Title: Fork and Spoon

Author: BlazeorFade

Rating: T for language

Summary: 8 year old Dean tries to teach Sammy his colors from a book and mishears him.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned them, I wouldn't be broke

"Okay Sammy say all the red things." Dean encouraged his four your old brother pointing to the book in his hands. It was a picture book for teaching little kids their colors with different colored objects on each page.

"Umbella, boots and aincoat." Sam said smiling widely up at Dean.

"That's good kiddo, but you gotta learn your R's little man." Dean said smiling proudly at his little brother.

"Okay Deano." Sammy promised beaming.

"Alright now the blue ones." Dean ruffled his hair and pointed to the next page.

"Cup, plate, fucking spoon." Sam said quickly smiling at Dean innocently.

"Sam! You can't say that word!" Dean exclaimed eyes wide. If dad heard him Dean would be blamed for teaching him that word, then his mouth would get washed out with soap.

"What? What did I say Dean?" Sam asked genuinely confused, his lip started to quiver. Why was his brother mad at him?

"You know, the "F" word." Dean said furrowing his eyebrows, he knew Sam knew that swear words were off limits.

"Foke?" Sam asked cocking his head to the side like he did when he had no clue what his dad was talking about.

"Huh?" Dean said, now he was lost too.

"Foke. Like in the picture." Sam said pointing to the picture in the book of a blue fork next to a blue spoon.

Dean paused for a beat before he burst out laughing. He knew what happened, Sammy and those R's, he'd said the words so fast that they blended together making it sound incriminating.

"Why are you laughing Deano?" Sam asked sounding frustrated now.

"Don't worry about it Sam," Dean said smiling broadly shaking his head. "We really gotta work on your R's."

The End

AN: This actually happened when my baby brother was learning his colors. The poor kid had no clue why we were scolding him one minute and laughing the next.