before her eyes. Robin had been guilt ridden. Speedy was one of his best friends. Robin hands had shook and his face was full of betrayal.

It was the secrets that existed among the Titans that caused for this to happen. They all had lives with their mentors and families. Lives which they didn't even talk about. None of them even knew the other's real name. Robin had wanted everything to remain a secret. He still wore his mask everywhere in the tower and so did Speedy. It was these secrets, and masks that made life impossible. They never let each other in because of the fear of betrayal. A fear that might now cost them one of their teammates.

Raven stared at the sixteen year old boy lying in front of her. What was his real name? Where did he live? Why had he taken heroin? What did his eyes look like? It was strange to realize that after years of working together she didn't know Speedy at all. She didn't know any of them and they didn't know her.

Robin stood shaking in the hospital corridor. He dialed the pay phone carefully.

"Wayne Manor," came the crisp English voice.

"Alfred, it's Dick. I need to talk to Bruce right away."

"Master Dick, Master Bruce is indisposed at the moment."

"I don't care," Dick screamed into the phone. "Speedy's in the hospital. I need Bruce to get a hold of Green Arrow pronto. It's an emergency."

To be continued...

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